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    It's probably too late especially if the current mob continue down the current sloped path they are on. The degree of incline is increasing with every step they are taking in that direction. RITA has hooked into a high cost mode of operation delivering high cost products and broadcasting that their customer market doesn't want. They are killing off low cost delivery methods, provincial tracks run by volunteers, and replacing them with high cost models of operation that we cannot sustain like All Weather Tracks.
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    OK please accept I may have written stuff that is clearly wrong....I haven't reviewed any of this. In an essence NZTR can't just rock up to your Club door and say handover the keys! Even then there are heaps of fish hooks in this legislation. I'm going to have lie down now..... 🤪🤕
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    Well it's certainly giving me the shits
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    In all this shambolic restructuring it has struck me ( okay, maybe I'm slower than most here ) that the original aims have been lost sight of. Alan Jackson has had the track reduction fixation in mind for many a year. Forcible cessation was not on Purcell's agenda but appears to be on Saundry's. But from NZTR's position the line was always justified by the position that maintenance of all the tracks were are huge drag on industry funds. Many agree that there are too many tracks, but definitive costings to show us all the wastage has never been displayed. The Chief has shown that the fibre capability is really just a red herring and convenient excuse...and our close neighbour over the ditch recognizes the importance of fostering regional racing, not squashing it. Roll forward to the Messara report and the recommendation that endorses that closure stance....but for the specific purpose of renovating the selected tracks using funds received from the asset grab to provide a slick and modern medium to attract offcourse betting. So...where are we? A shitfest of frustration and disagreement over track retention, no financial light at the end of the tunnel for track upgrades because so far nothing has been cashed in and may not be for some time - if ever. No slick product to attract the offshore dollar. But the penny seems to have dropped ( somewhere) that concentrating racing on the few selected courses is going to produce tracks that are absolutely shagged with no money to upgrade, short or medium term. So now we have a grudging acknowledgment that we are going to have to use some of the previously unwanted courses. The funding/race stake issue is a separate drama to all this IMO... contributing to all the angst and uncertainty but running alongside the mismanagement at code level. I don't think anyone could have scripted such a complete and utter cock up of something that used to work quite well.
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    How is PBTC going to Hastings supporting it's local connections , do you think their sponsors are going to stay on board . The point is they wont be supporting the industry because very few members if any will travel to Hastings to watch "their " race meeting , their president said this , along with all the locals who will stay at home . They wont have a bet to support their local club because they mostly wont be able to access form for " their " meeting , if they do have a bet they wont be able to hear the races on the radio , if they cant afford sky they wont be watching them at home . They certainly wont be able to access a day at the races which for many young people is their first and annually their only ability to witness racing up close , the ones who grow up to be the next generation of punters , some them might even have got the bug to get into the industry . But who pushed them into this situation . The coal face participants supported this meeting along with Wairoa , used it as an educational tool for young horses having a trip away . Many of the participants are disappointed that this week has been shelved . There are wider implications to taking racing out of the provinces , Hastings may get a small gain from getting another raceday but the damage to the greater product is much more . As for your last sentence , iv'e got no idea what your on about .
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    So everybody that was let go will be taking out PGs then , or is it only senior exec's that get the right . Personally would prefer that they were paid out now than keep paying them , save money and more fuckups in the long run . As for 3 of the 7 to go they should all have their arses kicked out the door . They have all contributed to the shitfest that the industry is currently in , why would you let any of them have a chance to drag things , mediocrity of performance is giving them too much credit . But all your doing is moaning at the moaners , does that make you the moaner of moaners . Still waiting for some of you innovations and ideas that will help drive the industry forward .
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    As usual JJ good at dishing out a barb , perhaps you could get hold of them on your direct line , cause i'm sure you could . How about you respond to some of the other things in my post . Or better still put up a few initiatives of your own . Plus you were the one that put the thread up and called out the Chief , how about you respond there , or you still recovering from the last mauling , flea . The infomercial lives on .
