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  3. I'll refrain from commenting on that.....! Brighthill and Pencarrow two...
  4. Interesting listen. DigiByte.IO 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 on Twitter: "@davidicke Watch the full uncensored video here: https://t.co/6gb0XSmYuB" / Twitter  You replied on Thu 9/04/2020 12:56 PM prince3 Wed 8/04/2020 11:29 AM https://twitter.com/DigiByteMike/status/1247595114274447362 DigiByte.IO 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 on Twitter “@davidicke Watch the full uncensored video here: https://t.co/6gb0XSmYuB” twitter.com
  5. I have been involved in the NZ racing and breeding in a hands on capacity for nearly 40 years . Been employed on studs , stables , trained for myself and bred some horses . Seen some great racing and got to handle some great racehorses and stallions and broodmares . But myself and others i know who are held in much higher esteem than myself in the game see no sliver of light , gallops has been driven to the precipice with no real indication those steering have any clues quite how to stop the rot . While 'some' income may have been generated it was never going to be sufficient to start righting racing , it probably wasn't even enough to hold our present position, when you consider debt incurred just to hold our current position . Especially when absolutely 'NOTHING' was being done to reduce overheads . Now that Covid is here the one saving grace could have been Rita/NZTR slashing running costs at head office level but the silence has been absolutely deafening . This is complete disgrace , Saundry has shown himself to be as useless as any of his predecessors , this man has been in the position for 2 years but in that time failed to impliment 1 , feckin 1, initiative that has improved or bettered NZ gallops . They were all relying on the Messara report to save the day , which IMO is never the saviour they they think it is going to be , that remains to be seen and believe it or not i hope i'm wrong about that . Blaming any politician or party for accelerating our demise during this Covid issue is a bit rough , no fan of any politicians but we have created our own shitfest . The damage was done before this current situation . I and many others have been calling for slashing of overheads at all head offices involved in racing for years now but they all seem devoid of hearing . Why is that the big question that never seems to get answered . John Allan thought he was successful when he put a ceiling on costs . Woohoo . Perhaps with no choice now is the right time to clear the decks and rebuild from bottom with industry participants having more say in what shape and direction their industry takes . There will be plenty of self interested people out there who wont want any part of that , they are the ones riding the gravy train and happy to ride it till the end . I personally believe that until there is a complete overhaul of administration of NZ racing nothing changes . Just opinion . I applaud all the industry participants who will be there ready to go when racing gets going again because they know it's going to be rough but they're still fronting up , i wish them all good luck .
  6. Who are the studs? (I didn't apply 😜)
  7. Hong Kong Derby hero Golden Sixty will dodge Beauty Generation and Waikuku on Champions Day and instead tackle star stayer Exultant in the Group One QE II Cup (2,000m), should he make it to the marquee race day at all.Francis Lui Kin-wai confirmed he will wait until next week to make the final decision on whether his superstar four-year-old steps up to Group One level later this month, but said if he does it will be over 2,000m rather than a mile.Many expected Golden Sixty to run in the… View the full article
  8. the only lassoo that rangatira can get his hands on lol
  9. who would want to send you a private message idiot
  10. Yesterday
  11. CEO David O'Rourke discusses some of the vital issues he and NYRA are facing during the pandemic in a Q&A. View the full article
  12. A field of 13 has been entered for Saturday's Oaklawn Stakes, including Thousand Words from California and Farmington Road from his Florida training base, plus an assortment of Arkansas-based runners, including Runhappy Hopeful (G1) winner Basin. View the full article
