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    I just saw a headline Health System "Stretched". Uh? What are the facts? There have been 514 reported cases of Covid-19. I emphasise have been because 56 people have recovered. So there are 458 people that we know of with the virus. The total the nation should be reporting is the current ACTIVE cases that is what is putting "stress" on the health system. Let's break the 458 down further. 1 patient is in ICU not 458 but ONE. That's one less than 2! Looking at that number in a different way it is 0.2% of those infected. 1 patient has died supposedly due to the virus. I say supposedly because it has been reported the woman in her 70's had other underlying health issues. Yes it is sad for her family but is it "devastating news" for the Nation as the Prime Minister says? Is it any more or less devastating than the death of a rubbish collector (an essential service) who working alone was crushed between his truck and a building wall? 12 people have been hospitalised. Yes 12 - a dozen. How does this stretch the health system? All elective surgery and most surgery that can wait has been postponed. So surely 12 extra people isn't going to "stretch" the health system. For sure there is a possibility that if the lockdown doesn't achieve its goal then the health system will be stretched. But don't report it is when it isn't! Why wail and gnash our teeth or dentures before time?
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    It should bring Melody Belle into Winx level favouritism. While the Aussie horses will be spooked by the lack of patrons she will be quite used to racing in front of nobody!
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    The only injustice I believe happened is a result of the way the issue was handled. People's lives have been completely upended and some put under extreme financial distress. What for? A charge of "Improper Driving"? Other charges have failed to reach the threshold for court and are now back in the hands of the Industry Police - the RIU and Harness NZ. At what cost? Isn't it all an "injustice" to the industry? When viewing the McGrath charge and penalty under the laws of racing surely most would agree that the RIU have been incompetent in the way they have handled this. But isn't it what we have come to expect from them? Inconsistency from week to week from region to region. Really you think it is an exaggeration? Didn't you read the headlines - "Stables Raided by Police in Early Hours of Morning", "Charges of Race Fixing", "Harness employees charged with drug possession and intent to supply", "Police obtained warrants to secretly phone tap suspects," "Police and RIU secretly surveil harness identities", "Operation INCA" (I'd love to know who gave it that name!) and so on and so on. What do we have so far? Many charges dropped because they fail to reach the court threshold, some drug possession charges (only proves harness racing is not immune to societal ills) and an "improper driving charge" which was handled through the industry process NOT the courts! Even that charge barely got proven! The RIU have the power to test any licensed person for drugs at ANY time. They have to power to investigate any property where licensed activity occurs at ANY time. What did they do? Spun a yarn to their Police mates (many RIU are ex-Police) that there was some HUGE conspiracy going on who then investigated. I'd love to see the justification for the warrant - how broad was it? The drug charges were a by-product of the secret surveillance. Imagine if that process was extended to everyone in society? I haven't lost perspective although some forum posters have. What do you think Joe Public thought when they read all the headlines? I didn't say the RIU is corrupt - just incompetent. Although given the level of incompetence and inconsistency you have to wonder sometimes. THE RIU DID FAIL TO TAKE ACTION!!! They FAILED to do their job and use the industry rules and processes.
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    This man has been a good Racing Administrator but as a CEO he continues to show that he lacks the ability and qualifications to hold this position. The CJC ( i presume) pay for their time on Newstalk ZB every Saturday before 8am and for the $20.00 bet they giveaway. This morning Tims bet was $20.00 to WIN Te Akau Shark in Australia Why is this so wrong. 1 - As the CEO of the Club holding a meeting today he is by his bet saying...Don't bet at my meeting, In 9 races there is nothing worth having a bet on (Thanks Tim I'll give your meeting a miss today) 2 - NZ Racing/RITA is entering desperate times and every cent counts. So why would Tim bet in a race in Australia where Australia will recieve co-mingling fees for such bet. A bet in NZ would keep all fees/commission for NZ Racing. I know that we are not talking about alot of money here BUT it is the principal. As a CEO of a Club racing today and a major player in NZ Racing he should be support his own Meeting.
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    How does an Owner acting as a Stable Hand put the "whole industry at risk"? I know many owners who have more experience and ability than some raw recruit stable hands.
