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  • Video of the Week 14 September 2019

    Catalyst - Northland Breeders Stakes Grp3


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    • Au contrary mon amie... You brought up the hoary old chestnut of Blow Up Dolls first.. ...besides mine ain't even hairy...mores the pity... ...Imbecilic activity you do best though ..ignoring best performances due to your inability to either compensate for unlucky, wide without cover et el....is as stupid as our Chief Handicapper ignoring such performances and docking points... ...which he does...You deserve each other
    • This is my new fav! And the wee fella on top is to die for....look at the concentration and sheer bravery of the man...not to mention the back...as straight as John Wayne's.... ..last of the straightbacks
    • That opportunity has gonnnne now wrt WHIP Stupidly NZTR simply copied the Australian rule last week and there's no way in hell it'll change again for another 3/4 years at least... Massive opportunity lost...especially with this ABC program about to hit our shores...
    • If reports out of Australia tonight wrt ABC7.30 program on Thoroughbred abbitoirs are anything to go by the shit is about to hit the fan! And we'll cop the backwash too NZTR better have all of their t's crossed and prepared for the media here... a sample of tweets... It was horrific. What about the sickos that worked at the abattoir’s, the way they kicked, jabbed, abused and screamed at these beautiful creatures. TV HOST JO MCcKINNON Tonight’s @abc730 expose on Australian racing and the slaughter of thoroughbreds including high profile racehorses and well known stallions and broodmares is the single most horrific thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It is real, factual and disturbing to the core. Vlandys   “We have to rely on the information being given to us,” V’landys told the program. “We don’t have the resources to go to every horse in NSW to see if it’s alive or if it has passed away. “We will investigate, and if it's happening we will put the full force of the law against them because they're breaking the rules of racing.” Footage was shown during the program of horses being sold at a livestock sale at Camden. An undercover reporter asked a truck driver who was loading horses on his rig, “where are these going” before the person replied “Cootamundra” but the truck was followed to the Luddenham Pet Meat knackery. ABC investigative journalist Caro Meldrum-Hanna said she has seen firsthand, “proof of multiple racehorses ending up at Luddenham pet meat after the knackery ban came into force”. “We will be reviewing the program and investigating the accusations,” V’landys said last night. “We did contact 730 today (Thursday) to correct some of the inaccuracies but we didn’t get a return call. “If people are doing the wrong thing we will prosecute them.” The program also highlighted the Meramist abattoir in Queensland and Burns Pet Foods at Riverstone.  
    • This week offers coverage of the March 25, 1938 Grand National. The story appeared in the April 2, 1938 edition of The Blood-Horse. View the full article
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