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    I don't buy into that loyalty crap. Loyalty cuts both ways and we haven't seen much coming from them to us. Even a bit of understanding of me as a customer would be nice instead they have shat on me. no free to air Trackside (I keep a minimum of 50 cents in my account so I can watch the streaming service); poor to now close to zero form publishing; there was no loyalty when they screwed The Informant over; no radio with meeting reviews and interviews - I've fixed that by being disloyal and tune into Sky Radio Australia 2KY - DON'T the NZ TAB; a web app and website that doesn't suit my needs whatsoever - WTF can't I change the settings so that Racing comes up first rather than some obscure sport that I couldn't give a rats arse about! I just opened the app on my phone now - there we go baseball from Nicaragua - Boer vs Matagalpa is the first thing that hits me! I might be interested if I could watch the game and the players are carrying machine guns and openly snort cocaine between innings!; Further to the above point - I'm getting sick of have to go from the home page to racing. It feels like an insult to have to do it everytime I reopen the app!!!; don't mention the shitty odds they offer!; don't mention what a pain in the arse it is bet AND watch at the same time on my smart phone unless I'm wearing Magoo glasses (expanding the video stream to full screen hides the punting options!)and have full control of my finger!; ......I better stop I'm getting wound up.
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    One things for sure , whatever stakes the group races end up at , the high end breeders will fight tooth and nail to retain the status quo regarding black type races holding their status , irrespective of whether the quality of horse is of commensurate with grading .
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    Are you talking about Owners or RITA? If the latter then in my opinion there is lots of avenues to cut costs. Some of those cuts should have been done 11 months ago. Other cuts still available to them will require some legal agility - there is one board member who has an aptitude for and experience of that. Yes - RITA have come to the end of that road with a thump. The reality is the WHOLE industry has been culpable - some parts more so than others. So arguably the WHOLE industry should suffer the pain in the short term - that means no new expensive toys that can't immediately pay their way (All Weather Tracks) and the slashing of stakes especially at the top end but all across the board. In my opinion the potential to increase revenue over and above the yearly CPI index is zero. That is we have reached the limit of the NZ market and we have no competitive global products. So when the last promise of higher stakes was made it was pie in the sky and and fiscally irresponsible. In may ways Peter's helped set that expectation with his $1 million dollar races. His AWT's should be viewed in the same light.
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    I'm asking you as you purport to have more experience and knowledge than the rest of us on this matter. However that is doubtful especially based on your interpretation of employment law. You "suspect"?! Didn't you read the terms of reference for the Racing Industry Transition Agency? Or the MAC for that matter? The bill was introduced into Parliament in MAY 2019. So it wasn't on RITA's priority list!! RITA's brief was to transition the industry towards the recommendations of the Messara report. Of course one of the tasks of RITA was to move the industry towards profitability and growth. You write this statement as if it is a fundamental truth when in fact it is far from that. Numerous new boards brought in with a clear mandate to address issues of insolvency or negative profitability move quickly to make changes. That is largely their mandate. As was RITA's. As for the RITA's Board "not knowing the business they inherited" is a load of BS. They had full visibility of the business for a full 6 months BEFORE becoming Board members. Plus they were appointed for their "experience and knowledge" of the industry! MacKenzie presumably once had the full support of the Minister who made him Chairman AND CEO of RITA. A position of incredible power over RITA. What was done? Nothing until Covid-19 arrived AND creditors pulled the pin. MacKenzie and co were relying on the Bill going through quickly enabling asset pillaging and racefields POC legislation to balance the books and provide new revenue. They were sitting on their hands waiting for this to happen because they didn't have the gumption to act and do the hard yards.
