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  1. IMO track descriptions in Aussie don't really reflect the same type of track in NZ,so imo a good run should be expected. I have been wrong once before.
  2. One advert on the tv that annoys the sh...t out of me is when 2 kids finish a game of soccer and before they can have a Mr Whippy(or similar)they must spray their hands with some sort of crap to ensure there are no bugs. A little bit of dirt,hurt no one. We are bringing our kids up to be everything the greenies have wanted.
  3. Banquo unplaced by the look of things.Track?
  4. Quite like Winning Partner in the Guineas and Qafila in the Derby. Plenty of young talent coming thru in Aus imo.
  5. I can assure you that there is no connection what so ever.Just an interested bystander who passes comments on a lot of subjects,of which i am no expert on.
  6. The hatred (not mine) for Mr Molloy appears to be a bottomless pit. Would it not be better to starve him of oxygen,or is he secretly held in high regard by some of the posters,so much so that he dominates their thoughts.
  7. Certainly has more runs on the board than i will ever get that is for sure. Speaks a lot of sense when he comments on Racings woes but those who words must be obeyed appear to be deaf.
  8. Trentham Gardens Function and Event centre located at the historic Wellington Racing Club is how the advert reads.
  9. Don't know Mr Molloy at all,but have seen his writings. Pretty good jockey in his time and not a bad trainer from the imfo i've seen. Calls a spade a spade and may go over the top at times depending on your level of discomfort. Seems to me to be outrage over nothing.A lot more in life to be concerned about. Nothing to see here.
  10. That kiwi guy that went to the Northern Territory via Ellerslie,he was ok.Too forward thinking for the ARC methinks.
  11. Rode at Te Teko trials today according to the results.
  12. Total over reaction to a nut job committing a horrendus crime. No specific threat but we gotta look the part.
  13. Also had winners at Eagle Farm,The GC and Newcastle.
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