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    I see HRNZ had this has a Xmas story but it is quite lame if I may say. Somewhat Box Seatish in its avoidance of anything controversial so I had a think about what has happened in 2019 and wrote about some of them. Mark McNamara left and I was shocked to see him calling country no names in Australia. A bit of a loss to say the least but Matt Cross has done well even though he gets the names of horses wrong occasionally 😂 but he is a rising talent. Both HRNZ and the TAB introduced new websites. Both seem to be built for mobile users so it took some getting used to and the TAB site took a lot of flak early on. HRNZ continues to be an excellent site full of information and lots of revelvant stories. Matty Williamson represented NZ at the World Drivers and performed creditably. The Aussie brigade at the NZ Cup and Inter doms were rubbish. Not just outperformed but smashed by the All Stars. They would be competitive against the rest of NZ lol. The RIU seem to be all over place. No consistency. Rulings are confusing. Starts are confusing, even the mobile ones at times. But hey, if they think they are doing a good job then it is fine 😓 INCA continues at a snail's pace. Some claim it is going nowhere and it is a sham but extra charges being laid recently must put those claims to the test. 2020 will be another holding year? Goodness knows who is charge or who is doing what and who is on what side. I wonder how Simon Lawson feels after getting 18 months for betting on another horse other than his own drive. That is efficiency if I have ever seen it. The money continues to pour into the coffers (of who I don't know) for those in charge of the whip rule. Polarising. Dream About Me retired after 11 groups 1s. I shouldn't say this but it barely causes a ripple as the All Stars machine just keeps pouring group one winners out. Dream About Me also joined a list of injured horses this year in Sweet On Me, Turn It Up, U May Cullect, Spankem and even Ultimate Sniper who missed the first part of the year due to a knee complaint. The attrition rate can be high. Both Inter dominion winners turned around their performances from before the series to defy the odds. Ultimate Sniper couldn't perform to a level to allow himself to get into the NZ Cup and Winterfell was a headcase. Remarkable . Speaking of headcases, Sundee's Sun in and out performances were remarkable. Another trotter not finding his groove was Monbet and surely he must be retired now. Shartin became the fastest mare of all time and amazingly Balraj went 1.49.1 after being just another horse in NZ. Methven got moved to Ashburton due to the track conditions and the world seemed to stop spinning for a short time. Never put farmers in charge of growing grass...? Mitchell Kerr made his name as a trainer with some standout horses like Smokin By and Matt Damon. Alta Maestro and Pat's Delight passed unexpectedly and the great mare Kym's Girl left us at the age of 24. Drivers need a pat on the back as their were very crashes or injured horses during the year. They all seem pretty competent (unless you are a hobby trainer, junior or amateur as then you may get treated like Jesus Christ on Good Friday by the stipes) The stories in the Star about fridge gas being used on horses to improve performance could become the big story of 2020 if found to be proven. INCA and this would be a horrendous PR mix so it needs to be sorted quickly. The Maurice Holmes Vase nearly didn't happen due to a shortage of entries until it was saved with a few late ones. Next year will be very interesting with the inter dominions after the Cup. It could kill the lead up races. But, the best story of the year was the Overzealous one. After the awful accident, it was great to the trainers and horses recovering somewhere back to their best. Not worth mentioning are the Box Seat - just rerun last year's shows and no one would notice and the excellence of the All Stars, as 2019, 2018, 2017 etc etc just merge into each other. I am a bit tired after trying to remember this stuff and write it so I might head to the fridge to replenish😮
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    You know Chief, once upon a time I followed domestic gallops all the time, now I only bet on Victorian gallops, and the odd bets elswhere in Aus. It was the quality and takeout difference that weaned me off the domestic product, and I bet I am not the only one.
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    Well back from my Christmas sojourn all rested, fed and watered., so Happy New Year all. Looks like there have been some fun and games whilst I have been away, not least the start debacle at Ellerslie on New Years Day. Correct procedures obviously were not followed and a horse subsequently left behind the gates when the starter's button was pushed. Cock up 1. Then the starter apparently pressed the "False Start" button. Cock up 2. It should never have been pushed. Word down here is that Gripper is resigning.
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    Yea every other trainer and their staff are in the pub by lunch time!!!
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    The Auckland cup today, a great race that's had some big quality fields in its time is reduced to an all stars workout. I am not even the slightest bit interested in betting on or watching it ...the life at the top end of pacing in nz has been sucked out of it.
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    I think on these small tracks the drivers with no tactical sense get lost. I just watched nadira franco driven by a driver with 2 placings from 102 starts. Waited until race over before even pulling out. Drivers with poor stats are the ones who show no aggression. Stats are a factor that is very important.