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    I agree , gallops needs to be completely remodeled . We will never be "great again" , but we can be very good and sustainable . As much as some posters seem to think we ( I ) are just moaners , we do understand that things need to change , and drastically . We have and always will produce great race horses but unfortunately we no longer have great racing . Our biggest stumbling block is a continual stream of visionless persons leading the industry . The fact that they made a raft of changes then put a large portion back in place shows that a lot of decisions are made with no distinct plan other than react to any particular situation , in the latest case , COVID . We need to have an overhaul to our rating system , our programming , our tracks , and the way we distribute our stake money . We have to make racing horses more sustainable along with making our race horses careers more sustainable . We have to understand where NZ racing really sits and stop comparing ourselves to Australia , we can never compete so don't try . Clubs can have their day in the sun , small 1/2 day clubs that are said to be draining the industry can have their day but , they must stand on their own two feet , their tracks must be up to an acceptable standard for racing and if they fail at achieving this it's adios , there must be a set of KPI's that these clubs must sustain to retaining their racedays , many are already doing this , very well . Sounds tough i know but there would be no more moaning we didn't get a fair go or they're a drain on industry funds . The big clubs also must accept that they have to do their bit , accepting that they can't always have the dates they want , especially at the expense of other clubs , it has to be what's best for the whole industry , no if's or but's . Pin point the major days and have race meetings that give clear and defined pathways for horses to make their way to their given goal . Some of our carnivals and major races have been buggered around with to the point that they have lost their glamour . Some i.e. cup week , still work so don't touch , but i struggle to comprehend whether we are a cohesive sport . The Wellington Cup carnival is a non event now IMO, to cater for another club , and many others i know . I don't believe we are big enough or strong enough , quality wise , any longer . Why can't we just have more singular big days . Does Hastings have to be 3 days , long gone are the days where we got lots of G1 horses competing and using it as a spring board to AUS , there maybe 1 or 2 if we're lucky that can truely be called G1 quality . Why can't it be a 2 day meeting and moved back so that it can be run on better surfaces . We also have to seriously look at the grading of our group races , NZ G1's aren't taken seriously , so what's better a dodgy G1 or a serious G2 , we have listed races that are by any standard very average , it' not our job to make it easy for horses to attain black print in a sales catalogues . These are just some ramblings and i by no means call them solutions but it looks like not much is changing with our calendar and probably our programming or stakes again , other than a few tweeks , this has been the status quo for many years now , and i suspect because of a lack of vision will stay so . Things need to change and those charged , and paid , to improve and move the industry forward appear completely lacking for this brief , i don't know the way to get the right people in the right positions , but i know myself and others i know would gladly give up our time , with no payment required , to help to try and get our great industry back to where it can been very good and sustainable . Happy for critique , and expected , but please remember these are just ideas to be thrown around and improved or completely ignored , but are put down with a passion and love for our industry , and also mostly for the animals i love .
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    JJ Flash is copping an absolute bath and he's too thick to even realise it It's repetitive Gregory David, but Chief Stipe and the other posters are right, your wonder team did nothing until Covid came along Too late Mikee
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    A serious discussion needs to be had with the Racing Codes regarding Stakes. A come to Jesus meeting and reality check. Before you even think of it - the All Weather Tracks are NOT going to improve things i.e. generate MORE net revenue. They ADD more cost NOT reduce it. The Surplus Assets grab isn't going to help either. Not only will it take time to go through that process but who in their right mind would sell good earning assets to fund consumption e.g. Stakes? Ideally you would convert the surplus assets into investments that increase revenue but that will take time. Operationally there is NO ROOM to move in terms of extra revenue. It is obvious from this half-yearly report that fees from overseas bookies are not the white rabbit honey pot!!
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    Pretty good Happy! This is my thinking NZTR wants to get their grubby hands on Avondale and sell it off (and I'm not offering any judgement on that proposition) And no, I don't think HRNZ would have been through all this already. So here is how I think the 'phone call went Bring Bring "Hello, Dean here, how may I help you? Hi Dean, it's Bernard here, how you doing today? I'm ok mate, how about you? Can't complain, things are good today, have a new supplier of sausage rolls and the pastry is delicious Thant's great Bernard, I'll pop down Sweet Deano, but while I'm here can we have a sort out of this Avondale crowd? Sure Bernard, what's up? Well, they won't give us their track and they are threatening to call in those blood sucking lawyers, and we haven't got enough in the kitty to fight them. Shit Bernard, what do you want us to do for you? Well Deano, I'm on a Think Tank (editor's comment, that's an exaggeration) with Paul and the Counties CEO whose name I can't quite remember and we reckon if we have another 6 months we can talk those pesky Avondalites into handing over the keys, so I was thinking we will support giving them say, 5 dates, and you give them to them so we can keep working on them. How's about that? No worries to me Bernard me old son, we can do that. It might mean that we'll have to give Forbury some dates as well because they put in a similar submission to Avondale, you know, regional plan, that sort of stuff., wishy washy PC stuff. Phil won't be happy about that Aw damn Deano, never thought of that. Can you smooth it over with Phil? I can't Bernard, because today is Thursday and he won't be back at work until Wednesday of next week. Be too late to tell him then and you know how he hates being called on a golfing Thursday, a golfing Friday, a golfing Saturday, a golfing Sunday, a golfing Monday or a golfing Tuesday. But don't worry about it, he'll be ok. Probably do him a favour as Forbury are also threatening lawyers, something to do with not being consulted. Can't understand their gripe, they were rung once or twice Sweet Deano, try to keep him happy, he's going to be pissed when I tell him I think he should only get 18.5% of the Code payment Dial tone Call ended Mikie
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    Good job both of you, well worth watching. With Trackside radio gone, its a pity that a local radio station couldnt give up a bit of time for racing discussions, harness, dogs & sport. So many still listen to radios, you would think something could be done.
