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  2. Like who for example? Come on JJ show your colours? Two sides to every story.
  3. A study published Jan. 12 in Equine Veterinary Journal shows strong potential for the development of a blood test that could indicate whether a racehorse is at risk for a catastrophic breakdown. View the full article
  4. 202 as well. I like 205 the Ocean Park colt.
  5. That first Sav. Looks very nice and lot 207 if only .
  6. Really , or maybe its just that i prefer not to engage with you after a certain point because its tedious and boring. Those that know you personally say that you are a Neville Wong type and i can see why
  7. Neither you or i can answer that MM re 90 cents less as we dont know what the TAB did in terms of takeout if in fact they did anything. Only they know that answer Do you or anyone else no categorically that they upped the Take out Rate for that particular race. The simple truthful answer is no
  8. Make sure you tune in today at 1pm. The first five lots today are crackers. All well bred, correct and good lookers. The next five aren't that bad either. Certainly overall the draft today is a step up from yesterday. Perhaps the end and beginning of the Alphabet has a better collection of mares!
  9. Korea Racing Authority's Knicks Go came out of his brilliant victory in Saturday's $3 million Pegasus World Cup Invitational Stakes (G1) at Gulfstream Park in good order, reported trainer Brad Cox Jan. 24. View the full article
  10. Today
  11. A crowdfunding effort has been started for Park Lane Stables RDA (Riding for the Disabled), a riding school charity that provides therapy and riding lessons for people with and without disabilities in London. Run by Natalie O'Rourke, the Teddington-based riding school's landlord is not renewing their lease and selling the property. A total of £1 million is needed by Feb. 24 to enable Park Lane to purchase the property and secure their future in the community. The riding school has already raised over £183,000 toward their goal. Park Lane first drew international notice with #tinyponyatyourwin
  12. your hand must be getting sore now jj flash Paul
  13. and further to that JJ, what about all those winning tote punters, who only got $1.70 for that quinella. Did they get 90 cents or a doller less per unit because their take out was higher to subsidise BGP bet, then if so i would feel aggrieved wth that aswell
  14. I can see the JJ scurry backwards starting! See that is where you AND the TAB get it so wrong. In their (and your) arrogance you have no idea of what makes the average punter tick. You confuse a promotion that is available to all with this "one bet" as you call it. The irony/contradiction of encouraging punters to bet onshore rather than offshore while openly rogering them is beyond belief. Cause and effect! Did you know that some offshore agencies have been offering Fixed Odds Quinella's for some time? Unless you are the BGP and you want such a bet where are you going to go? You w
  15. So you cant actually post on that site as you got the boot. Like many, you obviously go to the other site to make your point about boring topics. Good for you- an open mind. As for AS i'm a fan from a punting perspective and will be missed as far as I'm concerned as they had the something that's badly missing from Harness in NZ- professionalism. BO and BB being the most recent candidates
  16. Feel free to obsess about 1 bet if you want. I tend to look at the big picture overall given how many promos they now offer. Lets wait and see half and full year profits- thats what i and other owners are more interested in but im sure you will disagree.
  17. It doesn't matter if they did or didn't offload on the tote. The bet was still subsidised by other punters. It was a ONE bet book with no other players. BGP vs TAB. The TAB was playing with industry revenue!
  18. Geez you have some "unfathomable arguments at times!" As it has been pointed out to you more than once now that: It was an expensive way to "promote" a supposedly "new" betting option particularly when it had negative impacts on their loyal customers; The issue that most intelligent people have with the bet had nothing to do with it being a winning or losing bet however if you look at it in those terms - BGP won - the TAB lost (aka they lost OUR revenue); The issues are - the exclusivity of the bet, the premium price offered and the offloading of their liability on the t
  19. Fair point but as i said no- one bar TAB could say if they unloaded part or all of the of bet on the Tote. Thanks for the part about Brodie- i was unaware of his 5yr ongoing battle with TAB , does not look like he has achieved anything in that time.
  20. The Clown that runs the other site removed many from his site! Reason being because they didnt lick arse! The other site most of the time has boring topics and used to wank on about the AllStars goooobooooyyeeehaaa! Iraklis!!!
  21. i would still ask he queston and take issue, regardless of win or loss, because unless they can otherwise clarify, and they havent, it appears to be at the expense of every other punter. that was unfair, and is a matter of principle, even more so given the tabs recent efforts to ask for their customers support and loyalty
  22. That's one of the biggest issues. A question for TAB NZ - will you offer a BOAY punter's club an exclusive Quinella this Saturday? Please contact admin@bitofayarn.com with your offer. It appears that they may have offloaded on the tote pool and as you say robbing the loyal punters. Probably did that offload at the same time as we saw their Advert encouraging us not to bet offshore!
  23. Great post- one could argue given BGP losses they were the ideal candidate to use to launch/promote the first F/O Quinellas in NZ. If the bet had lost MM would anyone be raising it - i think we all know the answer Not sure about cross subsidising other punters. Only the TAB bookies could answer that
  24. They did respond and the questions we asked were quite direct. No - I asked YOU to post YOUR questions here. Our team here will gladly answer them for you without any spin.
  25. How come they didn't respond- did they read your constant negativity about them as Its pretty obvious. What question would you like me to ask on your behalf ?? Im happy to put it up under my name if you so desire and its not too stupid
  26. there are 2 issues here. lets dismiss the first of those, brodie being restricted. He has raved on about this first via Channel X, and here for over 5 years, longer. There are ample opportunities elsewhere, i gather from his postings regarding his intelligence levels and being on the money he is capable of operating a computer therefore he can bet with others that will trade with him. The TAB is a business, customer is trading, TAB as providor has choice to whether accept or decline trade, this is the right of any business. FFS can we now dismiss brodie. The key and bigges
  27. I will do as i please and offer opinions from time to time on here and other forums. They obviously don't suit your agenda on here, I'm a glass half full and trust the team now running NZTAB over your ideas. Thats my choice and given your so big about free speech etc surely you don't want to change that situation or do you? Why do you always respond to posts that are addressed to others??. Are you a control freak- you behave like one at times.
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