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  1. Have been viewing the Tuesday’s oral submissions from the Auckland district a little disappointing with the audio .very hard to hear what some of the softer speaking were talking about . Some interesting submissions Mark Chitty and Vince Middledorp sounded good . couldn’t exactly catch what Allan Gabraith was on about was keen to hear what he said..
  2. Whyisit


    Now Dark Beau. Tell me why the likes the Six clubs having to be sold up should have to when Wellington received that $1.5 million . shouldnt in all fairness Wellington should sell up some of their land to pay it back first and how much have they paid it back from the developments around the courses ie the school block and the housing at the back of the course or have they pocketed it all for themselves to stay afloat.
  3. You were having a dig at the visionarys .What happened after that doesn’t apply to those visionarys.
  4. Winnie showed his true colours today when introducing his bill to Parliament for it’s first reading. So proud of it he introduced it and then moved that it be accepted. Sat down so the Speaker put it to the vote without anybody actually speaking to it. Winnie himself couldn’t speak on it because he had sat down . Much to the amusement of the house The speaker allowed the rest of the speakers to the bill their allotted time .Watched a couple National seem to grasp what’s wrong with the bill .
  5. You are wrong H R. The late Bill Freeman CEO of Awapuni and one of the Fells went to Aussie to take a look at what they were doing and came back and purchased land around the course to set up stables for horses to be trained there at Awapuni .
  6. The latest from the Daily News today. https://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/117957124/stratford-loses-traditional-christmas-period-event-to-new-plymouth-raceway interesting comment from B Saundry regards the land at the end of the article. Does he speak with a forked tongue.??. Stratford has already been slated to be sold re the Messara report . Mr John Gray’s request for answers re the cost to the industry by the Stratford Racing Club has fallen on deaf ears at NZTR.. No Venue Raceday license now next step is Removal from the Incorporated Society Register so then the land per the club’s incorporation dissolvement clause the NZTR can sell or have party to if this bill goes through. Its as simple as that if you don’t play ball with this crowd now and don’t think you are immune because you are not targeted by the Messara Report. if this bill goes through as is no club is safe .
  7. Messarra thought it was so it must be.
  8. Dunno why DE has got his knickers in a twist. this off the website nztr Following the abandonment of Sunday’s meeting at Te Awamutu NZTR advises that the Waipa RC will bring forward planned remedial work on the track. NZTR held extensive discussions with the club officials and the RIU, while the track, in particular the section where Gingee fell on Sunday, was also subject to inspection. Both the raceday video and post-event inspection of the track were inconclusive as to whether the fall was due to track inconsistency. This was the fourth race meeting from past seven programmed at the Te Awamutu track to be abandoned and has resulted in the decision being made to bring forward the planned club-funded work originally scheduled for October. While the track will be open for training purposes NZTR advises it will be closed for racing and alternative venues sought for the club’s scheduled trial and race dates. A decision around a return to racing and trialling at Te Awamutu will be made by NZTR upon completion of work on the track and consultation with the NZ Trainers’ Association and NZ Jockeys’ Association.
  9. Whyisit

    Is it just me?

    Hi Jess. Try cleaning out your browser cache.
  10. Whyisit

    Naval Fleet

    If the change of colour caused it to spook wouldnt it spooked outwards ? However I do subcribe to your theory of the change of colour after seeing white all the way up the straight then suddenly cease may be it didnt notice that the rail did still exist, it wasnt a major prop sideways more a lean over to end up brushing the rail heavily.
  11. Minister of Racing, Rt Hon Winston Peters, invites all interested members of the New Zealand racing industry to a public meeting at 6pm on Thursday 30 August at Claudelands Conference Centre in Hamilton, where John Messara’s report on the New Zealand racing industry will be publically released.
  12. Go Croatia. Thank God you are better at football than I am picking horses.
  13. R. 1 6. 10 R. 2 6. 3 R. 3 1. 2 bb R. 4 2 6 R. 5 1 2 R. 6. 1. 6 R. 7 4 5 R. 8 1 6 R. 9 6 10 R. 10 7 8 bb
  14. R.1 6 4 R.2 2 5 R.3 2 8 bb R.4 3 4 R.5 2 3 R.6 1 3 R.7 5 1 R.8 2 3 R.9 1 10 bb R.10 4 10
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