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    Hi Happy, i believe Craig and Michael are being paid for their work for HRNZ. Here are the links to our show Behind The Tapes - Matt Markham and I - Averaging over 5000 views for each show so far. Hope you have the time to sit down and watch. We welcome any feedback. With Auckland/Cambridge on Wednesdays - Our show will be out on Tuesday nights for anyone interested in watching weekly. We're not attached to anyone, just simply trying to drive turnover and give fans of Harness Racing something to watch that keeps them up to date. Tipping a few winners along the way and having a bit of fun. As you'll see we're not scared to voice our opinion on important issues - Unhobbled, Unbridled, Unbiased Thanks Andrew Fitzgerald Episode One - Episode Two - Episode Three -
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    'Work from Home' Technology is the way of the future....Zoom etc When is the JCA going to be working out of a common Bunker.........they gallivant round the Countryside doing buggar all....costing the Industry a fortune
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    Iv'e said a number of times but i'll say it again , he has contributed nothing , nada , fuckall , to NZTR . Hasn't come up with one initiative during his tenure as the CEO to improve the galloping code , has been sitting waiting for the Messara report to fix it all , He's made the last couple of CEO's look friggin Einsteins .
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    Actually All the Aces that email you posted from Bernard has really got me angry. What's more it confirms what I hoped wouldn't be the case with RITA and co. It's just going to more of the same BS and screw the provinces!
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    If you think racing.com is brilliant you live in an igloo on floating ice......it's full of millennials and no hopers/has beens. Most over here don't rate it, it's the mouthpiece for RVL, and they have no credibility.......if you doubt me, just read the courts judgement for trainer Kate Goodrich against them.....they are/were misogynists and bullies and could't organise a root in a brothel. There are plenty of great forums and websites here, my fav is www.thoroughbredvillage.com.au where quite a few are interested in NZ racing....funny enough.....god bless em
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    I didn't have a connection to anyone on course, when I grew an interest in racing, I looked online for like minded people. I didn't immediately find what I was looking for, but in NZ all i could find was negativity and people bashing each other for no good reason. This also happens in Australia, but I knit picked and found a few like minded people who gave me insight, that lead me to having a share in a syndicated horse, not in NZ but in Australia. But here we are, a thread opened to belittle Mark Rosonowski, another example of bringing down one of the biggest contributors to NZ Racing, for what? are you trying to hurt racing or him? He offers genuine insight and provocative information which makes you want to know more about the game. Racing.com is brilliant, it's the best in the world for racing, but they do 1-3 venues a day? they're a specialist product with what looks to be an unlimited budget.
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    Good point. Why let a potential new owner the truth of what they will be getting into before they take the plunge? Keep them in the dark full and of false promise until they're in so deep they can't get out.
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    On a cold miserable day in the mighty King Country, heaps of lightening and claps of thunder, one can only hope that somewhere in the mire, a ray of sunshine will emerge. At $34 Fixed, the bloody sky was suddenly golden and I even thought I saw a unicorn flash across the horizon. THANK YOU PAM. May your driveway be paved with Cadbury chocolate this evening.
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    The local harness coverage has turned to shite, evenAddington Friday night was very poor! TAB doesnt care, more races the better and doesnt seem to matter where they are from! I feel the reality is that punters are going to vote with their feet.
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    Great result today Freda trains a winner from small team, good jockey, good horse, good trainer, great result........good news story from the ashes. Congrats Pam!!!!
