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    If that's a dig at me, Pitty, I don't tell pork pies - and I've been involved with the NZTA for years. I've been an office bearer too, not of the notoriety of such as yourself, but I've been busy behind the scenes as well you know. You had a chip this morning about ' complacent" trainers, there may be some of those, but I don't know any who are happy with the state of racing at the moment. But how can any traction develop when the body is funded by NZTR and therefore can hardly be impartial - and trainers themselves won't form a consensus. You have said on several occasions that you are not unhappy with the level of stakes - well, you would be the only one....and pointing to the money earned by your charges proves nothing at all ( apart from advertising your success ) if compared to what they might have earned across the ditch.
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    This letter was sent to both YOU and Winston on the 28th November 2017... Winstons Office acknowledged receipt and You did not have the deceny to. Winston Peters ] Glenda Hughes ] Hello to you both in Capacity as, Minister for Racing, and Head of The Racing Board. My Name is Graeme Clarke. I became Passionately involved as a 15 year old in 1965, in the sport of Greyhound Racing. I was present at the Royal Commission of Enquiry that after a long battle was the catalyst for where the sport stands today. I am at present, as a result of an initial complaint laid by The Greyhound Association through the Racing Integrity Unit now coming before The Judicial Control Authority on the 5th Dec. The initial complaint was under the Social Media Policy that this year after all my active years of dedicated input to the sport I was forced to sign before the Head Of Racing would relicense me for this present season. Prior to this initial charge being activated against me a group of battlers that are like being decimated from the sport hired a Private Investigator to obtain evidence of a leading trainer that was known to be Live Baiting. This evidence was presented to the NZGRA office in Wellington. ( I was not involved in this complaint and photos being presented at the time.) The few photos that I enclose for you to see have confirmation of three presently licensed persons. The Code Of Welfare in N.Z.Law does not allow for Live or dead animals to be used for training or other purposes. At this stage already underway was the investigation against this trainer by the RNZSPCA Led by Head Investigator Brett Lahman and is still on going awaiting I believe, a few finer details and results to arrive from analysis. Some time back at least two signed statements were presented to The NZGRA and RIU from two separate employees at the time of this same trainer combine and they were put in a top drawer and Never acted on. In my opinion the evidence produced should have activated immediate action but once again this has been handled in very suspicious ways. If under the same rules we race with our Australian counterparts this kennel and those involved would have been closed down pending further investigations and all dogs in their care would have been suspended pending. The same R.I.U Investigator that interviewed me told me that They could not act further until the SPCA results have been released. I do not believe this at all !, as One is possible Conviction through N.Z. Law and the other within the scopes of the N.Z.Racing Board , two separate investigations with different possible outcomes. The Head of the NZGR Assoc board until just this month when he retired was Craig Rendle. Mr Rendle is heavily involved with this accused trainer and breeds and races a huge number of dogs with them and I believe bought or financed the adjoining property to this trainer where the photos were taken. I believe the Conflict Of Interest alone should have not permitted Rendle to Head the board and be so closely associated with this trainer as a case of another board member resulted in David Scott being disqualified for 10 years and fined as well. There is nothing different in place to stop the same thing being repeated here as in this case, and what’s more another present Board member has had an affair with a license holder (who got off a drugs charge unbelievably lightly and is also the Accountant for another leading top trainer. Jean Fahey also new to the Board is the Husband of Dave Fahey a top trainer , Conflict? There is so much conflict of interest and in my opinion “Corruption” somewhere in the chain of The Racing Board structure and this is a shame as it branches out into all of the 3 codes. Have a look at the R.I.U. This is meant to be the point of Honesty, Fairness, Trust and Integrity that we should all have the protection of. Just look at its beginnings .. Cameron George, Ross Neal, Gavin Whiterod, Nigel McIntyre and Scotty Wallis. NIgel McIntyre helped dress the Clinically dead body of a license holder that Ross Neal had an affair with for a year and a half, Nigel is still at present