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    What have you ever offered? The two simple solutions are to attack the excessive cost structure of the TAB and reduce stakes(and the inherent subsidies paid to the bludger big Clubs) to reflect the reality of current turnovers. Stop worrying about the Breeders who rule the industry via having the Minister in their pocket. And in lieu of the stakes make race entries free The removal of NZ's international status is a certainty(sooner or later) and they know it. While I should be sad at that inevitability these pricks are doing their best to root the industry via their puppet so I will have no sympathy
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    I remember when: As a lad at the Hokitika races there would be queues to get in. The car park full as were the surrounding streets. Half the population of the town there. Old friends from South Westland - Franz Joseph, Fox, Haast. Hearing the tote bell ringing. The smell of horses and their poop which were within reach. The horses that is. Trainers allowing you to pat them if you were polite in your asking. Percy Hurrens pies. The bar under the grandstand. All concrete and shelves to lean on round the outside. Only beer (west coast brewed), whiskey, gin, rum, lemonade and coke. Nothing fancy. Jockey names that became ingrained on the brain - Skelton, Mein, McAra, a young Walsh - young ratbags Morton and Molloy. The balloon over the semaphore boards. The cardboard tote tickets in different colours. The moving white and yellow tapes on the tote depicting the horse price. I think yellow was win white a place. The start of one race was practically in the car park and stables. An entrance single lane running beside it. Oh and if you were lucky to have connections - "We're trying today - get on".
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    The C.E.O. of the Warriors front on the news tonite..That Sleazey prick "Cameron George" The man that was going to inject "Integrity" into our codes? What an arsehole of a man, in the way he conducted himself in the position that should have seen him set an example, but instead he abused the very same people he was meant to protect....
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    Howdy all, well I have turned the team out 3 race horses and a couple of young ones.I think people are naive if they believe racing will start again in 4 weeks I TRULY HOPE that I am wrong because it is major part of my life and has been for few years now. The sad thing about this virus is that with the other issues that is happening in the racing industry, 3 of the small group of owners and we have been together for 12 years now have decided to pull the pin on racing horses including a Thoroughbred and a greyhound, the rest us will continue on with the pacers and trotters when the time is right. I wish all of all the best and we all get through this virus in good health and remain strong.
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    Whiteman, I think there will be many owners that will say to their trainers, turn the horse out. What is the point of having a horse in full work when there is no chance of earning any stake money in the next month? Might as well give the horse a break and see what happens in the next month or so? Many owners will not be able to afford having a horse or two in work anyway, with many will be looking to get out of owning and racing horses in the future! Yes, it is a very unfortunate event not just for racing but for all businesses and people’s retirement. .It is going to take a helluva long time to semi recover from this and all because of the health standards of an overseas country!!!!! Fortunately we haven’t had any deaths so far, and touch wood they are few and far between now. Problem is that there are going to be so many people without sufficient income to survive without major assistance. Most people have a mortgage or rent to pay and that isn’t going to go away. Brodie will be fine although he may suffer bouts of boredom without racing however, at the end of the day, keeping everyone safe and alive is far more important! Wishing all BOAY bloggers and supporters a safe time in our time of exile!
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    Agree 100% this is a terrible example as well as being a pathetic bet. $20 ona $1.85 shot woop do bloody doo, the prize winner will be able to go out to Micky Dees or KFC and celebrate if it wins. Tim Mills and Carey Hobbs have both been around since i was a kid and might have been good in there jobs but its ridiculous they are still CEOs of major clubs. Just gravy trainers now.
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    What a shocking indictment for racing when the TAB is asking for a government handout after a couple of weeks of the Coronavirus issues!! FFS, this monopoly have basically been arseholes towards many of their loyal customers over the past few years!!! The staff that are employed by the TAB are mostly on extremely large salaries and have no problem with taking their large pay home each and every week, while the racing people that provide their incomes struggle. Now as soon as things change they want the NZ taxpayer to give them money so that they can keep operating!!! You have to be kidding don’t you? Seriously, TAB do what all other business around the world have to do, and sort it out yourself!! Now you will realise that it is not that nice when things change and you are not receiving as much income as you were previously, and yet you want others to just give it to you!!! The NZ government hopefully shouldn’t give them a cent and let them operate like all other business has to. Staff take a wage cut and get paid what is more like what you should receive!
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    Are the feckin NZ TAB for real? When did this happen...who knew about it..RITA must have known, hence WPeters must have known? No wonder he's been very quiet lately. And the TAB go cap in hand expecting a handout? Really? Guess what. And no doubt someone from TAB/RITA etc reads these posts...how many $10,000 maiden races could have been made $20,000 with that $3.8m? How many decent $100,000k races could have been funded with that $3.8m? $3.8m clearly doesn't sound like much to these bozo's, but if that was distributed to racing ( gallops, harness and dogs) it would make a considerable difference. And you fuckwits blew it and clearly if it hadn't been for the current crisis, you would have ' hid ' it and said nothing. Empty your desks out and piss off, starting at the top of the bunch, RITA.