  13. The TDN Writers’ Room podcast presented by Keeneland has transitioned to video over the past two weeks as the hosts record the show from home, and this week they welcomed their first video guest, none other than four-time defending Eclipse Award-winning trainer and future Hall of Famer Chad Brown. In a wide-ranging interview that touched on how the pandemic has affected his horses and family, what he looks for at sales, his feelings on clenbuterol, his thoughts on how to help smaller trainers get a foothold and his memories of Bobby Frankel and Ghostzapper, Brown provided valuable insight across the board as the Green Group Guest of the Week. “From a business standpoint, first of all, it’s been extremely challenging and disappointing,” Brown said of the current shutdown. “I’d imagine all businesses small and large throughout the country are going through the same thing at some capacity. We understand we’re not alone, but our business really focuses on the teeth of the season from April to the first week of December … We’ve really focused on the time of year where now we’re entering a shutdown. It’s been particularly hard for us. A lot of nice horses ready to run and nowhere to go. Then on the personal front I have two daughters up in Saratoga and I was supposed to be home by now. I hear a lot of stories like that. From friends of mine both in and out of horse racing, I know a lot of families are sort of split apart.” Asked about his strategy when it comes to buying horses, Brown emphasized his partnership with renowned bloodstock agent Mike Ryan and spoke to his knowledge of horses evolving over time from back in the days when he was working for his late mentor Frankel. “The sales are tricky. The longer you do this as a trainer I find you find you have so much data built up in your head about what works and what won’t work. The longer I do it, you see more and more things horses can live with,” he said. “You see more horses that you passed on for conformation or pedigree that ended up being good horses. I find now when I’m older and wiser I hope, I have a lot more horses that I have a favorable eye to because I know what they can overcome after seeing so many horses do well that I didn’t think early on had the potential … Frankel used to tell me, when he was buying a lot of horses privately, they’d come in the barn and I’d say, ‘Wow, this one has no pedigree.’ He told me one day, ‘They make their own pedigree.’ Now I know what he means by that. They might not have pedigree today. Then after they win a Grade I, all their siblings are now have good pedigrees, down the road.” This racing stoppage is going to hurt smaller trainers more than larger ones, and Brown offered his suggestions from the top of the game as to how some outfits scraping to get by can be helped along to stay in business. “I think that there’s a way where it could possibly be tiered in certain ways to try to help the smaller businesses,” he said. “Maybe the workman’s comp, if you get it all under control nationally somehow or even state by state, where it’s sort of a co-op, maybe the people that have X amount of horses and above pay a higher rate, and for your first 20 horses maybe you don’t pay any. Some of the places that have stall rent. If you’re in Saratoga and in the offseason, you have to pay stall rent, or you’re over here at Palm Meadows, maybe the first 15 horses, you don’t pay anything. We sort of tier it up like a tax bracket where the people that have more, pay more.” Elsewhere on the show, in the West Point Thoroughbreds news of the week, the writers ran down the latest racing-related effects of the pandemic and speculated on whether virtual horse racing could catch on in America like it has in Europe during this dark period. Click here to watch the podcast on Vimeo, or here to listen to the audio-only version. The post Chad Brown Joins TDN Writers’ Room As First Video Guest appeared first on TDN | Thoroughbred Daily News | Horse Racing News, Results and Video | Thoroughbred Breeding and Auctions. View the full article
  14. What surprises me is I would've thought that given the strife the industry is in that most racing companies would have been quick off the mark. I don't entirely agree with the subsidy. If companies are so close to the wall that they can't survive a month or 6 weeks then you have to wonder about their long term viability anyway. Plus there are some companies that are getting it that have a seasonal downtime anyway in terms of income. I bet there are rorts going on all over the place. How many privately owned companies have their kids on the "payroll"?
  15. Ooops....just found one. City Care.
  16. Some stables are there. Kingsclere (Roger James) is one.
  17. It is interesting to see who in racing were quick off the mark and those that either haven't applied yet or are still being processed perhaps.
  18. Neither has any other company that I have entered to have a look.
  19. i feel he deserves a few points for trying i am reliably informed his mother often said he was very trying
  20. Very smart and succinct post Kopia. Im sure RITA will be looking at all options including loans and /or potential capital raising just as business's are doing IF they can find a lender at reasonable terms. Greg
  21. The RIU is a company that employs 33 full time and 85 part time staff. As yet they don't seem to have applied for and received the Covid-19 wage subsidy. So who's paying? https://services.workandincome.govt.nz/eps/search
  22. Kylie dont think Ranga😏Nor do all his alias's for that matter😄 Greg
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