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  1. I am leaving for the track at 12pm Thommo.
  2. just imagine if he did turn up and I had to shout him a beer, would have to be a low alcohol one for sure.
  3. Thommo, pop along to Te Rapa on Sat and I will shout you into the members and a pot of hot chips, might even stretch to a beer. PM me if ya keen.
  4. Brilliant first post and sums up what 1000 people have thought before you.
  5. First time on a loose track with Blinkers this prep, he would have been all over it.
  6. Do you not think this happens at every NZ Raceday? When the meeting is on your doorstep & you have a chance of collecting something, why would you not do it?. why would you go to a trial to race for nothing and the trial could be further away than your local meeting which is about 5km from Rogies place at the furtherest.
  7. Looks like the Princess didnt make it back.
  8. https://www.horsetalk.co.nz/2017/08/14/race-day-injury-rate-nz-thoroughbreds/ I can’t find the jumps info but I am sure it’s also significantly lower as well.
  9. What are you talking about? The UK fatality and Injury rate is much worse than NZs, I don’t think we have anything to learn from them.
  10. 2 Euthanised today at Rotorua, terrible day and worst this yr. 1 in the first hurdle and a horse that had won $700k and one in race 4.
  11. To be fair Reefton, no bog tracks at Te Rapa in the last 20yrs. Last Saturday it was a heavy 10 and they were winning from everywhere & the grass looked great, I heard no whinging of kickback etc either. There is a programme to fix the sand issue or at least minimise it later this yr.
  12. Or have them located in a bunker off site like League does to reduce costs.
  13. Only if you want us to die of boredom earlier. Sorry but that would drive me insane and in fact would mean I would never attend again. Harness unfortunately is too boring for those of us in NZ, sorry Reefton I meant the North Island.
  14. I think you need to re-read my post again Reefton, I suggested shutting Te Rapa, Trentham & Pukekohe all Metro tracks I would have thought. & upgrading these ones below, which are hardly city tracks, Avondale is currently a dive, but has a great surface. " Upgrade Avondale, build a new track at Cambridge, Upgrade Wairoa & race more often, upgrade Tauherenikau & Waverley, modernise Otaki & Foxton, Modernise Timaru & Riverton".
  15. Yeah they do want it, they just don’t want all afternoon. That’s where my 3 hrs of Racing 20 comes from,1 November till 28 Feb 5pm till 8pm. Imagine finishing work at 4pm Friday, grabbing the kids for a nights entertainment every 20 mins, then home at 8pm. Makes bloody good sense to me.
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