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    Better than the dross we get from backwater OZ tracks or North American harness snow mile racing.
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    Why was The Box Seat canned does anyone know? was it due to the cost of production or because most of the content was a yawnfest, or did the AllStars pull their sponsorship of the show? Trackside promised a better service when they started to charge and yes we are lucky nowadays to have 2 channels dedicated to racing! However, Trackside could be run a helluva lot better than it currently is and has been since being charged for it! To retain the current punters Trackside needs to put all the crap meetings with no turnover from overseas on the one channel or even dispose of it as it is not required.
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    The horses i back appear to race as though they have a virus.
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    Exactly, what is amazing to me is most of these proposed changes are so broad and high level stuff , with little or no thought of the implications of such changes its going to harm a lot more industry participants than its going to benefit. Yet there seems to be this incredible amount of support for some sort of change just because its change, the industry is being incredibly "naive" here .
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    They are doing their bit to stop the spread though I have to admit. They only want race meetings in NZ that nobody wants to go to. Anywhere that attracts a decent crowd is to be summarily eliminated. Can't be encouraging people to actually enjoy themselves at the races now can we? God forbid they may actually become attracted to the game.
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    What are you lot worried about? Winston, Dean, Bernard and their cronies are intent on destroying the industry now. What difference will it make if it is destroyed in two years not five? So long as there is enough left in the kitty to pay their redundancies they won't give a stuff.
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    Exactly, love him or loathe him Thomas certainly attracts people here and he creates many subjects for discourse. For that reason alone he is a pivotal character providing much content and debate. This site is all the poorer without his contribution.
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    What a pack of farkn posers, that whole management team... look at them. Pens are poised. Give me break. Bet ya they know everything too. Everything except anything about horse racing and what the punters want. Get rid of the bloody lot, except for Mr Croon and Mr Balle. Two good guys that know a thing or two. Sack the rest.
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    You wanted the RIU to investigate the allegations properly. Well they have used the avenues they felt necessary to properly investigate and they now are in possession of evidence gathered. But no your not happy with that. Your not happy they passed on the serious allegations to the police. Does that mean your unhappy the allegations were investigated thoroughly,thats how you come across to me. Surely you must know the police have a greater capacity to do so. Also do you seriously think the RIU had enough weight to have the police continue to put resources into the investigation. I think the police makes those decisions themselves,don't they. You complain about the headlines. History shows you get those very same headlines if the racing industry investigates itself. I can think of several examples. So does that argument hold much water? The RIU aren't incompetent. In my opinion they do a better job now than ever.In the past they overlooked so much. Sure there are recent cases where some individuals seem to have been treated a little bit harshly,but that has nothing to do with inca. Past history shows the riu haven't investigated some high profile cases with more substance because they were afraid of the fall out. Personally i think there has never been a better time for punters to invest their hard earned. Things are as honest as they have ever been. the handicapping system is creating good betting fields in the south island. Some of the premiership leaders are exceptional talents.
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    Don't get me wrong, I don't approve whatsoever of what's been happening to all the no longer or non-viable dogs. What the real issue is here is there are NO rules against putting a dog down. What there is a rule for now (only just recently) is putting a dog down while at the track. https://www.grnz.co.nz/Files/Documents/On-Track Euthanasia Guidelines for OTVs FINAL Dec 2019.pdf Once you get them back home, nothing has changed. https://www.grnz.co.nz/Files/GRNZ Veterinary Certificate of Death Policy.pdf 108. NOTIFICATION OF DEATH 108.1 No person may knowingly participate in causing the unnatural death of any Greyhound, other than by accepted euthanasia by a Veterinarian or in a medical emergency. 108.2 A Licensed Person may humanely euthanize a Greyhound in an extreme medical emergency provided that the Licensed Person immediately advises the Association in writing of the death and the relevant circumstances. 108.3 Within 14 days of the death of any Greyhound the Trainer or where the Greyhound does not have a Trainer, the Owner shall return the Certificate of Registration along with a Veterinarian’s certificate certifying the death of the Greyhound. 108.4 The Association, or appointed agent, shall have the right to order an autopsy, to confirm cause of death. 108.5 Any person found in breach of this Rule or who subject to Rule 108.2 knowingly participates in causing the unnatural death of any Greyhound, other than by accepted euthanasia by a Veterinarian, is subject to a fine of up to $10,000 and/or permanent disqualification from involvement in any way in Greyhound Racing in New Zealand. So as long as you're able to find a vet who has the morals that makes them think it's ok to kill a perfectly healthy dog either at their office or at the kennels, then it's within the rules as long as GRNZ receives their certificate of death form within 14 days of the jab. So it's business as usual folks, until LP'S and/or public pressure fin ally gets the GRNZ board to really sort it out.
