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  1. 'M House and Addington' these days. Manawatu days might be long gone with his success at the moment.
  2. Can I not use the other channels names on here? It automatically changed it to Channel X. Funny.
  3. I will finish at the bottom of the leaderboard after that. What a frantic race and boy were they spread out at the end. Looked like the West Coast on a wet and heavy track...
  4. The female drivers are having a field day at Forbury....Won all bar one race and have got the last 5 in a row. How rare is that?
  5. Nothing. You are still a top your leaderboard.
  6. Where have you gone? I need a winner.
  7. I have not known a person to be 100% right all the time. Is Garrick Knight a God?
  8. See Wandering Star is put out a $2 shot by the TAB after the horse has been leased by Brad Mowbray and a couple of others from Alistair Lowe. In race 8, Jive has drawn well for Steven McRae and paying 3.10ff for the place (was 3.70) which is handy money for that horse. It may not be the best in the field but the others like Hands Up Jack and Ringo's A Star are awkwardly drawn. If Jive was to trail Bono Brown, the Graeme Anderson runner, it would go close to placing.
  9. Well, define it as you wish. Top in New Zealand, no, but top in Canterbury, seems yes. Don't worry, you have won against Brodie so don't panic.
  10. In the early 90s he was right up there.
  11. That maybe true but it is not Ben's fault. It is just the way it is anywhere you look.
  12. The movement is great as it keeps horses racing and helps the numbers in the North Island. More the merrier I say.
  13. So true. It is the sharks chasing the shark but 'Chief Brody' is the biggest fish of them all.
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