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    So I come home from work and George Simon is doing the dogs (too much of a good thing) and Aidan in the studio crossing to Bevan after a race at Whanganui which is something that we didn't need in the past, and don't need now or ever
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    Whiteman, you will need to change your name, as it is not right to call yourself that! We can not even have Eskimo Pies FFS!!! It is actually quite sickening how many dimwits there are in the world who want to march with signs that just havent got a clue about what they are marching for. Whether your colour is White, Red, Yellow, Black or even Green, it doesnt matter, as every person is an individual, and has had no control over what colour they were born! There will always be people who get preferential treatment for one reason or another,,, Do we see many fat overweight people on TV or Movies. No we dont, if you are attractive you have more chance of being chosen, unless it is for The Biggest Loser! The Negros in United States, the Aborigines in Australia and our native race do seem to not be as affluent as the whiteman, but it is generally to do with decisions that they make, and not rascism!!! People that are marching currently need to pull their heads in and look after themselves, rather than marching for career criminals that were breaking the law continuously!!!!
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    No that is the trouble with this industry , there are too many people involved in it that are too stubborn to see this attitude is hastening the demise of the sport. So your horse is good enough to go to Melbourne to run each week in $100k races, thats fine then go take it to Australia , I'm tired of hearing this as some kind of veiled threat owners,trainers etc make to justify propping up stakes by any means possible. I'm happy to have stakes here that are justifiable from a sustainability point of view here and stop comparing ourselves with Australia we are not for the foreseeable future going to be able to compete with them, if you've got one good enough you'd be a mug to leave it here simple, but don't think it is some kind of quasi universe to NZ racing you can just ship your horse off to and start winning races for fun. Those that are pretending they can bring that Aus stakes levels here are selling you a lie!
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    That's because the TAB don't see racing as a sport. They see it has a low quality product that can be imported from anywhere without understanding the followers knowledge of tracks and other variables that make the game interesting. They treat ALL punters with disdain. They treat us ALL as if we are pathological gamblers with no interest in the actual sport.
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    I question the intellect of the NZRB board, I also question Peter's intellect. Human instinct being what it is, protecting your salary is understandable, and that I fear was their MO........anyone who spruiked and promoted stake increases whilst knowing the state of the books needs locking up, and I'm not being facetious either, nothing but deadly serious. Deliberately misleading people into believing and investing in business or industry that is technically insolvent brings gaol sentences in most countries....why not NZ?
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    I don't want to bleat on about Lamb for too long so this will be my last post on this thread. But the other thing too, is the manner/tone he chooses to direct at drivers/horses. Barking out orders, along with general life advice in the (sometimes arrogant) fashion he does, it could be argued it's not conducive to a good, successful, harmonious and respectful team environment. I say team, because the starter, starter's assistants and drivers, all their work combined, should be a team effort, and not a "them and us" mentality. They all have their role to play. And then of course there are the horses, but one human seems to be the main issue here.
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    I thought the work of understanding the business had already been done by Messara and the MAC and that the boards job was to promptly implement those recommendations. Surely they should have been able to hit the ground running, not spend another 9 months assessing the options?
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    Unfortunately that's the problem JB , we're racing enthusiasts , we never put the cue in the rack , we're eternal optimists , as an owner we're gonna get another one because this one could be the one , and as a punter we keep going because we keep telling ourselves we'll clean up next punt . Some would say stupid or slow learners or suckers or all of them , unfortunately it's just in blood for a lot of us . Putting the cue in the rack usually never occurs to us , or if it does not a thought we entertain for long .
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    Great post, in all reality we should put our cues in the rack because you've said it all........isn't tenure of employment a great thing......Jackson St Petone, the spiritual home of incompetence and arrogance, well at least that building up the top end near Hutt Rd.....you know it makes sense.
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    He took a hospital pass with nothing on the table to improve net revenue and impossible constraints and instructions from the Minister. His mistake was catching the pass when he had to know he'd get flattened. From his silence, I'd say he's still unconscious.
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    Remember the extra $25/week benefit (that we'll never see disappear) that was one of the first handouts? They chose to do that because "they were the one that would get the economy rolling again". Therefore, normally working people would not spend it (if they had got it) and would have just saved it... That extra $25 got the economy going for the gangs (drugs) & the bottle stores in MOST cases. Their kids will still be getting the free breakfast & lunch from school. Jacinda & the Labour party take from the responsible and give to the irresponsible. That goes against everything they taught me in school. I was taught that you have to better yourself and achieve things in life to get ahead. Not the case with Cindy & the like in charge. Do NZ universities offer courses in being a loser to get ahead? If they do, they'll surely be government funded...