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    To quote the man just now on trackside about the conflicting schedule at Reefton, Gore and the Healesville dogs. "We are going to show Healesville guys. Healesville is going to go across to Trackside 2, and lets be honest, you probably don't care do you, because you probably didn't have a bet at Healesville and I 100% don't care. Never a truer word spoken. I might give him a bit of stick about the marker pegs theory but I admire him for the comment above.
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    For many decades "new people" to the administration of racing, particularly the TAB, have wanted to get rid of the NZ punter stereotype white male, Best Bets in back pocket, smoking a roll your own in a smokey back alley TAB or on course leaning against the bar drinking a watered down beer with a whisky chaser. Nothing wrong with that, it needed updating and to move with the times. However in doing so they alienated a whole generation of people and did away with various traditions and methods by which these people enjoyed a punt and a day at the races which they used to drag their kids and friends to and thereby bring new customers into the game. There was always going to be a downturn but these administrators exacerbated it into a downward spiral and few new customers were attracted. Short term cost cutting policies were introduced (cut phone betting, close TABs etc. Note I found out in a recent visit into Wellington City that the Brandon St TAB had been shut leaving the inner city office worker who used to flock to these TABs in their lunchtime etc without one - only Courtenay Place a plastic TAB with screens etc and no paper and Newtown in the capital city) which have a long term effect. THOSE CUSTOMERS ARE NOT COMING BACK
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    With your experience setting up quickly forum websites I really think your services should be taken up by NZTR, HRNZ, GRC or RITA Now is the time industry participants must be communicating and floating ideas. Racing management won't go out to forums because they fear any criticism of themselves so if they have control then so be it. The main thing there has to be open two way communication.
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    I believe the Corona Virus is nowhere as bad as painted by the media. The media have whipped up the gullible public, and they have swallowed it hook line and sinker. Talk about big brother, and control by the state, we are now witnessing interesting times, especially here in the west. These fools will not stop until the economy is ruined, intent on making the cure worse than the cause.
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    On the rita.org.nz site you we find the latest update from The Chairman Sorry Dean but my high school daughter could have written this. At this time the Industry needs to see what you are doing to save/protect the future of this Industry. Questions 1- How many of your Staff at the TAB have had wages cut due to either lack of work or income. The last financial report shows that you had 10 staff being paid $250,000.00 + 30 staff being paid $150-250,000.00 96 staff being paid $100-150,000.00 2 - Operating Expenses in 2019 Report were $142.2mil (up 15mil in 5 years). Why not tell us how much you have "peeled back" from this in the first 7 months. 3 - Why not be upfront and tell us the true position as at today of the TAB (RITA) 4 - We turn on the TV, Radio and websites to read Management and Employees of NRL, AFL, NBA, Football Clubs taking huge wage cuts to keep their Industry alive. If you have staff who have done this tell us so we know what is happening.
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    Let him back, it will be entertaining kicking the shit out of him. He will be self isolating with a blow up doll, I would imagine a recluse like him will be perfectly fine.
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    I see the breweries are still allowed to brew beer.
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    Agree Chief, there are more pressing current issues at hand but the mere fact that Cameron George has been appointed to the board of the N.Z.T.R. after his despicable behaviour in such a position requiring INTEGRITY says something is radically wrong. It does not stop only with George as there are a group of theses parasites like cancerous cells clinging to each other worming their ways into positions within the overall racing structure. Several are failed Lawyers I can't think of one that is passionate about racing.We even have Glenda Hughes parked up on her fat arse at the moment collecting a huge salary as C.E.O. for the Greyhound Code and is doing nothing for our sport or some of the genuine people within needing assistance.
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    The point is that the Mesara report is just a fancy rewrap of the policies that have been in place for the last 15 years at least except with less stealth. In my opinion it doesn't get what made NZ racing strong in the past and proposes draconian legislation to ride roughshod in continuing the poor policies that we have experienced in the last 15 years if not longer. They will fund that through asset sales.
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    It was there up to the fifth of November
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    The Government should close down Pokie outlets. Surely they are a potential risk for cultivation of the virus and where the extra benefit money will be spent?
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    The NZ TAB have an absolute cheek to be even asking for anything from the taxpayer. Every week they take money from the NZ taxpayer and are not actually providing a helluva lot for it! it is a betting platform where people offload money and they just take a per centage!! Why on earth are they going cap in hand to the taxpayer asking for them to just give them money ?? It beggars belief that they need money, when they will make money each and every week by the way they operate! Is the NZ TAB saying that this costs are higher than what they are netting and are therefore losing money??? I seriously doubt it and if it is then do not expect the taxpayer to give you anything! Hardly an essential service, button down the hatches and ride it out with all of the other businesses!!!!!!