The General Manager of Stewards. Gavin Whiterod while Head steward (Now Head Steward of Greyhound Racing RIU lived with a licensed holder who also worked as the Kennel Supervisor for the Whanganui Greyhound Club and her son was working for two Leading kennels at the time. I believe he was one who signed a statement well over a year back against the trainer that is under investigation at present. Scotty Wallace a Stipendiary Steward has just recently Stole a licensed persons partner and has just became engaged to her while her ex Partner still races under the supervision of Wallis. I honestly believe we need a good clean up and the R.I.U. needs to be revamped from the top. There are six Racing Investigators at least covering the country is this not an overkill? The Unit can be made cleaner and meaner. The Greyhound Association headed by Phil Holden who was employed and Groomed by Rendle still maintains that connection of deceit. I have only brushed the problems within our industry. We had Tier Two racing that was suggested by an Independent source to give our dogs that needed experience or just wern’t quite quick enough as a result of lack of racing and experience a chance of Life. We had also at one point $40 petrol Voucher for unplaced dogs reduced to $20 and then like the Tier two concept these were scrapped under Rendles Watch to increase the stake money in the interests of of the many , many dogs he owns or part owns. Back to the Tier Two and the fact that Too many dogs are being bred by the number orientated trainers Those dogs are now being “Put Down” By the Hundreds as the Greyhound Adoption Programme is not functioning or coping with demand under the guidance supposedly of the Association. This is serious!! and has serious on going Implications and must be controlled. The Tier Two racing while smaller Prize money was an avenue to help keep these beautiful animals a live. While extra work for the clubs and revenue outlay for no return if they had of allowed betting on these races they could have sustained the idea and hundreds of dogs would be with us today.. The Brendon Cole and Rendle formula is destroying the racing here In the Central Districts and while he is winning 2/3 rds of most programs and last year pocketed One and A half Million it is leaving an over supply of dogs and distraught followers of the sport like me.. I am finished, now, deregistered and facing charges. My pension though firstly is channelled to the 17 dogs I still have here to love, hug and feed.. I was forced to put some down and I will never ever get over the grief I still carry it deep.. I am enclosing a couple of Pictures for you to see and I am posting my charges also from the R.I.U. Brenda, I warn you the “abusive rhetoric” is something I am not proud about, Winston I hope you understand, but while alcohol and medications combined and sheer frustration found me viewing my postings sent the following morning, I must have known at the time what I was writing and I will take full responsibility for that. Thank you for a chance to explain for once to the very Top of our Industry, Kindest, Sincere ,Regards Graeme Clarke (Clarkie)
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    This policy is nonsense on virtually every level. If the argument is taking pressure of rehoming numbers then stop dogs with marring tickets arriving as a last roll of the dice or simply apply the bond to those dogs. Since when did nzgra ever care about overseas owners and running a protectionist racket. We celebrate our horses and dogs going abroad to reap the benefits of aussie racing yet somehow now it isn't ok if money is going the other way, how very Trump. There is also the misconception money goes to oz and never comes back, when in fact there are owners putting prize money back into breeding dogs in NZ providing income and investment back into NZ. Small owners are and always will be the backbone of the sport, people like cole, Harding, wales etc will come and go over the long run but it is the broader ownership of the many that will keep the sport healthy. By removing what is about the cheapest way to get started in the sport by buying an import and having some moderate success you take away that crucial first taste of victory that is the hook for further investment. Buying reasonably priced race dogs in NZ is a nightmare from what I hear. Instead people are looking at pups which sounds all well and good as a breeder myself but as we all know that could go either way. Pups are expensive to buy, rear and breakin with no guarantee of ability. If the pups aren't much good then you have probably lost that owner. NZ doesn't have the infrastructure to breed, rear and breakin a sufficient number of greyhounds at a high enough standard to achieve better wastage rates than we get with imports. If we end up breeding twice as many dogs to achieve the same racing population then the only winners are the bloated puppy farmers and anyone else willing to pump out pups at minimal marginal cost. The welfare outcomes will be horrific.
