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  1. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    The only value around this weekend is our Aussie friend Miss Oh in the US !
  2. Fair enough Chief and Thomo, you guys probably get to see these animals in the flesh! My point was aiming mainly at the classification of the race and depth of the field(Jmo)! I have watched replay again and concede the first two can go on.πŸ˜‰
  3. Just one out of that race Chief.The rest well below!
  4. You Professionals need to get into a ring for charity! I'll supply the tonic water😁
  5. On looking at that field Thomo, surely this race must be down graded 1-2 or even 3 notches!
  6. Mooncoin

    NZ Cup?

    Does this mean that the wee mun is about to produce the brut and blow it all over Feelar on the nose?
  7. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    Bookies have caught up with us this week! No value , not even for a first stable starter.
  8. Brodie, some nice pressies coming your way!
  9. Thomo, Happy is making plenty off the golf!Some nice pressies coming Mrs Happy's way me thinks!😁
  10. R1 Garner R2 Juliette R3 Saint Emilion R4 Jamaican Rain R5 Cross Counter
  11. Have you been the wasp in Willie's ear Thomo?😁
  12. How did you get on Derby day Mardi?
  13. Missed the jump last week as I was flying! R1 Pohutukawa R2 Monrecour R3 Soul Patch R4 Royal Meeting R5 Trekking
  14. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    😁 Cruised the Persian Gulf yesterday and found gold in Korea!😎
  15. Everyone has an idea of how a race may or may not pan out and that's the gamble.You guys are pros, and spend your valuable time doing your homework. Most pros see a race totally differently. Nobody needs to put up ones punts or selections on any site ,although one or two would be handy throughout the year!πŸ€‘.There is no right or wrong way in accessing races so good luck guys and stop the bitching, its getting f..king boring now! By the way, my left arm has been in fine form of late! I'm thinking of joining the PDC!😁
  16. There is a cryptic message to Thomos madness!Find it and you may reap the rewards! Onya Thomo, good to see you back😁
  17. Agree Flag, year was 66 a long time between drinks!😁
  18. Come on guys, step out of the bubble and take the patch off the eye! This is tournament rugby and England did to NZ what NZ does to most teams on nearly every occasion. Superior in nearly all areas and wanted it more on the day. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but well done England.
  19. What's with the praise for Bossons ride?A good or great ride belongs to a winning one! Top ride Damien Lane end of!
  20. Mooncoin

    Golf Champs

    Stable runners An and Na saw it through for T20 finishes last week! No value in Japan or Portugal this week, so have gone with the ladies playing in Korea. KO -J-Y to win Tournament Oh S T 20 Na H - W T20 Happy, tent is safely packed away and thanks to "Golf Stable" I'm off for 10 days in the Arabian Desert for some well earned R+R 😎
  21. Ash R7 Prince of Oz Rand R7 Alizee Caulf R8 Royal Meeting Caulf R9 Mer De Glace Rand R9 Sir Charles Road Caulf R10 Baccarat Baby
  22. An interesting read Chief.It's all there in black and white for the NZTR/RB and they don't even have to pay for the report! I feel there could be a bit of choking on flaky pastry after that read!On ya marks, get set, GOOOOπŸ‡
  23. Would the incentive of better odds for on course punters and other % rebates etc,not be a draw card to get people racing?Also the % take from on line punters for clubs.
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