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  1. Like that profile photo, brings back memories, when I had a school test and the question was, who was the first man on the moon, my reply was Steve Austin.
  2. Very good win last night, got softened up from the outside draw and done a bit of work to get the front, fought like a tiger to get the win, and a good story behind his late start at the races, patience is a virtue, and many horses in all codes are not always given that. Good reward for the connections.
  3. Good to hear you got a good collect, things being going good for that stable, even hes fast and furious went a good race for fourth, can remember some time back a thread on NZ worst trainer, not sure who posted that one.
  4. Alan bright was one from years gone by, also lan chambers, Eric percy to name a few.
  5. That man deserves a db.Hope he got plenty.
  6. Certainly a battler, but you never know up there, just put a few in Dolly Jones, must be due to trot the whole trip soon.Fingers crossed, looking at minimal outlay, for maximum return.
  7. Certainly very fresh out there today, stayed for 6 races closest I got to a winner was majica fogiolo. Nice run for third after being slow away, thought the place div very light, nice ride on Doctor Watson, did have the weight relief on some of the others.
  8. They certainly were there today at the gate in full cry, only point I think they make and one I have never been a big fan of is the 2yr old racing, as many are not physically or mentally ready for racing, and another year or to, can make all the difference.
  9. Can't see much, but might back tin roof blues, for a big div, but only a battlers chance.
  10. Heading out to the gardens tomorrow, cold wind today, fields quite light, but if I can back a winner or two, that should warm me up.
  11. How true that is, but was that disappointed with it at wingatui last Friday, and to be fair, if it couldn't lead all the way at wingatui, didn't think if could at riccarton from 9 at the barrier, but had to stuck to it, and only decided to back it at lunch time, wandered down to the tab, but couldn't see the fixed odds prices anywhere, have to update my phone, I see you tipped the tavistock horse at invercargill few weeks back, battling run, and never fired last start, not like him, but I see he has had 4 starts in about 5 weeks on the toughest of conditions, I think taken its toll.Big ask in my opinion.
  12. Shad

    Jewels Day

    Will anyone be brave enough.
  13. Was pleased to get on augustace today, after I was disappointed with the run at wingatui last Friday,, downside I only got the 64s on tote, 80s fixed was the better deal on the day, this horse formally train by Mr rae in the north I think, change of trainer and did win a trial a few weeks ago.Not a easy task to lead all the way at riccarton.
  14. Do you know how the farmer found his sheep in the long grass, very satisfying.
  15. Shad


    Anyone out their know the reason why a lot of horses hang, during races.
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