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    Opened all my presents and sat down to relax! What would I like for 2020 to happen for harness racing? Firstly we need to get rid of the current whip rule that is just a DOG!! I see John Hay just got fined $200 for using the whip 12 times, that’s right 12 times!! He should be serving time for using the whip 12 bloody times! Shock horror! He miscalculated the no. Of times. How on earth is a driver meant to be able to count the hits while he is driving a horse and with everything going around him?? Harness NZ you need to admit you effed up and change the rule NOW!!! Secondly, NZ TAB before you lose the remainder of your loyal punters, you need to change your ways and encourage punters to offload, rather than trying to get rid of them! You won’t because you run a monopoly in NZ and you are only concerned about Looking after your own salaries and not about racing in NZ at all! You want overseas racing cos it costs nothing and sports betting cos you have more control don’t you? Anyway time to help get the lunch ready and the wife has told me to get off, it is Xmas Day lol! Merry Xmas everyone
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    tick... lol! you should be more tolerant and enjoy him sitting at the table! $omeone has to be losing... 😜
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    Love watching the Cromwell trots and they are probably quite a progressive club considering that they only have the one harness meeting a year! I note that all the maiden races are worth $10k which is good! However, question why race winners are racing for lesser stakes in several of the races, including one for as little as $7k? Roxburgh the other day, the amateurs raced for a pittance being $6k!!!!!! yes I appreciate we need to attract maidens to race but surely there are more than enough maidens around, but what incentive is there to race horses when race winners are racing for $6k and $7k?. Personally believe that race winners should be racing for at least what non winners are racing for and you can see why our horses are being sold overseas in big numbers! Anyway, hope everyone had a good New Year and if you are still punting, then have a prosperous successful year,
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    call him ftm or paul brodster, don't stoke his fire😨 he's like one of those evil spirits in a horror film that lives off those that believe his bullshit is real!@
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    well you went and got yourself restricted massive error on your part
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    Kumara track got the go ahead today. Cheap wild pork going too apparently.
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    RT May will be appearing on The Box Seat tonight on Trackside TV at 8.30pm. Well worth a watch one would think.
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    What an uplifting story this is..nice piece on Weigh In a few weeks back too... ...and his parents are coming over from Japan for Xmas to watch their boy ride a winner...that's tear jerking ...a non racing strawberry picker to this...if some 'nobody' needed inspiration to make it this is it.. Asano had no association with horses when he left Japan and he spent his first year in Australia in Sydney on an international student visa. “I wanted to learn to speak English and travel overseas,” he said. “I didn’t like living in the city in Sydney so I shifted to Brisbane. I was working on a strawberry farm picking strawberries for a living and the owners had a few horses. They were into western style riding and some showjumping. “I loved the horses and decided I wanted to work with them so I went into Eagle Farm. I worked there for a while doing stable work and when I had to renew my visa I decided to come to New Zealand. “I got a job working for Mr (Gary) Vile and (the late) Cody Singer taught me to ride. Masa Tanaka was a big help to me, too. I rode trackwork with him and was always asking him for advice.” Asana furthered his experience working for Kevin Myers and that led to competing as an amateur rider two years ago before heading south and signing up as an apprentice with Carston.
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    Leave me out of this discussion or it could well incriminate me.
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    Please elaborate on the achievements of 9 long years of National at the helm.Do not be shy.
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    found this after a quick Google search http://www.harnesslink.com/News/Longtime-race-caller-hangs-up-his-binoculars-77446 http://www.harnesslink.com/News/New-Zealand-caller-set-for-a-bright-future-82681 first called Boxing Day 2009....come along way in 10 years or so. 18 or 19 years of age when he started, so only natural he would be better. Learned from mistakes and developed so much so that he’s developed into a class called.
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    The fact is that they are drab and boring and unpredictable? Not great for encouraging punting
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    If it's an H11 and you know they're coming down the outside, the penetrometer reading isn't going to be of much use. I'd be looking for runners drawn the inside to get a nice tidy price advantage myself, as they're all going to the outside anyway.
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    Known as the tight five they always inflated the on-course turnover when making an appearance at the track. Sometimes their bestie bookie also joined them. Nothing like having a direct line to the best odds, a practice I see as questionable. The mug punter stuck with what was left after the pack took the lion's share of the prize. One issue that has always bothered me is the Scott fiasco. At the time Scott was offered up as a sacrificial lamb, another member of the rat pack also sat on the board. Both Scott and Rendle possessed the same swabbing information, both had ties to two specific CD trainers. Alarm bells should have shaken the board to its core, yet Rendle held his seat. We have all watched how that has unfolded since, ending with Rendle's resignation following the SPCA revelations. The look could not be any worse. Ego, greed, corruption. The tight five legacy lives on. Charges have been laid and a court day set. The two major protagonists continue to deny wrongdoing but their actions speak to guilt. You would think that innocent people would be chomping at the bit to get to court and clear their names, yet it appears the delays are theirs. A contingency plan does not come together overnight does it. And what of those involved in the mass kennel exodus? If Cole is found guilty their credibility is shot to pieces. How do you hold your head up if you were part of a lie? If you were part of the conspiracy? A collaborator? Self interest before integrity. You have all been played. The more I see, hear and read, the stronger my abhorrence grows.
