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  1. How about combining harness and gallops,1 gallop race 20 minutes later a harness race etc.
  2. I would like to think that this would be part of a package that would be the result of intelligent racing people reconstucturing the racing game that would/could eventually lead to my suggestion becoming a reality.
  3. Should be a Premier (50k min) meeting in the upper north twice a month,one in the lower NI and one in the SI. Ellerslie should be utilized more,agree 100%. Barryb,after those suggestions on closing tracks i think many will add you to the Folau list of going below. Not me.
  4. IMO a new horse racing and equestrian centre needs to be built. It needs to provide many tracks with various surfaces for training purposes and at least 2/3 raceday tracks with various surfaces Stabling for many horses and accomodation for staff Vets and feed suppliers etc should be on course along with accomodation for visiting trainers etc. Swimming pools and water walkers need to be on course as well as other methods i can't think of. Purchase plenty of land providing opportunities for hill work and walking tracks for horses. Plenty of other stuff required also' Very expensive but do it once and do it right. Just my thoughts.
  5. A report from A&E in Denvers main hospital says that since cannabis has become legal in Colorado,the hospital Emergency room has seen 5 times the amount of young adults suffering from a Psychotic Episode. Agree with your comments 100%
  6. Do people actually get paid for doing surveys and studies.?
  7. Have to agree about Peter Vela.Not only the owner of NZB but has his horses with many trainers.
  8. Always been one of my favourite jocks,but imo appears to go missing at the Sydney and Melbourne Carnivals.Possibly not getting on the goods horses for whatever reasons.
  9. With all the land that the TA club originally had the course could have been designed far better that is for sure.
  10. Best viewing track in the country,otherwise it's crap.
  11. Why don't they allow a local trainer to gallop a couple on the course proper prior to giving an opinion.
  12. mumbles

    Go the Warriors

    Don't look like top eighteen material this year.Poor effort against the Broncos last night /Starting to look like 2020 will be their year.Hmmmm.
  13. IMO track descriptions in Aussie don't really reflect the same type of track in NZ,so imo a good run should be expected. I have been wrong once before.
  14. One advert on the tv that annoys the sh...t out of me is when 2 kids finish a game of soccer and before they can have a Mr Whippy(or similar)they must spray their hands with some sort of crap to ensure there are no bugs. A little bit of dirt,hurt no one. We are bringing our kids up to be everything the greenies have wanted.
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