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  1. Very little. All overtaken by other scandals and advents, the latest being the Thrilling Billy saga where you nominate dogs that do not exist to stack up a field and then scratch them. Just another day in the sleazy world of Greyhound racing. Good old Brendons case will follow the same tried and tested method of the Lisa Cropp case. Just my opinion.
  2. Have to agree, looks like a rort, smells like a rort, and in all probability will be a scratching tomorrow. Whats the bet.
  3. Weak mugs, should of been $5000.
  4. Another useless nonnie today, Barrel Runner, blinkers on and a cheat.
  5. I remember being in a bar in Mexico where peddlers would come around with a gizmo that would provide an electric shock. They had the devise around their neck with a wind handle. The punter in the bar would hold the terminal in the hand and receive an electric currant from the peddler who would wind the handle on his box. The faster he would wind the handle the greater the currant the punter received. The idea of all this was to see who was the bravest on the amount they could take, and they paid for the privilege. I do not see a lot wrong with cattle prods, jiggers, or electric dog collars, they all have their place as training tools. Same can be said for electric fences. Complete over reaction in the Weir saga, all hysteria whipped up by people that wouldn't know cruelty to animals if they fell over it.
  6. How bloody weak, dogs a cheat. In fact half of the kennel are cheats. Eventually the useless NZGRA will have a full field of cheats all wearing blinkers. How would you feel lining up your dog with 7 cheats wearing blinkers. I know what I would do, walk away and refuse to line up. The blinkers rule came in many years ago before the advent of the Roberts of this world importing plane loads of cheats, ie dogs with tickets. Back then there were no imports, just locally bred dogs. You never saw dogs in blinkers back then. Now it is open slather on bringing in cheats, putting blinkers on them, and hoping for the best. If they keep this up, it will have the effect of turning punters off of Greyhound racing.
  7. They know doubt rorted the system and found a convenient injury. That would be my guess. Its got me f#cked why these trainers waste time and energy on these bludgers. Surely they should put their efforts into honest dogs, and just kick the cheats into touch.
  8. Another useless head turner today. Archie John Hill. When are the f#cken useless tosser's that run Greyhound racing going to learn, blinkers on dogs should be banned. Its that bad now that every race has these f#cken useless rejects infecting every race with half sighted hounds pinging around like a pin ball machine. ITS A MAJOR PUT OFF FOR TURNOVER AND PUNTING. Feilds full of cheats do's not cut it.😬
  9. They are like a dog with a bone, just won't let go. Weir was a top trainer as evidenced by how well his horses performed when given to other trainers. They being the other trainers all spoke how well his horses were when transferred to their stables, and they performed accordingly. John Allen is an Irish jocky, they have a very different whip style, as do the Europeans. Weir was railroaded in my view, and 4 yrs after pleading guilty was manifestly excessive.
  10. Great read Cocky, really educational.
  11. Now please keep your language decent furry, its the school holidays at the moment, and young precious minds may be reading this.
  12. Great decision to retire, stupid one to breed. Just more pups for GAP down the line after repeating the negatives of the Dam, good luck with that one, you will need it.
  13. aquaman

    Tight pants

    Just for you furrie, hope you like the song.
  14. aquaman

    Tight pants

    Actually water themes I am. My first Greyhound raced as Aqua Girl back in 1985, and my last one whom I still own and is now a pet, is called Surf Girl, and she incidentally is the dam of 3 winners today at Addington including the feature race in a time of 30.26 which is not bad for a class 1 greyhound, and she is the spitting image of her mother.
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