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    It's been a fear dinky die SHOCKER of a few month for these boys.... The two Coast stuff ups were bad enough...you know the entire field being reversed in Barrier positions... ...to the MASSIVE Derby stuff up with the barrier blanket bering left off....and then being told by the RIU that well "actually...Trev didn't even have it on his Starters list to be applied" wtf? To Anzac Day where Scooter Sarge clean forgot his 'assistant' Trev...didn't follow the Starters Manual..." last one coming up...ALL CLEAR" ...and let them go with one still to come...explaining "oh f...I thought that was the Clerks horse" To Friday....where after rearing in Barrier One, Smyth failed to regain her iron...and promptly fell off when the gates opened Did the starter yell out and ask her if she was good to go...or was he in a position to hear her...instead of way behind the stalls...rather than alongside the barrier...like most starters in the World yea Na... And to yesterday..where the Boys failed to engage the hand break on the tractor...where it dribbled down the Te Rapa drain...with the horses having to do the SIDEWAYS SHUFFLE... ...ever heard of putting a Tractor in gear and with the Handbreak Harry on? Ffs...Its amatuer hour here...as per usual
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    FYI The cost of flying to UK IS BEING met by HKJC who paid for horse owners, trainers and stable staff air fares and accommodation in HK Ascot is giving us travel incentive greater than a Listed Stakes win at home All owners get Royal enclosure tickets all 5 days of racing, on the days he races 18 th and 22nd they get their own catered corporate box All connections get invited to the various garden, boot, barbecues associated with this massively popular week of historical racing where royalty from far and wide gather for one week of Group one racing that shapes world racing trends Im going to enjoy this!!! So will the owners at v little cost if any, the races we are to contest are all run in straight line up an incline. He is not required to go around a corner as he has at Ellerslie or HK. His record at Riccarton and Trentham gives us enough confidence to have a go, especially with Ascot inviting (paying) us to go there We are currently in Qatar on way to UK both horse and trainer traveling well, out in paddock later today
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    Well done Racers! you have made my day 🤗 and you thoroughly deserve it - what a wonderful bunch of form readers you are and you have accumulated some brilliant dollar totals over the comp .. Congratulations! eat, DRINK, and be merry for tomorrow is Sunday, a day of rest and recovery Cheers to the Too Fasts, leading the comp for so long, you deserved to make the final and made a good go of it looking back over the results of the day - beaut stuff - celebrate like you won it! Thanks very much PJ another eventful comp and merci much for all your hard work every Saturday and congrats on beating me today Have a warm, happy and safe Autumn and Winter everyone !
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    Whats happening with this site? Ads popping up all over the place, girls wanting me to talk to them with credit card details? FFS, dont they know this happens every day at home!! Hardly enticing
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    Well that's something out of today at least some of the tiny quaddie.. Kazio would have been a good result for us and boosted it a bit. Not sure why I left out Vigor Winner.. daft in hindsight.. but isn't it always Still have $130.00 to bet so we'll see what's on offer
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    You lot, apart from Globe, are hard to please. No wonder they called it off as there is more chance of race fixing in the fog...team driving....blood spinning.... more than 10 strikes of the whip.... a few quick party pills....and that is just in the back straight... 😲
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    Poor woman. You are joking. She is a shit stirring left wing snowflake who deserves to be on the next plane out of here. A few fucking pieces of confetti in the harbour ..... Have you forgotten how many times you have pissed in it.........and not once did you think of the fish who were sitting on a plate the next day. Why did she go running to the media over a perfectly responded to complaint. Poor bloody thing had her feelings hurt. She will be on ACC before you know it. It wouldn't matter if it was Molloy's restaurant or anyone else's and that point has been made repeatedly. This just happens to be a clash between two attention seeking ego maniacs, and in this case the snowflake is shown up for what she is. We all know what Molloy is and that won't change......ever.
