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  1. Cozza

    Tartan shirt

    Bugger me. Give it a rest. Regardless on your thoughts of her past, don't try and ruin the professional she is trying to become.. It isn't easy to do what she is doing and I have definitly seen some great improvement and her spoken voice on TV is getting a lot better. You can't expect her to be perfect from the get go. I wouldn't want to be in her shoes as I've got a face for radio, But to try and diminish her in front of her peers on a public forum shows the integrity you guys clearly have. Get a grip and let's focus on more important things in life eh? Like where Nathan got that Jersey from and whether they come in my size! Getting colder down south now as well. Corey Steele
  2. Turbulence detected in Auckland today because Pinny Mac was flying.. 29.90 Wow!
  3. Secret Lily for Sale Open to offers All enquires to Corey 0211747593
  4. He does a great job and I'm sure he has a 'Hoot' bringing back those winners.
  5. Cozza

    Not a Good Look.

    What a complete and utter disgrace you are for posting this. Personal attacks aye.. What a brave person you are sitting behind a computer. Get a life. Regards A forever growing Corey 'The Fridge' Steele.. P. S I would've written more but my orders finished at the McDonalds drive thru
  6. And ashame about the people that didn't. 😂😂
  7. When the she hit the rail she was making a direct line for the lure. Nothing odd about that. I've had dogs do it in the past.
  8. Messara Report update on grnz page
  9. Cozza

    Rigging Races

    Aqua Mouse holds the track record at Manakau for the 987m journey. 61.55 seconds if I recall correctly
  10. Cozza

    Rigging Races

    Looking at the field. They all are capable of running a strong enough 645m.
  11. Looking forward to it. I have always followed the PC over the years and have always watched the bets each week. I'm more of a greyhound man so bets would probably be a Manakau Sunday.
  12. Cozza

    Silver collar

    As far as I know for Lochinvar Brando he had this kind of prep. Trial 779 Sunday.. trialed super. Something like .35 off track record. Race 650m Thursday cambridge.. wins by 7+ lengths Trial 779m Sunday . Trialed a second slower than 7 days earlier. Walked all week including some river swimming leading to the heats sunday. Sunday. Heats of collar . Wins Walks and swims all week. Sunday . Final of Collar .. Wins...
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