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    His run was bloody outstanding and very well ridden.
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    Three simple question for you Mehe. What is the number of this new first time offender rule? What is the rule number that states the RIU can issue a "warning" (or "formal warning") instead of setting a fine from the minor infringement table (if that rule is there) or sending the charge to the JCA, no matter what the infraction was? What rule number says the RIU can investigate and "deem" that a trainer was in breach of one rule, yet charge that offence under another rule which was on the minor infringement table, for the ease of the RIU, the trainer & the JCA? Trainer Mr P Ferguson Stewards deemed Mr Ferguson to have breached GRNZ Rule 62.1(i) in that he nominated THRILLING BILLY in a fraudulent, misleading or deceptive description. After assessing all of the evidence and taking into account Mr Ferguson's admission of the breach along with his previously clear record, Stewards issued him with a charge under GRNZ Rule 62.1(cc) with a $300.00 fine being imposed. The RIU are not the judge & jury, the JCA is... The RIU are out of control & they have been for a long time. You'll never read a police report that says a driver was deemed to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, yet they issued them with a $300 citation for speeding.
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    San Simeon, mount Eden, pure steel, village kid, I'm the mighty Quinn just a few of their good uns....... every time I have been to Gloucester park all Friday nights, it's been very well attended and the W.A tote pools a lot bigger than ours, For me now it's the best track to watch harness racing at in australasia.
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    Doesn't do John Dunn much good in the pacing ranks. Just comes off second best and finishes further back than he would have. Name the last time an aggressive drive from john dunn resulted in him beating an all stars pacer? Maybe it has happened ,I just can't think of when. Won't win either way is the reality.
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    Majestic Man went 1 second outside Icandoosit's NZ record on a dead track so huge run. Monty more than a second inside his track record and Dark Horse - hmmmm didnt handle the bends so Nathan will fix that
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    Unfortunately Brodie this is not confined to NZ racing or even racing in general. Have been to many venues overseas esp in Aus as you know and on some nights there would be luckly to be 50 people there with only one or two tote operators open, one bar and buggar all food. You cannot blame the AS barn for this. People would rathr watch at home or in their local, including myself. There is so much coverage now worldwide that it is a lot more comfortable to have a beer and food where ever you are watching have a chat and do other things between races if you wish. How they entice people back oncourse is another matter. As CP has said they dont need people on course for funding anymore as its done by bulk funding so may be they dont care as long as the overall turnover is ok. A top line, unbeaten, charismatic horse will bring people on course to see it eg Winx, Black C, Smoken Up, Blakes AF and even the like of Lord Mudule, Lordship, Noodlum, Clurage UF etc etc. Unfortunately we dont have any of those around at the mo or for a long while. Maye UM Collect was going to be one. Anything that shows potential seems to be off overseas where they often fulfill that. The same with rugby and alot of sports. They are all worried about crowd attendance except for the major events. We are a lazy bunch of couch potatoes these days. Maybe Sky, Trackside etc has more to blame than the AS barn winning races.
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    he is doing a great job like his calling matt cross go matt
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    I was waiting eagerly for the odds to come out and then just started wondering about it all. This field below has a 1.60 shot and another 4 horses under 3 dollars. Is this wrong? Cloud Break is at 1.35ff in an earlier race. These odds are truly shithouse.
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    All stars team was only racing on natural ability today!
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    There is, especially around the WA circuit. He will be ideally suited to Glouchester Park, he has shown true grit and determination so far, and could potentially be the nxt WA superstar. Will be watching intently.
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    Hmmmn,just when you think Stewards can't stoop any lower,they prove you wrong,and come up with a super lame judgement/ penalty as this. Totally Gutless and no deterrent to anyone tempted to repeat this offense. P Ferguson laughing all the way to the bank,has made mockery of the system,and showed Greyhound Officials to be Real Buffoons,out of their depth running this sport.
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    So they have investigated the breach deemed it as frudulent, but taken it upon themselves to determin another quick way of handling it under a minor infringement. They didnt actually charge under 62.1(i), but agreed it was frudullent then looked for a way THEY could deal with it.. It should have been a charge under 62.1 (i) and sent to JCA surely!!
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    Being a seafood lover, and hater of bullshitters, ranga has missed one giant fish that keeps on giving or flashing....... Brodster one of the good guys that has always stuck to what he believes and whether one agrees or disagrees he doesn't waver......or steal people's identities !
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    To put of balance in to this.I was at the races yesterday and overheard the discussion between the parties.I noticed the horse was vetted pre and post race with no issues,i had a good look at the horse and in my option the horse looked in great condition and looked like a happy horse after the race.I spoke to the trainer and i can tell you he has genuine love for his horse and went on to say the last thing he would want would be for something to go wrong with him on raceday,he further added,even though the horse is a natural at jumping,he couldn't allow himself to be entered for a jumping race in case he fell in a race.He added that he just wanted to finish on his terms not officialdom terms,so he has accepted the decision and i can tell you this horse will be given the retirement he deserves and will be an asset for the young horses he will help educate.
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    The movement is great as it keeps horses racing and helps the numbers in the North Island. More the merrier I say.
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    Ah of course thanks Mardi. I made the leap that the author was only using sectional data from previous starts when that wasnt the case. As in "horses projected to be < 3 lengths from the lead'. Amazing that the ROI was so minimal frankly.
