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  1. Likewise - A big thanks to everyone else who pitched in as well. Together, we can make a difference. It's been proven time & time again, the RIU are usually blind (or turn a blind eye) to similar instances. I hope Billy finds a good retirement home. I also hope that everyone who reads this thread understands that even though the dog was a "Thrilling" dog, the scenario which has transpired doesn't reflect at all on Karen or her team.
  2. https://www.grnz.co.nz/catch-the-action/13729/stewards-report.aspx 2) An investigation was opened and adjourned into the nomination and scratching of THRILLING BILLY (Race 10 #4).
  3. Everyone that has anything to do with integrity or rehoming at headquarters, along with the sharpest sticks at the RIU have been made aware that they need to deal with this appropriately, or the police (INCA) will be made aware of the match fixing.
  4. Didn't realize he was drawn to a field tomorrow. Trainer should get done & deported to Foxton! Also in my opinion, any other entrants the same trainer has in that race should be scratched by the RIU as well. That is field manipulation at it's finest, sometimes called race or match fixing. Someone ring INCA!
  5. As far as I could quickly see, he was last scratched on Thursday 3/10 from a C5 Cambridge field. That would mean that nominations would have closed for that meeting on Monday 30/09. The first screen shot CC's provided is time-stamped on 7/10. So provided he wasn't with a rehoming agency on or before 30/09 things would be kosher, right?
  6. If that's the case, then either Mayhounds or it's trainer would have to be lying. If it's the trainer, I wouldn't go as far as to implicate Mayhounds for it without some proof. If the trainer hadn't deregistered the dog & put it into foster care, surely Mayhounds wouldn't be responsible for further action of the trainer. That's why I asked for a link, as I couldn't find the evidence you've claimed to find. That said, I far from a Facebook expert & I don't even have an account with them. Obviously you've seen it somewhere, I'd just like to see what you've seen and do some comparisons on the dates (timeline).
  7. Could you please provide a link to the Mayhounds Facebook post (either in this thread or via PM)?
  8. Could they be there to show those who might be viewing the races from outside the track property, a bit about what their near future might be looking like? Seems the JCA are finally beginning to apply their version of chains on a CD serial offender. http://www.jca.org.nz/non-race-day-hearings/non-raceday-inquiry-riu-v-j-mcinerney-written-decision-dated-14-october-2019-chair-mr-n-mccutcheon 12) Reasons for Penalty The Committee had regard for the penalty submissions of the RIU. They believed that the punters’ interests are paramount and that greyhounds should be presented to race within the weight allowance provided for under the provisions of Rule 45.11. The record shows that the current breach is the sixth offence in 12 months that has been dealt with by way of an NRI. Mr McInerney’s previous breaches demonstrate that he has the worst record in the country in so far as weight infringements are concerned. Clearly the previous penalties of $100 - $300 have not served as a deterrent and the Committee determined that a significant increase is appropriate. 13) Penalty Mr McInerney was fined $550.00.
  9. Look what I spotted yesterday when I looked over the fence into Brodie's back section. Maybe his "restriction" is just a smoke screen to cover up his true profession. Could he be the person tasked with washing the Meth off of all the $20 notes?
  10. GRNZ didn't get much (if anything) for their money. The sooner she's gone the better, in my opinion.
  11. From its 26/07 race - ARCHIE JOHN HILL (2) - bumped with outside runner early stages. Turned its head outwards whilst free of interference shortly afterwards. Referred to the Veterinarian where it was reported to have a Torn tendon in its right front shoulder with a 28 day stand down imposed. Notwithstanding this the greyhound was stood down to trial to the satisfaction of Stewards on one occasion. https://www.grnz.co.nz/catch-the-action/13620/stewards-report.aspx Quite a remarkable recovery time from a "Torn Tendon, with only about 5 weeks between the "injury" & its satisfactory trial. Another Fahey farce & they're adding up at a lightspeed pace...
  12. This image has forced me to rethink my new hobby.
  13. No contact KC? Maybe an earthquake caused the posture of the #2 dog to looks like this after the non-contact. How come none of the other dogs front legs look like that? Zoomed in on the "non-contact"
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