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  1. A hearty congratulations to the Steve Clark and Udy/Cottam kennels, I couldn’t be more pleased to see big races go to trainers who actually care about their dogs, before and after racing. As for Freeman well he got a win yes, what happens to the majority of his dogs off track who knows? Hardly a glowing example of honesty and integrity in the greyhound code so no, I don’t celebrate any success he has. Jarod and Denise are 2 of the nicest people I know when it comes to the welfare of their dogs, am stoked to see them do so well down in ChCh, just shows maybe the Southerners aren’t as dominant as they make out they are.
  2. The horse has done an amazing job here, and Chipperfield has done nothing wrong by the horse. It, if the owners don’t send him to Australia to chase the big races and big money they need their heads read! And let’s be realistic, Troy Harris is a glorified high weight rider who has been lucky to be on a top horse, despite the predicaments he has unnecessarily put the horse in, the horse has won these races not him and lucky to come away unscathed.
  3. Surely it’s time this horse is stood down and/or retired. Its gone from Paul Nairn to Michelle Wallis (both great with trotters) to Greg and Nina Hope, which tells you the horse is very unsound, and yet continues to gallop for no reason and rob the punters who believe the horse wouldn’t be racing if it wasn’t right, which it clearly isn’t. Seems the Hope stable is immune to the wrath of the stipes with the well documented One Over horses who seemed to be able to break every start with no repercussions from stewards. Maybe the owners just need to wake up and realise the horse is beyond repair and find him a good home.
  4. CrossCodes

    Dyna Weslyn

    Anyone know the whereabouts of this great stayer? Is she in season or injured? Interesting to also the note the lack of recent winners from this kennel since the foreman left. Maybe the trainer has realised how much work is actually involved without passing it onto others, they rarely travel any more and as a result are getting a lot less winners.
  5. I wasn’t knocking the kennel, just curious as to why all the Thrilling Dogs she had aren’t racing, seems strange if they are all injured at the same time, thought maybe they had been taken off her after average efforts:
  6. Delightful Tanner was my each way bet of the day, unfortunately it was driven by a driver with an abysmal strike rate in John Morrison, horse wasn’t put in the race in a sprint home, he tends to be a weak driver though. The winner deserved a win though Sweet Loress as she has been going well all season.
  7. Anyone know what has happened to the team of Thrilling dogs that Kelly Gommans got to train? They haven’t raced in a while which is unlike her runners.
  8. Another sub-standard drive on this horses today. Flies off the tape, hands up to the trail then let’s another horse cross in front easily to end up buried on the pegs AGAIN and gets home nicely for 4th. The horse as stated before would be a decent money spinner in a different stable, certainly with a different driver. Sadly it will be a case of a horse with ability being wasted by being in a poor stable:
  9. And Kamada Park and Hot Platter both felt the pinch tonight, especially the latter who was down to a walk. Beaten by a much better trainer, the days of a Freeman runner winning a big race are long gone. Maybe he needs Aleisha Speight back in the country to give him a hand (or another orifice) in the Palmy raceway toilet block like many of us used to witness.
  10. The horse was a certainty beaten when you watch its run. Jordan Childs gave it no chance sitting back last, then was the widest turning for home and the run was enormous and made up the most ground of any runner in the race. Trainer might have got some karma back, but no doubt the horse should have won with a half decent ride.
  11. Ellerslie need to employ someone who actually looks after the punters, Deejay Mac should have never been cleared to start in the first today after its antics before the start. No way this well supported runner would have been cleared in Australia, as they actually give a damn about the punters, not here, unless they are clearly lame they just get sent around and punters do their dough before the race is run.
  12. Sorry that meant to be race 4 for example a Zeddie Marrit, look at its form line and then look at what is showing under its last few starts. Its the same for virtually the whole field, all incorrect.
  13. Be wary of the form on the TAB website today, a lot of it is incorrect. If you look at the horses last few starts in race 3 for example they don’t match up with the actual horses form, it is all incorrect. Just another example of why the TAB is a laughing stock, they can’t even provide the punters with correct form lines.
  14. Yes I did watch the race. Would it have done the same with Mark or Natalie driving, I doubt it.
  15. And Tim manages to get beat on another hot favourite in American Pride, seems to make a habit of it.
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