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    Long owner Tim isn’t old yes he’s not a junior but you seem to get very upset any time anyone calls him young. He’s had a great season and worked very hard for our young family to try and get ahead the scarifies he has made for us are nothing short of amazing (like most drivers and trainers) I for one am so proud of him and what he has achieved this year. I don’t know if you don’t like him or if he has upset you in some way but he’s had a great season and I thank happy sunrise for acknowledging that
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    a race night packed with superstars and intrigue... Can Eddie Murphy get his first winner since 2013 with Mach O'Melley in Race 3? Can John Versteeg get his first driving and /or training win for the 2019 season on either Prestissimo or Bound to Impress? Must go close! Can Kerry Kelly get her first win since starting training in 1984 (albeit with a few years off) with Iron Woman or Majestic Rose? MR must be a chance surely... Can Nora Bishop get her mojo going again with a placing with some of harness racing's great battling horses like Billy Klondike or Baldoon or Best of the Bunch? Can Alexy get win 9 at start 254? Can Michael House leave his computer and make it in time to Forbury? Will Jason Teaz, in his last night of calling at Forbury, throw in a few of Brodie's nicknames for drivers? He could possibly use “The NailMan” Brad Williamson, The PeelMan” Blair Orange or ”Sit Back” Brendan McLellan. But we will keep Kimberly out of it... And a big thank you to Jason Teaz himself, I have always enjoyed the freshness and insight of your comments before, during and after the race. I really enjoyed how your tone changed when you were surprised by the failure of a favourite or the unexpected win of an outsider. Priceless. Raphoe for life 😀
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    Errol ( EB) Skelton passed away over the weekend . Errol was a member of the famous " Skelton " family . A true legend and a huge character , a well loved member of the NZ racing fraternity who's reputation as a horseman was second to none . Won most of NZ's premier races as well as his fair share in Australia over many decades . Almost as well renowned as teller of great tales and racing folklore , no chat with EB was a short one and certainly never boring , so much knowledge helped me many times . To Lois and family my sincere condolances . The sun shines a little dimmer today .
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    Well,if she does to your greyhound racing what she has done to the gallops i wish you all luck, as she has totally fucked that game. She would know as much about greyhound racing as she did about the gallops and that would be totally f all.
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    Shodsie. How the results are achieved are more important than the result. The public don't care about his wins and nor do I. To stay in business the industry must exhibit a very high level of integrity. Without that integrity public licence quickly diminishes. The SPCA case will become a media circus with MP's jumping on the bandwagon. Cole will draw the case out for as long as he can, insuring the integrity issue will have longevity. The harm done will be longlasting. You say look what he has achieved. You disregard the how at the industry's peril. The Weir case highlights how quickly any good is lost. When you place ego and cash over all else you quickly lose credibility. The support of his peers has already been lost. If he is found guilty, he will no longer exist. Sadly in his absence the burden will be carried by large and small who remain. No one has the right to visit that upon others especially when it's just for personal gain. If he goes and I believe he should, there will be a short-term short fall but racing numbers naturally rise and fall. Having numbers and holding the industry to ransom should not have been allowed, because when it collapses there is no quick fix. I'm just a punter with no say in governance. But if I did have a say, I would be asking the governors to seriously reassess their business model. Industry health is far more important than two person greed. You asked me what my interest was, I'm just a punter. I choose to back those with integrity and my punting model works. Raffles aren't my thing. So keep donating to the 8 dog Cole fields like you said someone has to prop up the stakes.
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    If grnz really cared about the welfare of this industry, than they would look at policies limiting the amount of dogs bred both per person and per registered property aswell as limiting the amount of numbers a trainer can condition per season. Two seperate trainers alone breed more and race more dogs than are currently rehomed through the system (with both trainers having a heavy emphasis on home bred dogs). Obviously they do not have the balls to do this which will continue to lead racing in nz on a downward spiral. Weve already seen a state in australia nearly get shut down, usa pretty much finished, and ireland is not far behind and we are making similar mistakes, especially to ireland where they made all these statements and promises like we have and failed to fulfil them in the last 7 yrs. If anyone thinks there is a happy end to the current over breeding going on, than you are sadly mistaken.
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    I think there was a bird under the table given him some early evening delight.
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    Can you imagine what this Speciman could do to the Whimpy , Mario Barsi who is jumping ship . Her Weight Lifting expertise would pick him up and spit him out... Holden leaves the Warriors and is paid $100k to carry out Rendles instructions and is now the C.E.O. of Greyhounds. Cameron George the disgraceful Aussie who has "No Integrity" after being moved on from the "Head Of the Integrity Unit" joins the Auckland Racing Club. and then is moved to the Warriors. Holden leaves after telling us he thought He was a Hero, and Hannan slipped Barsi into the Slot. Somehow the Slimey Cameron George is appointed to another position within Racing (was it Rita?) I am not sure. Barsi is off to the Trots, Glenda brings her custom made chair and parks her arse for a while at Greyhounds Head Office. Just take a look at the way things are being being manipulated ...I have missed heaps of what is really transpiring but so have most of you I Guess? We could go back to the man who ripped us off with the "Rocket Ship" half a million bucks? , or Mr Kennerly who's false C.V. employed him to have a meeting at a remote beach with the GAP Lady seeking funds and the car broke down.(Fact). Roebena was used for a while out of her depth for sure..Sean Hannan and his bunch of Retards..This Board needs to be Gone.! The leeches from within our own code that are happy to cream the payout they get at the expense of our dogs and us..
