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  1. An interesting read Chief.It's all there in black and white for the NZTR/RB and they don't even have to pay for the report! I feel there could be a bit of choking on flaky pastry after that read!On ya marks, get set, GOOOOπŸ‡
  2. Would the incentive of better odds for on course punters and other % rebates etc,not be a draw card to get people racing?Also the % take from on line punters for clubs.
  3. Fair call Weasel,not everyone goes straight to Google!
  4. R1 Pounce R2 Renewal R3 Loving Gaby R4 Manicure R5 Glory Days R6 Lyre R7 Avilius R8 Alligator Blood R9 Nights Watch R10 Trekking Cheers MK2 Come in Mo😁
  5. R5 Prince of Arran R6 Lyre R7 Gailo Chop R8 Kubrick R9 Maddison County Cheers MK2
  6. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    Just for you Happy,I'm going with the stable runners again! Pavan 5 T20 finishes in last 6 . Fitzy and Pavan, Van Rooyen is good value for T20
  7. Ace, I'm disappointed you haven't nailed my trivial trivia question yet!!😁Or do I have to pass it over for Hesi and the boys?πŸ˜‰
  8. You beat me to it Chief!! Only an Englishman would use the word prat.😁
  9. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    You will be "happy "to know that the stable is enjoying the sun in Vegas today!😎
  10. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    Went for value again this week Spain 71/1 shot USA 41/1 and 175/1 shot 😁
  11. Hastings R8 Vernanme Flemington R4 Savatiano Randwick R7 Rock Flemington R7 Hartnell Randwick Sir Charles Road Cheers MK2
  12. Come on Ace,the clock is ticking for my bit of fun trivia question!? First clue is that you have five meetings to choose from on Friday ?
  13. Hansen just needs to make sure all those SA players have pissed in a cup before kick off!.I'm sticking with NZ
  14. Onya Weasel,I new I could rely on you! Gutsy win by Funstar today. Another one I will add to the list is a 2yr old (currently getting broken in)?who's half brother won on Friday. Maybe this could be a trivia question for Ace and the boys.Name the 1/2 brother?
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