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    RITA's first budget for the 2019/20 year had 0% reduction in costs. Given they were already living beyond their means regardless of Covid-19 THAT budget should have signalled huge cuts. I don't think Table Tennis matches in Moscow and the Ukraine will save turnover. What I'd do: Lay-off all the Bookies - they have nothing to do and the new betting system was supposed to do it for them; Cut Management salaries by at least half - that brings them back to what they should be and they're hardly going to run off and find other jobs at the moment. Anyway it isn't as if we need their institutional knowledge; Tell the RIU that they don't need 33 full-time and 85 part-time employees and that they have to get by on half the 6.8m RITA pays them. Plus the highly paid betting analyst doesn't need THREE cadets!; Use Covid-19 to get out of some of the stupid commingling agreements - no point subsidising OZ racing. Lobby on behalf of the 30,000 workers in the industry (I think that figure is grossly overstated but everyone believes it so why not use it) for the business and wage subsidies that are being offered. What I wouldn't do: Centralise racing - the industry is going to need every bit of goodwill it can get going forward. Centralisation shifts the costs to industry workers. RITA suck it up. Ask the Government for a direct handout. The public don't give a shit about racing at the moment - they are more focussed on stocking up on toilet paper (why don't you just shower after having a 2?); Enforce stupid ill thought out rules. Co-ordinate closely with the three codes so they are all singing off the same songsheet! .... Anyone got anything to add?
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    tab should be making heaps as our trackside tipster can't tip the public into a winner
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    Quote from the latest NZTR circular on the Coronavirus issue 'NZTR is deeply disappointed to hear that some trainers have allegedly been considering nominating owners as false stable hands in order to access race meetings, putting our whole industry at risk' Bit rich considering those wankers have been trying to destroy the industry themselves for years with their mismanagement and promotion of the Messara land theft tripe.
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    gunna miss the pout .... Who was on it last night? Don't be like the the first call, having to watch Jason Tan and Aiden Rodley is cringe worthy. Michael Guerin, love him or hate him but he has personality
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    Because NZTR have decided that those with stable hand licences are immune from Covid 19
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    I would question whether there's even 500 people watching a Wednesday meeting at Whanganui on the TV!!!
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    It is the Waimate meeting at Waimate and has attracted 234 nominations which suggests it is highly popular. Local trainers and stable staff do have the right to run at a local course. And long may it continue.
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    Good thought.....however, our industry has in recent times been reactive, not procative. Unless such measures are imposed from outside, I dont see it happening.
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    if they go by age say no one over 70 allowed to enter there be no one there any way lol
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    I note some are still positive that the measures contained in the Bill will right the ship....bugger me, I wish I had their optimism. If the land grab is legalised, what hold-ups - and associated costs - with fights in courts might we be looking at....? If the TAB isn't outsourced, or similar, there is no hope.
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    The other problem they now have is the declining number of total events with pattern races already at a globally high 5.8%. As you lose the low end races which is now happening, pattern race numbers will have to reduce.
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    I've never understood why a poster such as Thommo has such an effect. Personally? I find much of his content well worth debating. When it isn't, and he becomes irritating, i just move on. Those whom he really offends can block him, can't they? Why they feel the need to engage - and keep on doing so - and then disappear in a huff I find astounding. If a column in a newspaper doesn't take your fancy, do you throw the paper in the fire? or just turn the page to something more interesting.....I must be odd, but I can't see a problem. However, personal attacks, racist comment, etc, I don't think are acceptable anywhere, in public areas or media, even when free speech is the mantra.
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    I heard a pharmacy got broken into, and all the viagra was stolen, the authorities are looking for hardened criminals.
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    As the great Neil Young once sang "there comes a time" and the time has come. Pitiful crowds, pitiful turnover (tote on the Derby last Saturday was Win $157k and Place $89k and while they are supposedly doing more on the FO these days the commission earned would not come within a bulls roar of paying for even a third of a 1 million stake). Arguable that it was worth a gamble to move the race dates and attempt to create a Cup Week in Auckland and while there were some reasonably positive early returns (and I went to a couple of the early ones) it is an enormous strain on the viability of the industry (if there is one left after the last decade of bizarre decision making). Pull the plug now.
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    did you hear about the guy who mistakenly took viagra to help his sunburn which was keeping him awake at night... Did nothing for the sunburn but did keep the sheets of his sunburn if he slept on his back..

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