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    wont have any of the real facts - they are muzzled by Ken and the hierarchy - they make Shockwave treatment 7 days - can't use an equi massage unit on race day - but feel free to blood dope 3 times a week because the rich and famous pay for it
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    And we have the mighty Sir G up this week to Knight himself into a large collect
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    Hi there Put on a lazy ten overnight at Kenilworth for the club when I was up with the puppy and checking my punt from Race 1 - got a new puppy yesterday (black sharpei named Lumi) It's how I like to bet.. see them parading or spot them on paper and put on money pretty quick before I overthink it - so I've now got 370 for the weekend for quads/first 4s (unless I see a one-off or something beforehand of course) - never know with me Wed, 24 Apr 201911:25pm FFWINKenilworth: Kenilworth Race 9 Naturalist @ 13.00 $10.00 $130.00Win CategoryThoroughbredsStart TimeThu, 25 Apr 2019, 2:43am Bet TypeSingleChannelInternet StatusResultedBet ReceiptO/0197214/0000110
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    Lol, not sure anyone would work for poddles.. How long do we have to wait for leadership in this industry, every CEO I can remember has been telling us about the wonderful job they are doing and how things are all rosey when it has clearly been the opposite. Things get tough and suddenly they are gone. I couldn't care less who the next CEO is but surely we deserve someone who is credible and earns our respect by telling us how it really is, admitting where mistakes have been made giving us some realistic vision of the next decade that we can actually buy into. If it were me I'd dissolve the current Board and ask them all to reapply along with other candidates, completely restructure the powers of the clubs and phase out dog farming model for starters. I can't see a reason why as an owner I should keep investing money in a sport that is run so poorly.
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    It is time to let the club system go. It is time to look seriously at centralisation. It is time to eliminate all conflicts of interest. It is time to overhaul nomination criteria. It is time to review field composition. It is time to sort the crap out once and for all. No club employee should have ties to any kennel. No club board should be allowed to align themselves with any kennel. Raceday management should be totally independent. The whole system needs to be overhauled. The fire that now burns brightly in the CD is fueled by many sources. But it is not just confined to the CD, smoke rises across the country. The model is failing.
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    I am 100% with Israel on this one. It appears to me that Rugby Australia consider quoting Bible verses in public a greater crime, than gouging opponents eyes, kicking pregnant women, beating people to a pulp late at night, and exposing themselves in porn movies without the permission of the aggrieved party. Israel is not guilty of any offense as far as I am concerned. He has done know more than preach in public, something that is common on street corners and other public spaces. I will always defend the right to be able to preach in public places, and anybody that is interested in freedom of speech and democracy should be supporting Israel.
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    No matter what, the Israel falou saga is just a witch hunt to appease the terminally offended....if it was a radical Islamist doing the same thing he would be applauded by the left for showing courage!! The sooner p.c is abolished and parents bring up boys as boys and girls as girls ...the sooner the world can get back to normal when men were men and sheep wore lingerie (put that last bit in for Thomo) the better
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    264 off doggies 433.10 so far from weekend
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    I don't believe anyone is slighting other trainers or the condition of their dogs. Rather, they are praising her care, consistency, and overall presentation. Both dogs and staff presentation is immaculate. Many trainers present their dogs in pristine condition, but only one has produced a dog who has broken 25s. Also, the dog was bred and reared at her property and will be rehomed at the end of his career. This post is a great example of what greyhound racing should be all about. Love, care, and pride. There are a few participants that could well take lessons. There has been little to celebrate of late, again, well done to Karen and her team.
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    A couple of months ago I decided to make a comparison on how many $$$ of NZ On-course, Off-curse + Fixed Odds betting the various thoroughbred Clubs generated with each One Dollar of funding they received from the NZRB/NZTR administrators. I think of the result as a form of CLUB EFFICIENCY RATING. Dargaville, Foxton, Kumara and Westland did not race in 2017/18, and Waikouaiti had only one race, and Thames only two, so have left them out. The upper part of the list reads as follows:- Taupo $11.602 Avondale 11.306 * Kurow 10.588 * Banks Penin 9,875 * Sth Waikato 9.695 Stratford 9.315 * (was Second Top the previous year) Poverty Bay 8.997 Matamata 8.922 Wairoa 8.831 * Waverley 8.701 Waipa 8.437 Waipukurau 8.121 * Woodville-Pah 8.035 * Reefton 7.898 * South Canty 7.664 * Tapanui (at Gore) 7.461 * Feilding 7.359 Tauranga 7.358 Egmont 7.328 Whakatane 7.324 Taranaki 7.197 Rotorua 6.856 * Wanganui 6.785 Greymouth 6.751 Marlborough 6.751 Gore 6.744 * Cambridge 6.714 Waimate 6.639 * Winton 6.527 * Ashburton 6.389 Wairarapa 6.353 Counties 6.336 Central Otago 6.237 * Waipa 6.228 Beaumont 6.227 CODE AVERAGE 6.141 A further 19 Clubs below the Code Average, including Waikaro RC at 3 below av, Hawkes Bay at 4 below av, CJC at 10 below av Auckland RC at 16 below av, Manawatu RC at 17 below, and Wellington RC at 18 below. 10 of the top 16 clubs have been recommended for closure by the Messara Review or by NZTR and the Minister for Racing. All clubs so recommended are marked with an *. Does anyone know of any other major activity that has had 10 of its top 16 performers recommended for the chop? Or is it yet another sign of woolly-headed thinking by those at the top of our administration? Cambridge 6.714
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    I have to take issue with the statement he has ridden the best. It is an absolute fact that he has dated some of the ugliest women that God ever created, and sullied many a woman's cubicle, no matter what hour of the day.