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    Newmarket, Sorry. That was just meant to be a simple head bowed. Wasn't meant to be sleep emoji which is cringe worthy inappropriate. I posted while out and didn't see the mistake as I did it. Apologies.
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    Hmm I don't think you know your black bitch Beth very well as she/he appears to have a pee pee.
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    I see garrick also posted he showed no signs of life for 20 mins?? Wow if that is correct that is very, very serious. Good luck to him with this, he is a real nice guy, one of the games real gentlemen
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    Fair play to Mick G, he did briefly mention the dominance of All Stars, echoes what we say on here. No disrespect to the feats of the Mark and Natalie but harness would be better if there was more competition at the top band.
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    Forget the Greg part. You are not talking to a Greg.
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    you have to stop watching porn...and then the targeted tracking bots will not follow you around.🤦‍♂️
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    have you posted when driving michelle ?
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    I don't think it should be a late scratching. Scratching a runner affects the dividends of the other runners even when the situation doesn't affect the outcome of their bet. There's a process. Follow it and all will be OK. She didn't, tough.
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    Don't agree. They add plenty to a broadcast. No problem with the Aus ones. We have a problem recognising talent in NZ and sometimes give people the job for the wrong reasons - mates, used to work for us in another position - which is a society wide issue which racing does not have on its own but tend to stand out when they're on TV. So I have a problem with a couple of our ones but am ardent admirers of others.
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    When I have lost all my money throughout the day I will see a galaxy of superstars in the last race but I will end up taking a 'shot in the dark' at 41 and 7s. An Andrew Faulks special.
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    Tell that to a commercial breeder 👾
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    Ranga, you obviously go back a lot further than I do! What years was he sending horses to Greymouth and can you possibly remember any of his winners. I don’t dwell on past winners, couldn’t even remember Cup winners years, prefer a maiden race any day!
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    he was a track specialist 1/1
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    Especially when it actually got to 32s!
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    It's been said before, more than once, it's nothing new, but just take a moment to consider this....
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    Credit to the aforementioned people to assist Mr May when he really needed it, especially Ellie Barron. Also to the clerk of the course and driver John Dunn (2nd position behind A G's Whitesocks) for recognizing what was ahead of him and ensuring that no other horses/drivers were put in harm's way. In the racing game it is all to easy to criticize people, but man in times of need, racing folk sure know how to spring into action when the time comes. Thoughts and best wishes to Mr May and his family.
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    Oh no more stake money list by AS stable, letting the teller runner sneak into 3rd. Now 5 out of last 6 wins for AS stable, including 1 tri and couple more placing in this total domination era! Thank god for christen me upsetting adore me. previous to this total domination era you had to go back a few years to Auckland Reactor win. Would you believe in one of those in between years every horse in the race beat the 2 AS horses home! Hard to believe something like this could happen now we are in this total domination era! oh well I guess the hard "work" pays off!
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    out or the last 8 G!s the AS have won 7 with 6 different horses They just keep producing top horsees And good on them !
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    Very good win by self assured. 3.59 leading all the way. Had challengers but fought them off. Now the No1 All Stars horse? Come along way in a short time. A good race to watch plenty of moves and challengers.
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    Fixed Odds (the name of the horse) ran a beaut race at Geraldine to get 3rd from the unruly to Miss Graceful. It beat subsequent winners in Diamond Edition and Already Gone, plus Hell's Shadow which ran a top race yesterday. It is in at Westport in Race 5 up against my other unruly friend Bossmaro. I am pretty sure it will go close at some stage over the holiday break. What have you got people?
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    He's just a compulsive liar as we have proved many times happy. Fortunately most people know who he is and what a tosser he is...he has to live with his lies.
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    If you leave the obvious out of Jewels day , its good fun with some surprise results in amongst the minor placegetters, which is good for those battlers and smaller stables competing on the big stage. Its the one time of year I really have a larrip at them, so am hoping we get one or two qualifying next year as its a good excuse to have a few days off and enjoy some top racing. Cambridge nxt year and will have my son in law tagging along (as long as he behaves himself) and as long as we have a horse to run. I think it would leave a gaping hole in age group racing if it discontinued. IMHO
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    So right John But you have herd of auto correct
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    Oh cmon Freda... You simply can't beat an ad for Thai Lady Boys all Knobbed up
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    Best of care - best of facilities - and still these things happen. Horses eh. Just an awful year for Cambridge Stud and I wish them all the best and a change of fortunes in 2020. J.
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    Whats peoples opinions of the stipes decision to suspend the driver of kens dream for striking the wheel of mono gamble after mono gamble broke and ran in and out and virtually came to a stop in front of trailing runners. Mr Dobbs driving may not inspire punter confidence, but I've watched this race several times and to me it looks like mono gambles driver fails to take his horse clear of the field when in a gallop.
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    A bit scary for the starters assistant isn't it?😯

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