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    Young passionate man tossed in at the deep end, I don't mind him and he'll get better..........I could put Aaron in a float and send him south of you like?
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    we should all have yard full of railway sleepers
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    The point being that people are going to be a helluva lot better off than people who are racing horses without doubt.
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    It's not worth mid range northern horses coming down south to run for $25k when they can stay home and race against weaker opposition for decent stakes. The minimum race money on cup day needs to be $50,000. it's a bit embarrassing. And get rid of the maiden race, no place for it on our showcase day
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    Ist that just to give the perception that every thing is on the level. Isnt the reality that the work done to increase the oxygen carrying red blood cells has already been done,so a retention barn is not going to change anything for some.. I guess it depends on the method being used as to whether a retention barn is effective.So the literature says anyway.
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    Well well we’ll, what an interesting week having the northerners down here (I will not name which ones), they had a fair bit to say, very displeased that Pete the cheat has stood again for Waikato Vice President after telling everyone he was standing down - I doubt anyone is shocked that his word is no good. Word is Thrilling Billy broke down in his last start (22nd August), retired immediately, was desexed that week and sent to Auckland for foster care while awaiting mayhounds intake - he hadn’t been in Ferguson’s kennel for months prior to the scratching incident. Pete the cheat apparently got a tip off the day before the stewards came for him and fabricated a great cover story to cover his butt! He really did make the stipes look stupid.
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    yes... I was just running with the ongoing joke... #calmdown
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    Raphoe is a late acceptor?
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    That without San Carlo this would have devolved in to the poorest, most boring Cup in recent memory.
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    The rules apply to one and all ,the judgement should be the same for all.Anything other than that could be deemed favouritism
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    the cheat on seat shoulda got $3000 fine and put out for 6 months
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    No chance I'm picking. There is no new rule. The rule as written... 44.8 (a) A Greyhound shall not be permitted to compete in any Race unless the Certificate of Registration and weight record of the Greyhound identifying the Greyhound and certifying that it is eligible to compete, is produced to the Stewards for the purposes of identification at the time of kennelling (b) Where the certificate of Registration and weight record is not produced the trainer shall be guilty of an offence. Rule 44.8(b) is listed on the Sixth Schedule (Minor Infringement Table). 62.3 An Offence under these Rules may be classified as a Minor Infringement Offence where: (a) the Offence is a breach of one of the Rules set out in the Sixth Schedule (which shall be an Additional Rule Appended to these Rules); and (b) the person who has committed the Offence has not committed more than two (or such higher number as may be determined by the Steward from time to time in the Steward’s discretion) breaches of that Rule in the period 120 days immediately preceding, and including, the date that the Offence has been committed. So no, no new rule. The same old rules that have been there forever. Therefore, if a trainer presents a dog without paperwork, they will have broken GRNZ rule 44.8(b). Rule 44.8(b) is listed on the minor infringement table with a first offence listed as a fine of $50 (there is no such thing as a "warning" or an "official warning", period! (note "official warning" does not appear in the rules anywhere) Anything else the Steward may have taken upon themselves & handed down is two things, Favouritism A Steward acting outside their boundaries.
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    What's with the praise for Bossons ride?A good or great ride belongs to a winning one! Top ride Damien Lane end of!
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    Good start for Ben hope, hope the booby put a few $1 on today!
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    Christ, thomarse loves posting pics of women. Its a worry
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    You'll have to ask your cuzzi bro's to pop down to your local marine reserve one night and get you some tuatua and kina, Elmer doesn't like the smell of seafood, well not the Australian type anyway.
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    Race 3 Hans Ideal $3.70 place
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    How many years did you get, Mumbles?
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    No stats required Barry, you just have to read it. They have a leadership/structure that wants to inspire, elevate and invigorate racing. A prime example is their connection with grass roots racing they understand it's importance and realise nothing else happens without a decent base. Here we have a structure that wants to choke grassroots, rob grassroots and finally eleviate the sport of its significant base. We have bunch of people who go to Australia (or come from there -go figure) and think the top end can be replicated here, ignoring the fact it's all come about due to their attention to the grassroots over the years, they think they can bake a cake with just icing on it and then they'll have a really nice cake. We've got a team at NZTR whose mantra is to" manage decline " and we are supposed to get excited about racing in this country... What a joke!
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    Wash your mouth out 🙂
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    Sunday. R4 Ringo's a star Monday. Didjabringthebeers Anyone have any gems for kaikoura?
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    probably clever enough to avoid that
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    Sorry about the three - peat....technology....
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    Not sure yet, Enteebee might shed some light on it. Definitely be at the Interdoms though.
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    Totally agree with you! Only one positive has come out of this and that is that he has shown himself to be the cheat that he is and put himself on everyone’s radar. (Although not sure sloppy is the right word - maybe just plan dumb!)
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    You know and i know he does not bet. Only after the races he has a result.
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    locals wont know what hit them turnover should be up
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    He should. Seemingly no restrictions for a two horse race. Odds up early too.
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    They need to bring them out in The morning of the meeting so that punters can have a go rather than just before the meeting starts.
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    Brodie is sometimes on the money.
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    Not taking any piss Ranga! Brodie tells it the way it is
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