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  1. If Opawa May is anything to go by then the decisions coming from Addington from Rick Quirk are going to be as weak and lacklustre as those from Wallis, the supposed new ‘head stipe’ If you watch this serial offender today and believe the crap from the Stipe report then you need your head read. Another case of the Wales/Fahey dynasty being able to get away with murder? (not just of guinea pigs....) OPAWA MAY (1) - ran outwards in run to first bend and was turned by a stride by outside runner. Ran outwards first bend. Came together with outside runner back straight. Assessed by vet and cleared of injury.
  2. I see he had a few drives tonight, is he back from West Australia now? He couldn’t compete in the W.A scene so has he now come back with his tail between his legs?
  3. Poor Ray Green. His horses can’t even compete in low grade Alexandra Park races and he is throwing the toys out of the cot because he feels hard done by 😭😭😭 He hasn’t had a decent horse for ages, and Sir Lincoln has been a dud as a stallion, so he has to throw in the towel like a pathetic bi$&h?
  4. Should really be named after a Maiden race, as that’s what the slime ball spent his time looking at, well down their tops anyway.
  5. Agree, I had a sneaky bet on He’s Not Heavy today, it couldn’t keep up from the get go and was tailed off the whole way, would have assumed the trainer would not have raced it if it couldn’t handle the going, that assumption was wrong. Will be my last bet down there this winter.
  6. Do you ever have anything positive to say?
  7. https://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/73844216/null Heres Jason’s (the moral crusader) true personality.
  8. Brodie would blame the Allstar stable for the turnover downfall surely? He thinks they are single handedly responsible for everything else.
  9. Another unlucky run from her today, I feel they need a much more aggressive rider on her, McDonald just keeps riding her for luck and she had none again today.
  10. Stick to beating up pensioners Jason.
  11. Persecute a poor Christian boy 😂😂😂 is that a joke? The most protected species since ever! The same species now forcing Alabama residents (some children) to have children if they are raped. No hypocrisy at all, he violated his employment contract, plain and simple, not for the first time. The ‘freedom of speech’ line is thrown out every time some redneck wants to air their hatred, yes, freedom of speech has to always be protected, but that is no escape clause to spread hate speech. Freedom of speech doesn’t let you say whatever you like without some consequence.
  12. However parents choose to raise their children, and whatever ‘ideals’ they try to imbue into their children, genetics will always trump anything else. I know from experience thinking that sending my son to a single sex school to ‘harden him up’ and to make him the son people (and myself) expect didn’t work, in fact it nearly killed him. You cannot clay your children into what you want them to be, trust me, I learnt the hard way, people are who they are and you can’t change them even if you wanted to. I also know that kids spend so much time on the internet nowadays that seeing someone they look up to telling them they are going to hell just for being themselves doesn’t serve anyone any good.
  13. I hope they take the genetic element into account as well. Possibly some certain greyhound lines are more susceptible to blindness than others?
  14. Why should they provide information for punters when most of you are so jealous all it do is talk shit about them every chance you get? Typical NZ tall poppy syndrome, their efforts would be plauded in Australia but everyone here isn’t up to their standard so have to try to bring them down to their level (isn’t working guys....) The owners will still get all the information, why should the rest of you?
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