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  1. All the signs of a narcissist.
  2. I'm over it after only 3 games in. To hear/watch the National News begin with Rugby is a bloody disgrace. To see presenters in over priced All Black gear is nauseous. To hear presenters finish their show with a ''Go the ABs'' is sickening. To see our over paid Politicians(every 4 years) suck up to them is sickening. To see lollys and chips and all kind of crap beem marketed with the All Black seal of approval is nuts. Mind you,without the All Blacks us NZ ers would have to think about the homeless,measles,our child deaths,woman getting assaulted,our increasing murder rate etc. Thank u All Blacks.
  3. Why on earth do we need RITA when NZ Bloodstock appears to be able to changes things at will.
  4. Nothing found wrong with him and got to have a barrier trial before running again.
  5. It is the thrill of the chase that some people love,me included.
  6. Pretty sure that she was nominated for Hastings before Rogerson got the horse so presumably the owner has had his say. I know where i want it to finish but then again its not my money so i shoudn't give a toss.
  7. Compare that fine with the fine that Cambridge trainer got for administering a drug into a horse that may have contributed to putting Chris Dell into a coma for 10 days and then he even had his original sentence reduced.
  8. mumbles

    AB's Lineup

    4 games,1 draw,1 loss,2 wins only 1 of which has been All Blackesq. Listened to the press conference after game with Hansen,Foster and co. Couldn't believe the number of journalists asking soft questions so as to save their access to the All Blacks. I win doesn't cover up some,imo,holes in the All Blacks. Lets be honest,the Wallabies are a crap Rugby team and 1 win cannot plaster over their problems.
  9. Many years ago Trump was offered a share in a horse by Pete Rose (baseballer) and the other shareholder was to be Bob Baffert(trainer extraordinaire). The answer was no.
  10. Remember the days of OPEN DAYS at Rogersons.The placed was chock a block with wanna be owners getting into syndicates. I wonder how many are still involved in horse ownership especially that syndicate that raced around 10 horses in the early days. Mind you its a ''buyer beware'' situation.
  11. Team Rogerson,who will stick their hand up and take ownership of any failures. Three pairs of hands to choose from.
  12. mumbles

    AB's Lineup

    Comeback Wayne Smith,your country needs u. Show Foster the door.
  13. The late Bill Sanders used to do it. Ballybrit comes to mind.
  14. I think Happy won a race with D.J.Whittington aboard. Same owner also raced Idol and Two Sous both pretty slow.
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