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    Unfortunately for Leo, however, he does all his harassing either on the internet or over the phone. He doesn't have the balls to do it in person. To be fair, I wouldn't either if I looked like him. The Viaduct is perfect for Leo. Completely full of pretentious "Tom Ford" sunglasses-wearing pretenders who wouldn't make it out of Kawerau alive - especially looking like Ellen!
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    i say good on him...... they threatened his business which he has the right too defend....... i would be more worried about why the hell someone would waste any time complaining about a bit of confetti entering the waterways when Auckland council send millions of tones of human waste its way............ this PC crap has to be debated and if its leo or anyone else in this world im in their corner....
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    The Prickject is a bastardised anal version of pretend live TV.. If you seriously believe that pathetic mob of third rate reject wannabe comedians has any sort of credibility, go and flush your head down the HQ dunny in shame. For fark's sake.......... That seriously deluded old fake, Paddy Gower even gets a run. Enough said about the quality of panel members. Mark Richardson is contracted to appear but I am assured he has to be injected with comatose fluid beforehand to make it through. True, Molloy has proven himself to be a total fark wit at times, and we can all agree on that, but I have a smidgen of sympathy for him in this instance. Tell the American complainer to piss off home with her complaint. I've seen a bloody sight worse acts of crap blown and thrown into the harbour and not a thing said about it. Do you not remember the Americas Cup celebrations?? The project can get well and truly rooted, and I'm happy to pay for the condoms.
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    never feel that way sir g. all for 1 and 1 for all🐎
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    Now it has flipped to the reverse. I blink when I see a 1 win trotter who has only started in a couple of races suddenly being thrown in against horses who have been around for ages and won several races. You can just about put a pen through them as they have no chance. I want these trainers to put a solution up in the media, forget about the normal channels, just get it out there for all to debate.
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    I’ll be there what a great comp amazing insight, great format Hard luck Too Fast, So very very close Awesome picking Steve P nine winners on which looked a super tough day outstanding Well done Smiler nailing the Q in the last Great tournament by The Centaur in fact all from The Whacky Racers played a part in securing the Championship well done team Well done Maria you picked a champion team whom are now a team of champions Cheers
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    Round 9 results Once again both Sandpiper and Keryn picked beaten runners and both registered very healthy scores today. Keryn closed the gap a little today, but with one round left it is Sandpiper's to lose - he leads by just over 150 points. To recognise the efforts of the top two in distancing the field, I will put up a small prize of a $20 multi - they can pick one horse each. If the multi is successful the comp winner will get two thirds of the collect and the comp runner-up the other third.
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    BGP go bang....Outstanding work.
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    headquarters been there twice first time average second time i was shouted still average thread a little bit funny but it just gives the tosser leo a chance to enlarge his ego
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    One post pointing out that you had no posts in 48 hours on your Thoroughbred Forum which is a fact. How you read into that by twisting it to become someone trying to shut down your site one cannot fathom. I couldn't care less whether it keeps going or not. It certainly won't affect me. I read into your response that you are obviously a wee bit sensitive and precious over your baby which, after all, was set up in opposition to BOAY because a couple of you couldn't get your way here. However, you can't seem to make it a clean break as you and your mate continue to post here and PM people in what is a clear and transparent undermining of this site. I believe the irony entirely rests with you. 🙄
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    I have been involved in this industry for a reasonable amount of years and I have only heard accusations leveled at four trainers in that time, twice since 2012 when the new rules came into effect. I am outraged by the photos, I am outraged that a participant would practice any form of baiting, I am outraged that this is I believe the 4th formal complaint against the same kennel, I am outraged by the cruelty, I am outraged by the disdain and contempt this kennel has demonstrated toward the industry and its participants, and I am outraged that they have been constantly promoted on our website and by trackside since the investigation began. I am also totally outraged by the lack of previous effort to investigate, the current attitudes of those who support the kennel, and the lack of spine from those who never came forward or withdrew statements. I'm also outraged by the deliberate manipulative behaviour that still continues. I have nothing but outrage and contempt.
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    Yeah bullshit! As if the Stipes are actually watching.