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    Well said, she is fame seeking / attention seeking and incompetent , this from day 1. the gullible suck it up. never had a real job , real life experience , never put anything on the line to create a business, jobs etc. Treating the people of NZ with contempt. Look at ME , its all about me, me , me , me . I will dictate.
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    I've done something about it. I listen to sky sport radio NSW. They don't talk about NZ races. So the next step is an OZ betting account.
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    Lol, sort of like when punters are restricted enough to hardly make it worthwhile! Yes a dumb move to get rid of Trackside radio. Yes it does freeze from time to time on iPhones, but if you tap the phone generally comes back unless you are in the wop wops! I do believe that turnover is going to drop off in the future Newmarket thru lack of promo and service!!
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    If the Minister did as he said he did and appointed people to the RITA Board because of their expertise - WHY did they need to hire an external independent consultant to advise on the restructure of management?
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    Gerard and Sarah O'Reilly both driving well. O'Reilly team is on song. Be on.
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    Is this why sorting out the $1.7m is taking so long? Goodrich: Racing Victoria has destroyed me BY ADRIAN DUNN - @ADRIANDUNN2 9 hours from now Horse Racing Kate Goodrich (Pic: supplied) Embattled trainer Kate Goodrich claims Racing Victoria has “destroyed her” and asked Fair Work Australia to place a “stop bullying order” against Racing Victoria CEO Bernard Saundry on Tuesday. Goodrich claims the inaction of RV in dealing with her bullying case has left her with no alternative but to take action against Saundry. She claims Saundry has done nothing to address the findings of an independent investigation, which found she had been “bullied” and subject to “threatening behaviour” while training horses at Kilmore. The independent investigation, commissioned by RV, also found a suspension of Goodrich by the Kilmore Racing Club to be “flawed, unjustifiable and did not withstand scrutiny”. “They have destroyed me,” Goodrich said. “Looking at these horses just breaks my heart. I’ve got to the point where I will have to sell everything.” Goodrich said Saundry has been in possession of the independent report for 10 months, but “has done nothing”. She said the bullying was continuing. “For three years I haven’t been provided with a safe workplace,” Goodrich said. “Racing Victoria is not going to handle it – they just go around and around in circles. “I need someone to come in and make a ruling on the investigation.” RV declined to discuss spec...
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    Are you serious? What has that got to do with the racing integrity unit? Can you enlighten us as to which jurisdiction it wouldn't be allowed to start? To me we have here people moaning about connections who take good care of their horses and choose to continue to race one that is limited in ability. So what. How about they show the same level of concern in those who use performance enhancers which have negative impacts on the health of the horse.How about you take a look at those who discard their horses after racing with little thought as to their fate. Often the fate of a horse after racing lies in the hands of an owner who has no way of caring for a retired racehorse,or in the care of someone to whom the horse is just a commodity to be discarded when no longer useful. Or the trainers who would rather send one to the knackery than have someone else train it. As in life,racing is full of double standards.
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    Exactly great fields for the exotics as well. You don't need superstars in every race, just a difference of opinion to create a market.
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    You are correct, the problem however is that those who are running the industry are consistently pandering to those that are selling G1 dreams at a cost, it becomes very difficult to sell those G1 dreams when the stakes are of an insignificant level, it therefore impacts on their business model and as we've seen over the past few years the industry is being manipulated to fit into that model , they aren't in the slightest worried about the bottom end and the battler and the racing bill is evidence of that. The concern is there will be too much focus on the top end and not enough on the bottom, once again evidenced by the racing bill. The trickle down theory in racing has been tried before in NZ and didn't work , I won't be surprised in the slightest to see it return again comparatively speaking.
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    100% right, why any industry wouldn't make use of its roots to lower cost structure is beyond me, they are claiming that they are delivering a better product by not doing so and they are absolutely dreaming ! Of course it suits plenty of narratives in this industry, basically the industry will not have a base with which to sustain itself from within 2-3 years time and disaster is pending if the AWTs don't deliver. Saundry and NZTR have a lot to answer for regarding this senseless decisions around venues.
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    You are dead right. This is another reason as to why I don't often bet in final field markets through the NZ TAB... They bring a few horses in, yet don't lengthen others out at the same time. Money grabbing bastards.
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    We could have a protest! ”Punters Lives Matter” Far better reason for a protest than these idiots protesting at the moment in Australasia.


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