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    Every single appointee on that RITA board would be supportive of the sale of the club assets , what does that tell you about the future of racing? Nothing has changed with RITA being installed in fact you've got yourself a more prolific,focused and entitled group than you've ever had before . Their focus is top end only not the common racing person, it'll destroy NZ racing and the community that its based on.
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    Shouldn't think so, that will take a long time - if ever - to get their hands on club assets. I'm not saying some rationalisation shouldn't happen, but at gunpoint doesn't seem the way to me. Just a thought - the ' world class facilities ' spoken of by some would be better expedited by selling off the rest of Riccarton Park ( which is a park no longer ) to go with the area already flogged off for housing, and develop from scratch out further, West Melton way or out more, on light, free draining soil. The funds garnered by forcing country areas to give up their assets would be peanuts by comparison.
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    Here's a first. This hasn't happened before . The Tab gave me a free 10 bucks to use before Sunday. Stuck it on a horse at Forbury paying $2.30 place and it comes in. I only get $13 bucks as they take their 10 bucks back. Lol
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    They're NOT bookies! They are too risk adverse.
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    We all know why cole decided to start breeding more dogs was because he pissed of some of the biggest breeders in Australia. Told one prominant breeder that his dogs had broken a leg, than he sold it on. Or how he buys dogs for 15k, sells them to syndicates for 40k. People pick up on these things and become less trusting of him Besides, if you want to breed 300+ dogs a year and have a little over 100 make the track a season than go ahead. Doesnt sound like my idea of fun. Just doing what mcinerney does with a better quality dog
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    I actually said the "long time aging punter". The people deemed least important. The ones who couldn't afford trackside, and weren't cell/computer savvy. The ones still trying to work out a pod. Also the rural people who no longer have a TAB in their area, have to travel to deposit and withdraw. The forgotten ones. If I'm wrong why not just put the figures up? Why not put all the figures up? The figures I read stated sports betting is the bet type on the rise. The fact that Cole has amassed 800 winners is neither here nor there. If he loses the SPCA case he won't be training anymore. Like you, I haven't trained any winners, but I am a punter. Like many other punters completely turned off by his tactics and the pssibility of of field manipulation. He is without doubt a narcissist, intent on destroying racing in the CD. Monopolies are only ever favoured by those monopolising, but they inevitably cause harm. That's why regulators exist, why the Commerce Commission exists. You obviously place your relationship with Cole and the dollar above the health of the industry. Well done you.
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    From a purely financially driven basis I could for example breed 5 or 6 litters next year instead of the 1-2 I would normally to cash in on this upcoming demand. All well and good but I'd be breeding from bitches I wouldn't have considered breeding from purely for the cash, bitches that were poor chasers or lacked strength or injury prone or all three. If you added in that instead of using the highest quality sire that suited my broodie and substituted with whatever was around locally at low cost the resultant population being sold on and being injected into our racing stock would likely be of lower quality reinforcing bad traits into pups instead of improving the gene pool. This will be the puppy farming model, breed cheap sell them and repeat with no easy foreign substitute. The best bred litters will still be kept by astute breeders and only the second rate pups will go on sale.
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    It transpires that taxinda, her 'bethrothed' ( pass the bucket) and the sprog, all flew to Rarotonga for a holiday, courtesy of the RNZAF..!! AND whats worse, the betrothed one is apparently filming a tv reality show while he's there...WTF... If thats ok then I reckon we, that is all of us who view/post here, should ask the RNZAF when the flights to Melbourne are leaving just prior to the Cox Plate/Cup.. What a bunch of hypocrites this so called govt is...AND since this is a racing site.. Whats the guts with RITA ? How about some news, is the industry totally fecked, is it 'saveable' ????How much in the red was the Racing Board as at 30 June?
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    Sheeeet hope it aint, I've got a couple of sacks of them in me fire wood shed. I'm a gonner.
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    Depends which stats you look at. I seen some that indicate the complete opposite. The thing that gets me is the hypocrisy. The Government has an agenda to eliminate smoking of tobacco but are going to promote smoking of a different weed! Go figure! The stats do show that there is an increase in marijuana consumption especially amongst the young. Considering there is also old research that shows those that advance to harder recreational drugs start out with marijuana you would expect over time that an increase in other drug use would occur.
