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  1. hope all is well Sir G... just away for a week or 2 and just checked in ...shit mate ...no good ...all the best of wishes mate
  2. After these comments ...I was pleasantly surprised with free public gate entry on Saturday , only two 10k min. maidens and other good stakes and even fields...so congrats to sponsors / organisers / committee (and all responsible)... Free access to the Members Stand to all...we still went out the front, on grass, with chilly bin, as a lovely day.! you wouldn't have known it was happening however (i was unaware) , until on course . No inter track commentaries frustrating for outside punters(we are not all, cell phone, bet savvy) Probably like to keep money on track ??? ...I dont know ! ...is that the case ? ANYWAY THANKS ...
  3. will go with the flow...not worried. cheers...good result this club . thanks Jase
  4. porky


    oops (should have been , " a tad political" ) ...talking of court action ...really ? ... I think he,s been watching too much Judge Judy
  5. porky


    might be time to wave the magic wand Stipe...getting a tad politicac and buisness like ! seems Hesi (who should be mucking out ) wants a training partnership ... LOL
  6. Hit the nail on the head mate ! that would have been far better spent upping min. stakes. Things that annoy me are easy access to track conditions, exotic will pay access, the PDF form is hidden in a drop-down ..(and cumbersome for study ...(require a few windows up) It lacks winning barrier stat info, concise c&d & weather stats...with expected speedmap.(avail. on other sites) Some of the promo,s are good ...double down !... but others struggle to match the top up offers offered by Oz opposition. And thats just off the top of me head ! ... Others will add to the list
  7. porky


    I used to be on Racecafe...Fark knows why I joined the revolt ? and move to BOAY... (probably with punters club)...which i really enjoy ...week in week out ! (on competitions page) ANYWAY...all this teenage girly picky crap on this galloping chat and Thomas thread is tiresome surely everyone is entitled to an opinion. and if it is demeaning to the site Ban em Stipe ! ... Just make em miraculously vanish (with the wave of a wand ...never to be heard of again !)
  8. porky


    Hard case all the aces !...Love it ! Room in racing for hard grafting Lefties surely Stipe ! ...I reckon it,s stacked with Private Schooled righties at the top end, and there in," lies the root of the problem"...free riding on the industries money !
  9. hope your backin em with your hard earned smiler....aptly named mate !
  10. on fire smiler...keep it up
  11. blinken heck..this Messara report and digesting all this info Curious, has had me in a spin and confused ! BUT thanks for making some sense of it and readable to digest! UNBELIEVABLE ...TAX LAWS...AKA...CAPITAL GAINS TAX...CAN BE CHANGED OVERNIGHT ! AND THE RACING INDUSTRY STILL AWAITS MEANINGFUL CHANGES...EH WINSTON MUST BE NICE HOLDING THE BALANCE OF POWER UP STAKES...SORT THE REST OUT LATER !
  12. Agree Baz...she,s a tough one, and you've pretty much summed it up ! Would be nice to think otherwise though... makes owning a battler hard too, at the existing stake levels... So I guess the whole things Farrked...from the bottom up !
  13. shitty little Hastings is a great course...have the Sunline hat and attend as many meetings (most) Baz... BUT things in NZ Racing could be done alot better...Stakes and entertainment options, to kick off with.
  14. Hard Case... 2 mates and I were all lined up to go to the Hastings races Saturday...overcast and cold as, so gave it a miss and met up at the mates. We had an in depth conversation about the shit-house management, attracting newcomers (either next generation , new influential business, money type people (usually at wine concerts) , or even, us, regular racegoers. Things that must be addresses ASAP ..Entry prices, Bar prices...so ( in adverse weather...when the 6pk or bottle of wine BYO , and chilly bin pic-nic option become unpleasant ! Create indoor / outdoor... summer/winter family entertainment options for all. Can,t be that hard...better late than never...we are a joke compared to Aussie racing !
  15. 1. Riccarton R3 - 1,2 2. Riccarton R5 - 4,11 3. Hastings R5 - 3,10 Best Bet 4. Riccarton R7 - 2,5 5. Riccarton R8 - 2,12 6. Randwick R6 - 1,8 7. Randwick R7 - 8,2 ...just a canter 8. Randwick R8 - 5.50pm - 4,8 9. Randwick R9 - 6.30pm - 4,5 10. Randwick R10 - 7.10pm - 6,10 Best Bet OOPS !...forgot B/B,s...if Jason needs picks done...copy these mate.
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