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  1. Now I can see why the track kennel was under the microscope.
  2. I'm not sure what this is all about from Dunedin today but it can only be a good thing I suppose. https://www.grnz.co.nz/catch-the-action/13616/stewards-report.aspx JUDICIAL REPORT:- 1). Stewards called a meeting with Club officials prior to the meeting in relation to a breach in the Kenneling process. As a result of this meeting the Club undertook to provide extra training to their staff in relation to kenneling and what is expected from individuals when performing their duties in this role.
  3. Well done Aquaman. I have a couple of greyhound items I've been thinking about selling myself, both on lock-down prices. Just click "Add To Trolley", feed them to your dogs, win races, get swabbed & find out from the RIU whether your kennel is a favoured species or not, when they submit their recommendation for penalty before the JCA.
  4. For those out of the loop a bit... https://www.racecafe.co.nz/forums/index.php?/profile/10094-nadzeya-ostapchuk/
  5. Reminds me of this little gem from the 2012 Olympics.... Also, I often wondered why a GRNZ licensed owner/handler once chose to use her real name as his membership name on the dying forum.... Connect the dots....
  6. So if Sheza Rippa was scratched from race #4 under rule 40.7, why isn't it reported in the Stewards report? https://www.grnz.co.nz/catch-the-action/13607/stewards-report.aspx Something very dodgy happened here.
  7. 40.7 A Greyhound which has been included in the Box Draw for a Meeting or after qualifying for a Semi Final or Final at a Totalisator Race and is not presented to Race, shall be Suspended for 28 days unless permission has been granted by the Stewards for the Greyhound to be withdrawn, or the reason for the non-attendance is submitted in writing to the Stewards of the day who may then reconsider the Penalty. An Owner or Trainer of a Greyhound may seek a review, by a Judicial Committee, of any decision under this Rule in accordance with Rule 66.20. So the Fahey kennel was granted a "get out of jail for free" card by top dog. Why wasn't this recorded in Tuesdays Stewards report unless they were trying to hide/cover up this potential "favouritism" for the kennel of a board member? Surely there had to be a very good reason other than something like I forgot to put him in the trailer or I wanted to save him for his box 1 draw Thursday night. Gonna have to get far more cunning than this Gavin Jr. Two strikes in less than a week.
  8. Yankiwi

    Mr,Sean Hannan

    I suppose we shouldn't expect to much coming from a GRNZ Board decision for the CEO position. Just look at their past history... Super Mario. Phil Holden. Roebyna Bak. Not sure if this is the full/accurate recent list, but what has come from the CEO position has been so dismal, it doesn't really matter whose name is on the list. Until the time GRNZ finally has a functional board, expect nothing better coming from it. Without change, the Board room will be all boarded up within 5 years time, if even that long.
  9. That well could be Lad, if the RIU misunderstood the GRNZ rules about such occurrence. The Fahey kennel (yes TRAINER has sole responsibility for nomination) nominates the dog for Tuesdays meeting & scratches it. The Fahey kennel also nominates the dog for tonight meeting (Note: the Fahey kennel also must have nominated for its last race the dog won under the Fahey banner on the 11th). The rule reads.... 40.6 Notwithstanding Rule 40.5 a Greyhound which has had a trainer change between Nomination and race day may be withdrawn by the new trainer without penalty. For avoidance of any doubt, Rule 40.5 (noted in rule 40.6) is as follows 40.5 If a Greyhound is drawn into a Field at a Totalisator Meeting and holds an engagement at a Non-Totalisator Meeting, the Greyhound can be withdrawn from the Non Totalisator Meeting without Penalty except where such non Totalisator Race is a qualifying Race for a totalisator Group or Feature Race.
  10. Here's one for the new top dog to get stuck into (thanks for the heads up CC)... Sheza Rippa won at Addington on 11/07 & did not receive a stand-down as reported in the nights Stewards report. Sheza Rippa was scratched (from the #6) in race #4 at Ascot on Tuesday (16th July) and again no stand-down reported. Having the #6 excludes the chance of the 100K rule. Sheza Rippa is set to start tonight as a red hot favourite in race #11. So why was Sheza Rippa allowed to be scratched on Tuesday with no stand-down imposed, penalty free? I'd hate to think some kind of GRNZ board members fringe benefit might be being utilized. C'mon top dog, we only want fairness & integrity. Maybe Mr. Godber should look into this situation if top dog isn't up to the task.
  11. Yankiwi

    Mr,Sean Hannan

    The only possible choice worse than this appointment, that I can think of, would have been to re-hire that Robena (or whatever her name was) they used to have as CEO...
  12. Yankiwi

    Mr,Sean Hannan

    I wish I was taking the piss. Another decision handed down from the GRNZ board. Nice aye?
  13. Yankiwi

    Mr,Sean Hannan

    Seems Sean has sent the Greyhound industry an important message. https://www.grnz.co.nz/News.aspx?NewsID=3224 GREYHOUND RACING NEW ZEALAND APPOINTS GLENDA HUGHES AS CEO Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ) is pleased to announce that Glenda Hughes will be joining the team as the interim Chief Executive Officer. The GRNZ Board is delighted to have secured such an experienced leader for our organisation, during an unprecedented period of change in our industry. Glenda brings a wealth of experience to GRNZ, both from her background in business, administration, communications and governance, and her in depth knowledge of the racing industry. She has been connected to New Zealand racing for many years, most recently with her six years’ service as Chair of the New Zealand Racing Board. With the recent passing of the Racing Reform Bill, which saw the formation of the Racing Industry Transition Agency (RITA), and further significant change planned including legislative impacts, our organisation needed a strong leader who could step in and secure the best outcome for greyhound racing. Glenda is a natural choice for this role. Glenda will be joining the GRNZ team later this month. The Board anticipates that the search for a permanent CEO will begin early next year, once we get to a point where the future operating model for the wider racing industry is more certain. We extend a warm welcome to Glenda and look forward to her leadership in the coming months. Sean Hannan Chairman
  14. Yankiwi


    I'm not jealous that I don't have multiple millions of dollars to try defend myself against animal cruelty charges. That said, A couple of weeks back I had to swerve my car to miss hitting a pukeko, only to end up hitting it's boy/girlfriend which I didn't see until after the thump. The cops haven't turned up yet so maybe Cole should be jealous of me.
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