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    will really miss jason teaz top work champ
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    the guy that's name dropping and telling others off for name dropping wins the award for wanker of the year again well done LM
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    So one of the guys p4p mentioned supplied a heap of winners for one of the charged drivers omg
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    How is one able to post this sort of thing on a public forum? From my memory, the poster would go nuts if anyone even mentioned the Dunn case and would be suing the posters.
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    You really do have to laugh. This guy Hesi states that he allows free speech on his site but then says in the same post that Thomass is barred. Hardly what I would call having a free speech site. 🙄
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    Well Peters has pulled the biggest stunt involving conflicts himself! WHY would he put Peter Vela on this RITA outfit? Nothing against Mr Vela, however he is the owner of the biggest horse sale outfit in NZ..one of his employees has got himself on the Board of the Auckland Racing Club a Director nothing less, the Auckland Racing Club have basically told NZTR and the racing public to get stuffed, we aint racing over winter, we aint putting in a Strathayr...have you heard NZTR threatening the Auckland Racing Club to get in line or you won't be racing anymore? Well have you? Someone tell me why Vela is on RITA and not someone who is not conflicted AND/OR is actually involved in the day to day business of racing in NZ and can make an independent contribution. Ellerslie is looking more and more like a showpiece for NZ Bloodstock..is that what NZ racing wants or needs? With Mr Vela involved as a member of RITA how much influence will he have in amending all of the outstanding issues in NZ racing at present? The continuing cock-ups by a bunch of mainly old retired jockeys who can't get jobs anywhere else and end up on the so called Integrity unit..without any repercussions for their slack and useless decisions and bullshit track inspections and looking after their mates who are still race-riding....the dopey and inherently wrong decisions by their pals on the j.c.a.....who can forget the absolutely stupid decision in the Matamata breeders stakes protest a few years ago, when the trainer of the horse that caused the interference ( Rogie) told his owners to throw their winning tote tickets away and was then astounded when his horse kept the race...any repercussions or discipline for stevie wonder who made that call? No? Cost me heaps but thats another issue😫 there's so much more but why should we try and help these idjits.....there needs to be a very big broom sweeping up the industries arse but I just can't see it happening. The 'messara' report had more holes in it than french cheese!
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    I can still suckered into or get scared of Dalgety or McGrath horses just by reputation and TAB odds when I know better. I throw them in trebles or quaddies etc and it just blows the percentage or cost. When I am studying the form (and consequently in form myself) I don't get trapped so easily and wonder why oh why some things are made favourite when they clearly shouldn't be. Mitchell Kerr and Reagan Tood are two trainers who have made a name for themselves recently and the TAB are pretty tight on anything they produced to the races, whether they are good or bad. I am not following the horses really closely at the moment but horses like Sweet Loress always get backed but I am never sure why as it never wins.
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    Not sure at this point. It may be too late to turn around. 5 or 6 years ago there seemed to be a glimmer of a hope if things were sorted quickly but it really needed to happen a decade or two ago. The focus needs to be on the product, both the TR product and the wagering product. On the first, it's the same old things. Integrity, handicapping system, track surfaces, stakes structure etc. as well as ideas like Barryb's Racing 20. Such a thing could be piloted at virtually no cost and I think would not only appeal to track goers but also those who might gather for a couple of hours in pubs, clubs and homes to have a drink, a bite to eat, watch a few races and have a few bets. Potential there to expose the young ones too. The wagering product is pretty obvious I think. Hard to believe that NZ has gone from being a world leader with the introduction of off course betting in the 50s to the parlous state it is in today and that mainly by way of delayed reaction to, rather than anticipation of, social change. We now have more of the same with the introduction of the PoC tax further increasing costs to punters and encouraging the TAB to price even less competitively. It's a sad day to have to say this, but I'm not sure if all the necessary fixes were put in place tomorrow that the ship won't still go down. I'm also not convinced that moving the deck chairs by way of closing/building tracks are likely to provide any more than additional costs, put more pressure on already failing tracks, and ultimately worsen rather than improve the product.
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    Maybe he got confused, he did have an each way bet, maybe he was thinking of that
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    Dean McKenzie will be rubbing his hands together now that the time for closing and selling up tracks is nigh..this has been his wish for the last 20yrs
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    Hope you had your punters card on you?
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    You are not a normal person , and respectfully think you should get help , you are to angry.
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    My bets today Race 2 Changearound Race 3 Kusanova Race 6 Unico Enchantress Race 7 Rusty I Am
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    last I heard of him was on a harness site taking the piss out of the as stable lol
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    Don't put it into your horses feed!
