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  1. it makes me sick in the pitt of my stomach., You Bastards :o
  2. OutStanding . . .Super Sleuth 😉
  3. What a special Lady..there needs to be a T.V. tribute put together in her honour. R.I.P. Barbara
  4. ..the TRACKSIDE chain of command report on how the jockeys are..of course but they hardly ever relay the wellbeings or otherwise of the fallen athletes. Buck your bloody ideas up TRACKSIDE!
  5. he was on a forum televised about 15yrs ago and stated of the afirmative To this. Campbell Moncurr also spoke in the afirmative on the same forum. That's all you're getting from me you Hotshot!
  6. Dean McKenzie will be rubbing his hands together now that the time for closing and selling up tracks is nigh..this has been his wish for the last 20yrs
  7. however, just have to say that when JK retired from politics he left NZ financially in the best position it has ever been in. That statement is completely wrong. Key's government borrowed $120 Billion over their tenure over and above the Clarke-Cullen's reign
  8. Te Akau Racing 3 hrs · Te Akau Monday Update David writes: This morning I went on to the NZTR website to see what the official reason was for the abandonment of the racing at Waipa yesterday, Sunday. I thought surely the Chairman and CEO would have comments on the debacle but NOT ONE word except a two liner that said: “The Waipa Races have been abandoned due to track issues. Please see New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) website for further information in the following days.” These cancellations are happening so often these days that is is not even “news” now, it’s becoming “expected”. It’s an absolute disgrace they way our industry is being run at a national level and I am calling for those the leadership of NZTR to resign. Recently that very same Board wanted to close down Avondale, one of our best tracks – we would be yet another track down so where are we going to race? It’s all so very sad. We have a government that has funds for an all-weather track yet NZTR hasn’t even formally announced where it is going and the timetable for it. It didn’t even ask Clubs for an expression of interest in where it would be established. Should the all-weather track be at Ellerslie, Counties, Matamata, Te Aroha or even Taupo? I am not pushing for one venue over another but I am firmly of the view that proper and thorough research needs to take place and yet there is no real evidence of this. One thing I do know is that NZTR keeps programming trials and race meetings on some tracks that can’t take safe racing – we are no hope of attracting and keeping new owners! I honestly hoped I would never have to say this but I am now officially calling on the NZTR leadership to resign – you have failed this industry. Surely the owners who spent all their money taking their horses to Waipa for the races on Sunday (and the trials there previously that were also called off) deserve an explanation from NZTR on the debacle – and surely someone at the top has to accept total responsibility and do the honourable thing.
  9. What a bloody joke..who does he think he's talking to?
  10. Try just one more time Laurie . . . .Chief Stipe can monitor i would hope
  11. Cutting costs is a viable option...get rid of the 'city of suits' and we're part way to where we want to be and need to be! I can't believe how many suits that've been hired along the way..and nothing has been said about them and their salaries accrueing to levels of obeseity and strain to the annual budget.
  12. Congratulations Chris Dell winning on AIR CENTRE..more to come for both. R5 #3 IT'S ALL FAKE NEWS can place in this and if it doesn't, follow your money on the yielding ground to come.
  13. R4 #15 FULL OF TALENT worth a nibble
  14. Enzo's Lad was beaten by 100metres at Hong Kong..Sunday night ?
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