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  1. Poor research triple A.... Try again.
  2. I faced a similar situation a few years back & went running for the hills. During the year and a half I was an owner, it was all the injuries that made ownership non-viable for me. Dog #1 - Broken Hock Dog #2 - Gracilis Dog #3 - Gracilis x 2 Dog #4 - Broken Toe Dog #5 - Gracilis Dog #6 - No injuries but retired to GAP after 3 race day starts - No confidence & decided to pull the plug on ownership, have my GRNZ license cancelled & gain freedom of speech after relinquishing it. At the end of my tenure, the purchase price + GAP fees minus stakes I had received realized a loss of over $10K from 90 race day starts. Sprint Wins = 4 Middle Distance Wins = 1 Distance wins = 1 Had a 4th place finish in a group 1 race - $ 200 purse / $100 received (really?).
  3. So Gavin & Mike both claim the dog "flicked" it's head. The GRNZ board, racing manager & the JCA all agreed the dog failed to pursue. The overseas expert claimed the dog marred the #7 (which is the view I hold). Yet the review was found in favour of the defendant? Not only does the RIU need a serious rev-up or to go altogether, the JCA are equally inept at performing their part of the justice system. Good on headquarters, essentially taking on Gavin for one of his colluded corrupt decisions. It's about time they did something about it. I guess they can claim to have lost this battle but they have won the overall war, as it's the waning days of GW career with the RIU. I'm not a person of any religious faith, but I will be among many of those with an interest in the greyhound industry who will be thanking gawd. Good Wriddence GW (typo intended).
  4. I can't see why any owner would invest money into a sport that might not even be on the map in a years time....
  5. Seems he was spotted doing a bit of campaigning this week in Wanganui.
  6. Hmmm... Looks like the racing manager & board made their beginning statement over a BIGTIME CD inadequacy… A must read! http://www.jca.org.nz/non-race-day-hearings/nzgra-request-for-review-grnz-v-l-cole-decision-dated-22-may-2019-chair-prof-g-hall
  7. https://www.grnz.co.nz/News.aspx?NewsID=3164 GRNZ CEO Mauro Barsi resigns Good afternoon, I regret to advise that Mauro Barsi has resigned from his role as CEO of Greyhound Racing New Zealand, and will be leaving GRNZ in mid August 2019. Mauro has accepted an exciting new opportunity, which will be announced shortly. Over his time with GRNZ Mauro has led our industry through a period of change as we have implemented significant animal welfare improvements. Most recently he has been integral in ensuring that the Greyhound racing industry is well placed during the discussions relating to the outcomes of the Messara report and GRNZ remains well positioned to capitalise on this position. Recruitment for a new CEO is commencing immediately, and we hope to progress this quickly. We will advise our stakeholders as soon as any further news is available. On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Mauro for his contribution to Greyhound racing as CEO, as the Greyhound racing industry’s representative on the Board of the New Zealand Racing Board and as a Board member for GRNZ. He has been a part of the industry for a number of years and we wish him well in his future endeavours. Sean Hannan Chair, Greyhound Racing New Zealand
  8. I think it's time for the Chief to move this thread to the vent, or dispose of it altogether...
  9. Hmmm... I've been trawling the rule book & stumbled on this... 62.1 Any person (including an Official) commits an offence if he/she: (q) commits or omits to do any act or engages in conduct which is in any way detrimental or prejudicial to the interest, welfare, image, control or promotion of Greyhound racing; So apparently, since the RIU & GRNZ are allowing it, being warned off & standing on your dog trailer just outside of the fence of the race courses property, is not detrimental or prejudicial to the interest of Greyhound racing...
  10. Quite a magical run, especially after finishing 3rd of only 4 runners in 17.41 in it's last run, a trial. The winner of that trial seems to be a middle distance C3 graded dog, that has never competed over the sprint distance on a race day. As for swabbing, it'd be pointless. Who better would know what the RIU can & can not detect?
  11. No problems with the dress code query... The rest of the comments are not really needed IMO. disclaimer: not a supporter of either person, but there are far better things to be focusing on...
  12. Credit where credit is due... Nice hat. Maybe his lawyer has taken possession of the cowboy hat for this weekends big shin-dig? Did someone ring work safe? Looks like a dangerous place to be (especially if someone like me was in Wanganui today & near the vans gear shift) without a safety harness....
  13. Since the crown has made it illegal for me to read a certain someone's manifesto, shouldn't they be investigating this bible thing that Folau had quoted from & ban me from reading that too? Is it somehow worse if your personal beliefs are anti-Muslim than if they were anti-Gay? Maybe it's time Jacinda fronted on TV, wearing a rainbow wig, in an attempt to show NZ's solidarity.
  14. Thinking back, wasn't it the Rendle/Holden regime that did a clear out of personal at headquarters then refill the positions with new staff? If so, what would have been the underlying reason for such a move?
  15. Yankiwi


    It seems the RIU had given their assurance to GRNZ in January 2015 that they were going to be more proactive dealing with aggressive dogs after the winning post. Since that time, I've yet to see any dogs charged with unsatisfactory performance from such issues. Did all dogs remarkably change their behaviour after the issue of such assurance? Having spoken today with Co-Chief Stipendiary Steward Ross Neal he has clarified and confirmed the following points raised: The definition of ‘race’ is only loosely defined in our rules as is also the case under the Australian rules making it hard to define the actual start and finish point of a race in regard to the wording of the rules. Any greyhound which can be proven to have marred or has displayed aggressive behaviour towards another greyhound during the course of a race (or whilst officially on the track competing whether prior to or after the winning line) must be dealt with by the RIU in the appropriate manner. Stipendiary Stewards would prefer to keep the specific term ‘marring’ to an incident that occurs during the running of a race prior to the winning line affecting the actual outcome of the dividend bearing placings, however aggressive behaviour after the line is still considered part of the greyhounds performance and can be classed as an unsatisfactory performance and dealt with by the RIU accordingly. If considered an unsatisfactory performance, a greyhound can be ordered to undergo one or more satisfactory trials and/or such action as the Stipendiary Steward deems necessary before becoming eligible to compete in or be nominated for any future races. The particular incident raised at Wanganui from last Friday night has now been handed over to the RIU for their consideration and they have assured GRNZ that they will now be more proactive in identifying and dealing with these types of incidents as they occur in future.
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