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    I suppose for me, this whole game used to be more about the battling trainer/ driver than the top stables winning the big races. Borana and Armalight at big odds winning the nz cup, both great stories. Pathfinder winning 4yo race, Frees best winning big fillies race, those horses that won, that nowadays would never be competitive? I am sure everyone on this site have their favs, the longshot that won that was given no chance, but everyone loved the story. Happy Asset winning Auck cup, had to be driven for sprint home, Ants did just that. Sadly, we rarely see the battlers winning any big races, well the odd time, but nothing like they used to.
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    TOTAL AFTER WEEK 18 $8437.45 ( $421 PER SHARE) Well not our week this week with all the roughies but hey we still got $161.70 for our efforts. So onto the second to last week and Al Foxton Beach to get those wheels into overdrive and get that beach buggy full speed to the closest TAB. Please find enclosed below receipts for the agreed $20 per week going to Ronald McDonald House and then decision needs to be made re the next donation whether it will be a set amount from the prize pool (eg 5 or10%) or if up to the individual to advise me how much they want taken out of their personal share? Then I was thinking we keep the wheels spinning and start the new club maybe after a 2 week break(quick freshen up, allow for new members if any are keen and back into it). Also if any one has a charity they would love to support for the next club I am open to ideas as I love the idea of giving back and I am pretty sure no one is missing the extra $1 they put in each week. If no one has any that are close to their heart I would love to put forward Heart Kids Otago as they really looked after Sarah & the kids at this end while Connor and I were in Starship. Sorry for the big write up have an awesome week all RMHC.docx
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    First bet for weekend.Friday night Addington. $100 multi any 3.All 7 to win $1335.42 35 bets at $2.85 each R1 Cheerful $2.50 R5 One Change $2.10 R6 Muscle Mountain $2.70 R7 Amazing Dream $2.30 R8 Princess Tiffany $2.70 R9 Winterfell $1.85 R10 The Moonshadow $2.50
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    Everything about that RC post is 100% right.
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    It's obviously a story being done to justify the process, no serious questions asked.
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    100% correct, he is terrified of leo and will do as leo says at all times,The guy is a flea.
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    Because the rule is different there. Along the lines that if any horse in a race, swerves or is ridden to either side so as to interfere with or intimidate or impede any other horse or jockey, or to cause same, it is a foul any offending horses may be disqualified. To me, the disqualification was a certainty.
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    I agree, the only man on that show is kaniaoaoaoioa, not sure if I spelt that right! If my daughter ever brought back a half man (when she grows up) resembling Jessica Mulligan I will grow tits and a vagina and call myself Doris then go live in a cave!!
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    Anyone know leo molloys jockey stats?.... He is a bit of a pranny online, he's called me every cunt under the sun and vice versa, i don't care I give as good as i get.... but ive been once (while over the limit) to eat at his joint and he was pretty hospitable and a very good mein host! ....we have to remember everything is done behind a keyboard now........most folk are ok face to face,....... anyway my point is that it's just words and.we now live in a virtual world that we shouldn't take so seriously..........the sun will come up tomorrow
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    I understand the first line of your paragraph. As for the rest well, jealous? how does that work? I very much doubt anyone wants to be facing criminal charges for live baiting, so jealous, no. This disagreement you speak of, who is this ONE all-powerful person? And your last sentence is irrelevant. I get the feeling you are comfortable with live baiting which is a big worry, as that action isn't just against racing rules, it is also a criminal offense which carries a possible jail sentence. So, Bob, this is as bad as it can possibly get. From a racing viewpoint, no one is enamoured by a trainer who uses illegal practices to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors. It is called cheating. From a public perspective, the situation is totally unacceptable and could result in the revocation of our public license. I don't think you have the necessary faculties to realise the gravity of what is about to unfold. But good on you for sticking up for your mate.
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    A Most Worthy Grand Finale, people, well done to all.. Great to see that the winners got well past the Team Profit total at The Big Dance. Steve P has put up a SENSATIONAL individual performance, 9 out of 10 ain't bad as my my cousin Mustelid Meatloaf once said, just before he passed out with a whole lot of groupies by his side. Sigh. Muchos gracias, PJ, for a brilliantly entertaining Super Duper Summer Draft Comp that has kept us all engrossed for the duration. Brilliant.
