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  1. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    Justin Rose had a solid 2nd round.
  2. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    Yes wind is getting up this afternoon. They have been talking up Kopeka this morning!Maybe someone who tees off early on the last day could be in the hunt. I'd be playing out of the rough all day long!!
  3. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    Portrush is definitely a tough course!The players out early this morning have a good chance to shoot a score. Paddy paying top 10 ,so this is how I saw it before tee off yesterday. J Rahm,E Pepperall,L Oosthuizen,R Langasque. USA: S Streka and W Roach
  4. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    Any thoughts on The Open at Portrush?
  5. Absolutely spoilt for choice today!The best day of sport this year and because this is a gallop forum I will take a deep breath and start with the racing!! Longchamp Grp 1 Cricket World Cup Golf Scottish Open Wimbledon Mens Final Netball World Cup British Formula 1 Tour De France Could the unbelievable happen and NZ be World Champions in 3 sports in a year?
  6. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    Cheers guys,I will look into the savers in the coming weeks.Going into the last round 3 golfers still have a top 5 chance in their respective tournaments.
  7. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    Cheers Shu,I haven't had much interest investing in the golf,but struck up a conversation with a mate of a mate at Sandown Park a few weeks ago.He now bets 90/10% on golf and horses! So I have decided to have a trail over the European summer starting last week. I took two players in Us tournament and 3 playing in Irish tournaments.Investing e/w to finish in the top 5/6.Two players finished in the top 5 for a 116% return on top of investment. This week (invested Wednesday)in US and 2 in Scottish open US: Wyn Clark and Luke Glover Scotland: H Stenson and Cabrera -Bello C-B has just teed off for for 3rd round as I write and has double bogey the 1st🙄 Cheers
  8. Thomo,this paper looks familiar!!Are watching Wimbo with a face full of strawberries and cream in SW19?
  9. Agent,I think the % takeout Thomo has quoted is the bookies (best) price percentage!In a nutshell, its the% the bookies sets for the race and generally it adds up to 1% per horse (sometimes more).Most bookies work between a margin of 104-113.Come in Thomo or BarryB to help explain in more detail. Cheers
  10. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    Does anyone on Boay follow the golf and have a little investment?
  11. James Doyle looks to be in for a good day!
  12. Day 5 R1 12-6-9 R2 13-5-12 R3 3-7-8 R4 1-3-8 R5 11-10-3 R6 2-9-1 Ante post today Space Blues Good luck to Enzo,track is good
  13. Day 4 R1 6-11-19 R2 5-8-1 R3 7-2-1 R4 3-2-10 R5 17-15-2 R6 3-17-7 No ante post runners today
  14. Superb form Al ,his rides on Sangarius and Star Catcher were first class!! Maybe Ryan's turn on Friday!
  15. Day 3 R1 ante post runner #5(soft track?) 13-2-10 R2 14 -3-15 R3 4-3-8 R4 6-4-3 R5 2-24 -31-17 R6 6-1-9 All the best
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