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  1. Have a look at Meteoric Lass today at Awapuni, I counted at least 25 non-stop thrashings with the whip by the apprentice Joe Kamaruddin.
  2. Doing the form for tomorrow and noted this jumper is having his 12th start this campaign, his 9th over the jumps plus 3 flat runs. We saw what happened by flogging TheNamesBond, is he still alive? And we saw Admiral a dead set wet tracker going around on a firm Ruakaka today, seems to be a stable that just races the guts out of their horses??
  3. I’d like to see Monbet retired to a nice home, last week was awful and this week no better, couldn’t even keep up with the pack, hope he doesn’t continue to be flogged when he clearly isn’t a happy horse.
  4. There are are a lot of good horses still being bred and trained in Southland, unfortunately there are very few good drivers down there and the horses won’t reach their full potential.
  5. In other words we will keep racing her until she is totally screwed
  6. I got a tip for Wolf West today, glad I hadn’t tipped it earlier, it went absolutely abysmal. Stratford horses always seem to carry a lot of money but seldom perform. Stable used to carry a lot of money when Dexter was driving for him, but even then he got mixed results.
  7. Sad to see this mare being run into the ground, down to a walk in her race today. Rogerson is losing all credibility as a trainer the way he is flogging and racing his horses these past few years, it is actually quite embarrassing.
  8. It was very interesting alright. It wasn’t like he just talked down the chances slightly either, it was a definite nope no chance they will go to fast. If they fined Dummy Myers for what he said years ago then they should fine him this individual too, they won’t and probably shouldn’t, but it did make the trainer look rather stupid.
  9. Still no replays from any races today on the LoveRacing site?
  10. A shame to see such a former top trainer running horses like this into the ground, I do feel he has lost the plot. Trainer and owner I have no sympathy for, the horse I do, needs a more patient and caring trainer who won’t flog her, sadly this won’t be the case with Rogerson, she will probably be in a hurdle race before the season is out
  11. No you are not the only one, I’m sick of these dating/porn sites as well, I can put up with a few adverts but when they are halfway through a thread and it makes it difficult to navigate the actual site then enough is enough.
  12. I see Laekeeper won easily today with a change of jockey, and Emily again had another fall on Mr Enthusiastic in the steeple, no doubt she is a good rider but seems she falls off as soon as a horse just raps a fence.
  13. I’m presuming Sharrock was just doing his usual spit the dummy when this article was written, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in a hurry. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/89326338/new-plymouth-trainer-allan-sharrock-in-melbourne-planning-training-operation
  14. Almost every chance you get , you put the boot into Early, clearly it’s a personal thing for you for whatever reason, he’s actually the only radio host that even attempts to ask any hard questions it’s just he appears to have been told to stop it now.
  15. Gavin Smith will be wishing he never left the beach, his horses are awful since he moved to Rangiora stables. He was known for getting unsound horses and the beach environment suited then, not so now.
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