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    Outstanding performance from 'The Whacky Racers' today …. a complete team performance with everyone contributing and just what we hope to see from a Grand Final winner. As PJ said, not every Grand Final has risen to those heights. Well done Maria, The Centaur, Punter Pete, Jasper and in particular of course a brilliant 9/10 performance from Stevie. Well done, champ. What a day to soar to the heights, Grand Final Day. Stevie is one of my favourite PJ comp players - always generous with his 'likes' and 'comments.' We 'TooFasts's were chasing the game right from R1 when three of three of The Whacky Racers nabbed the 9-1 shot, unanswered. Things never really improved overly for us 'TooFast's from there, though our scores ticked along ok. To get back to 2-3 in the final washup rather flattered us I'm thinking, but we'll take it. This`'TooFast' lineup this campaign was one of the best lineups I've been in. Many thanks Smiler, Wolf, PJ, Gary, and Geoff. Top guys. We didn't get the result we were after today, but it's been a great run through to 2nd in the Minor Premiership and 2nd in the Major Premiership. We had a lot of fun along the way, and many great days. Thanks Geoff for stepping in today, and as always a very respectable personal total from you today Geoff to keep us in the fight. Smiler had a truly outstanding record of individual match-up wins through this comp, including today. Great work, fella. Thanks PJ for another outstanding PJ Super Comp - lots of excitement, plenty of fun. Still and always the premier comp out of all the comps I've seen on the various sites. Again, well done to 'The Whacky Racers'. Brilliant.
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    the start we wanted. today could be the day
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    A lot of folks gonna need counselling from reading that shite, although I have to admit to having a laugh at it all. Not sure why I was emailed this photo but I feel compelled to post it, in the interests of all concerned. I am told it is of CT in the rest rooms at HQ You be the judge, but I would caution against eating or drinking before taking a peek.
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    Well, this is it ! Grand Final Day. After 15 weeks of fun and excitement we are now only just under 2 hours away from the big match kicking off. Firstly kudos to 'The Whacky Racers' for top performances in the two Round Robin preliminaries culminating in a big semi win over the Minor Premiers 'The Stranger Things'. 'The Whacky Racers' clearly have plenty about them, and deservedly take their place in the Grand Final today. I hope all 5 of you get amongst the winners to make your day an enjoyable one …. albeit of course I'm very keen for us`'TooFast's to have the edge on you. Personally I'm up against Punter Pete who I remember well as a brilliant team-mate of Geoff and mine in the Turbos when the PJ Super Comps started up about a dozen years back. Punter Pete rescued Geoff and me on many an occasion, usually in Comp R10 when all seemed lost. Those were the days when there were only 3 to a team. Good luck today, Punter Pete. And good luck Maria, StevieP, Jasper, and The Centaur. My 'TooFast' teamies PJ, Smiler, Wolf, Geoff …….let's bring it home fellas ! Let's finish this in style. The very best of luck to us. I'm going with :- R1) 2x3 R2) 2x5 Best Bet NZ R3) 1x3 R4) 2x5 R5) 2x3 R6) 8x14 R7) 8x14 R8) 1x4 Best Bet Aus R9) 1x6 R10) 3x10 Have a great day folks, enjoy some excellent racing both sides of the Tasman, and a big, big thank you PJ for another wonderful PJ Super Comp. And thanks to those from other fine teams who have wished us Grand Finalists well today. Appreciated. Who knows, it could all come down to Geoff's 'Tom Melbourne' in R10. Tom to save the day. 😀 Let's hope it doesn't come to that. ☺️ Cheers, Howie
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    May I CONGRATULATE The TooFast Agains' and The Wacky Racers on there semi finals and wish both teams every success this weekend Some very interesting match ups in the final WOLF VERSUS STEVE P ..... Dangerous. both capable of a scene stealing big bet ...... to close to call HOWIE VERSUS PUNTER PETE ...... This match could be crucial to the final outcome ..... hard fighting competitors who will not give up ...... to close to call SMILER VERSUS JASPER ....... Watch out for the Gnashers Grinning Teef .... the steady Jasper (not of the CARROT kind) has been a real find .... to close to call PJ VERSUS MARIA ------- OH BOY ...... a Stallion, Stud Master, and PURVEYOR of good stock ..... and fabulous RUNNER of COMPS against the GORGEOUS FIERY REDHEADED CHESTNUT who if I am not mistaken is the only LADY to make the final ...... tooo Close to call ?????? VERSUS THE CENTAUR ...... IF Still Hoping (Geoff) is the ????? then HIS HOPES will be that THE CENTAUR HAS USED UP ALL HIS WINNING SELECTION IN THE Semi Final !!!!! ...... still to close to call ...... In SUMMARY ...... ITS TOOOOOO CLOSE TO CALL !!!!!!
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    Mustelid Musing #148 Since this thread has drifted so far off course that it is no longer about Thomass, why not close the thread and STOP THE NONSENSE?
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    I see this pic doing the rounds😆
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    So $320 won and still $370 to spend. Awesome

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