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Bit Of A Yarn

Rangiora HRC Abandonment: Seriously Ben Hope knows something about track maintenance?

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16 hours ago, Forbury said:

there is no K butt on here.its gamma alcohol fake profile troll with nothing better to do than that and obvious likes to pretend to be a girl

Go take a running Jump Forb's . Kim Butt actually helped me work out who the owners of Diego and Minstrel were on my thread about ROBIN BUTT recently. you actually contributed to that thread yourself , so should of seen that. 

I have No need to fake profile anyone . just a shame Fitzy and Harrison and Kim Butt and Nina can't engage in some constructive Harness talk on here. Current workers in the industry. But are chased off by SERIOUS INSULTS (and serious accusations)  dished out by yourself mainly, about their 'work Colleagues' . now you're trying to Insult me ? what a waste of time going on this site. Try to be constructive and have little contests here and there,  for some fun and entertainment and enjoy the racing , but slapped in the face as a troll ?? you gotta be joking. run and jump mate. 🤕🍟 

p.s check with Chief then. he'll tell you I only have one profile.

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