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  1. Shad

    Track closures

    Haven't Kumara always been a stand alone club, not wanting to work with any of the other coast clubs, or am I wrong.
  2. Well done also to other kiwi jumper ablaze, don't know whether he was sold or transferred to Australia, but 2 from 2, you can't ask for much more than that.
  3. Old story isn't it, step on the junior or the battling small trainer driver, nothing ever changes, and they wonder why the lack of interest and junior driver numbers, same they don't get the benefit of the doubt, they are only learning after all.
  4. If so he must have taken the wrap for the trainer, no mention of that in the stipes report, admitted he had erred in his judgment.
  5. Checkout the ride on augustace the first day, 5 wide the trip, still only 3 odd lengths from the winner, went a nice race yesterday to, was paying big money both days.
  6. The 11 year old gordonian got going early, and just kept on going to well for the rest, great win for the Southland connections, goes to show, your never to old.
  7. Shad

    Chelsea Burdon

    Had the same issue last week, re claims, cost me a winner to.
  8. You would have thought given the horse welfare these days, this would have been sorted pre race.
  9. Anyone out there hear how the big protest went, I guess at the end of day they all galloped out there, and ended up a little horse.
  10. I'm going for benaud, for a roughie today.
  11. Maybe the nite to take some retirement all up bets on the horses mentioned, by our tipster, good luck to Mr Teaz for the future, the one quote that sticks in my mind was from one of the calls at the Oamaru gallops, a flat race, he referred to high forty the jumper, when he was well back, like the boy with the wheelbarrow, he's got the job in front of him.
  12. Like that profile photo, brings back memories, when I had a school test and the question was, who was the first man on the moon, my reply was Steve Austin.
  13. Very good win last night, got softened up from the outside draw and done a bit of work to get the front, fought like a tiger to get the win, and a good story behind his late start at the races, patience is a virtue, and many horses in all codes are not always given that. Good reward for the connections.
  14. Good to hear you got a good collect, things being going good for that stable, even hes fast and furious went a good race for fourth, can remember some time back a thread on NZ worst trainer, not sure who posted that one.
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