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System Issues Update and Support Requests

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Chief Stipe


We recently upgraded the Forum software to the latest release.  Unfortunately this came with a number of bugs.  The one that has affected everyone the most is the navigation to the last page.  There are others that you may or may not have encountered.

This is the first time that we have experienced these sorts of problems with an upgrade.  The issues have been escalated to the Software provider and are being taken care of by their highest tier support.

A temporary work around is now in place and should alleviate most of the navigation problems.

In the future if you have Support Issues or Improvements/Enhancements that you would like to make known to the BOAY team please navigate to the More tab on the Main Menu and then to the Support sub menu.

This feature enables BOAY to provide professional responses and tracking of issues that you may encounter.  It will assist in getting quicker resolution of problems.  Currently issues are raised throughout BOAY and it is not always possible to track every one of those issues.  Nor for that matter enhancement requests.



Chief Stipe



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