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    Seem to recall her down our way ( Otago )...don't have to think too hard about whats happenned here..that fuckin' methamphetamine. And the coalition of losers want to decriminalise drugs. grass will just be the start. jeeze the havoc drugs are causing this country.
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    It would be the last card that I ever had!!!!!! No way I would ever be a member of a loser party!!
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    In my chosen field, the ability to communicate to a reasonable level in both spoken and written language is a prerequisite. Is it not the same for your industry?Thank you for providing that opinion. I am assuming it was written by Dr, Jansen, retired vet. It would have been helpful to read the actual article that Dr. Jansen based his opinion on. To know when the reference material was written, by whom, and date that it was published, if published at all. It would also have been helpful to include any peer reviews that followed publishing. What you have presented is in no way proof of innocence. What you have provided is an opinion only.The point I would like to make about theory is, it is unproven conjecture, a hypothesis. And this piece says it is exactly that, it uses words like reasonable to assume, possibly, unusual posttranslational modification, etc. Now the second point I would like to touch on is the failure rate of clinical trials to field trials. What can be produced in a controlled environment, under controlled conditions cannot always be duplicated outside the lab. The judiciary quite rightly discarded the theory as there exists no probability in fact. The hypothesis may never be tested, the hypothesis may fail, a declaration of innocence cannot be based on the possibility of something that may never happen.JCA " [22] While Dr. Jansen’s view does raise some interesting conclusions, there is simply a lack of an evidential basis, or research, to support a conclusion which could be defined as a hypothesis at this stage. We also note that Mr. Duganzich, while offering up some potential views on how the Dermorphin could have made its way into NIGHT HOWLER’s system, has provided no specific evidence to advance that further."On the subject of the WGRC kennel block cameras.JCA "[23] It is clear that that RIU are alleging presentation rather than administration, so there is no suggestion of any intentional involvement on the part of the Respondent. What we must consider is whether Mr. Duganzich presented the dog to race with the substance in its system. The only other alternative suggested by him is that an intentional administration occurred in the kennelling block at Whanganui. In our assessment, there is simply no strong evidence to rely on that. While the CCTV surveillance system at the track may be dated, that alone is not a sufficient factor to support that view."It has been brought to my attention that both your mother and father have been WGRC board members at various times. The informant also stated that your mother was a board member while the present camera system was in operation. Only now these cameras have become an issue for you and your family? You wrote today: "I dont think my dogs have been injected with dermorphin, but they have it in there gut bacteria." That statement contradicts your father's hearing statement below: JCA "[12] Lay Advocate. His understanding was that it had to also be injected in order for it to be present in the animal’s system."You did not challenge any of the evidence presented by the RIU.JCA "[7] The RIU had also circulated as part of Disclosure, four Briefs of Evidence. These were from Mr. Malcolm Wall, Dr. David Palmer, Mr. Simon Irving, and Dr. Malcolm Jansen. Mr. Duganzich stated that he had no issue(s) with the Briefs, and did not wish to challenge their contents."In conclusion. You offered no evidence at all. The penalty is no penalty at all. You have no dogs and stated you were leaving the industry. The suspension means nothing. If you used your beneficiary status to diminish any possible fine, it worked. If that staus was falsly declared, that would open up a whole new can of worms.
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    That thread has reached a new low along with the site itself. How one person can say that without sanction is appalling. If one of the 'unchosen' RC ones spouted what he is doing all hell would rain down on that person. One should never engage with people like that as they make all the rules to suit themselves and supposedly have an army of (unnamed) supporters behind them. Anybody on RC should consider what is taking place on that forum and ask themselves if they agree with it or not and whether they want to be part of it.
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    HRNZ have nothing to do with this inquiry. At all. On the contrary, they have tried to involve themselves and have been left in the cold by the RIU and Police. Why should they be accountable for lawyers bills?
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    Geez you write some crap. Given the weather forecast and supposedly past experience of Wanganui PLUS a H11 Vile should have expected what he got! He hardly could have expected the track to improve! Next you will be spouting on about Coppins theory of heavy "holding" or "loose." If you are going to post at least post something sensible.
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    Good to see Ivan Schwamm notch one up today, would he be 86 years old maybe, horse has an unusual trotting gait but seems to have a motor in there so maybe can win more than one. Someone will know if anyone older has trained a winner before or his exact age.
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    Apparently she looks good.
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    roy cook, Tim jellyman


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