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  1. Really? Who, Yankee Vets with shares in the LASIX industry? Get a grip...15 kgs lighter and they don't run faster? pfffft The World's moving on from the way Waller and his mates train...if HK and Germany can do it the World can can.... The Thoroughbred breed has NEVER been so weak..1952 average 40 starts...now down to 10.... LASIX weakens a Horse's physiology...Imagine the effect of constantly running dehydrated.... The SOCIAL LICENSE to race Thoroughbreds is rapidly becoming a 'thang'... Why are we still putting weaned foals through needless branding pain when the tech has long existed to get rid? The constant needling of Thoroughbreds on race day to test for go fast bloods...some despise the process... SOCIAL LICENSE...paste it in your hats and say NO to LASIX
  2. It's a real shame you've gone to the darkside.... Led by a CHARLATAN who claims 'knowledge'...written a 'bit' in a book... Cant work out a "140%'" market includes Emergencies.... Call 111 mate you've been had....
  3. FAKE NEWS koppa.....Sloimon Bwidges has been exposed big time by Winn...again Enjoy https://mobile.twitter.com/winstonpeters/status/1197588051158941697 Winston Peters @winstonpeters No more fake news. If main stream media won’t do their job then we will go direct. 0:39 5.5K views 7:50 AM · Nov 22, 2019·Twitter for iPhone 19 Retweets 103 Likes
  4. The massive problem is you and your wee mate cee are in denial about maturing horses performing to a higher degree... Especially in NZ...perhaps wee cee's right about the " they don't improve from their peak 2 yo race"? Maybe he's got stats for 1/4 horse barrel racing?? Hes closed up on that now... ..maybe he's massively embarrassed by it just as you and Bazz were about finding value on Whanga H 11 Rail huggers? Or REDZEL's trainer's wrong... Amazingly ignorant, arrogant brain farts you guys light the sky with... Any farts today?
  5. Oh that's right you v the HEAD VET RACING VIC. ffs And it's simply a ridiculous example you give...when LASIX admin' is 4 hours before racing so they race dehydrated after 4 not 24!
  6. Honestly...let's take it 'as read' that most Bleed....we all know this... Again...OBVIOUSLY it's the degree they bleed...High degree it's @ 1/2% some say 3%.... And let's come up to present day Speed on this Drug thing Theres a real push now for 'World Wide' Racing Rules...that includes 'Drug Free' racing... Its hard to imagine World Jurisdictions allowing the use of this Drug any further... ..taking into account that it's also a MASKING AGENT for other drugs... ...so the Feds show up to do an out of competition test the week before...Trainers says "oh weve just given it LASIX so we can train WINX harder" Yea na...this DRUG has had its day I'm afraid...
  7. Just let the BP go already..it's clouding your already suspect judgments... Im sorry for prefacing 'the bleedin' obvious' when commenting on your stuff..but ditto AGAIN A neddy training on LASIX v one who's not...while acknowledging its "performance enhancing" ask yaself Einstein...ffs
  8. Oh my...this shows just how ignorant you truely is... Its about 'compensatory consideration' when analysing form such as this.... A maturing improving horse could have 3/4 unlucky, without cover runs et el and you've missed those vital KPI races in your 'speed' portfolio Of course any form analyst worth their salt compensates for such events... ...just as they do for COURSE SEPECIALISTS.... Some find it hard to believe that certain surfaces, surroundings, left/ right are what animals prefer... ....but they'd be in denial of basic Thoroughbred behaviour
  9. Seriously boys jealousy's a dreadful human emotion.... Its just one of the 7 DEADLY SINS though and I'll forgive you as you're simply showing A human emotion...at last... Ah yes....ENVY...who else wouldn't be envious of success like that on a lazy boring Friday? Some made a few grand off the Mel. Cup after arbing 10 horses..their MAJOR 'investing' event of the year....lol Obviously yous fellas have too much time on your hands though... SLOTHFULNESS is another deadly sin and I'm tipping you've got it in buckets... ...sitting there in your y fronts and pizza stained singlets.... ...dribbling with anticipation, waiting for my next lesson in cop the f on...
  10. Results from an Australian research project suggest exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) may have a genetic component. Scientists from the University of Sydney looked at the pedigrees and incidences of EIPH in 117,088 racing starts by Thoroughbred racehorses over a period of more than ten years. Bleeding from the nostrils (epistaxis), a manifestation of severe EIPH, was seen in 2,474 horses. Information was collected on a number of factors that might be related to epistaxis. After analyzing data on the age, sex, and birth year for the horses, the researchers found that these factors were significantly related to epistaxis, though no significant correlation was found for track condition, track surface, length of race, trainer, jockey, number of horses in a race, or time of year. There was strong evidence of a genetic influence in horses with epistaxis. When pedigrees for these horses were compared, several sire lines figured prominently among horses that bled. The researchers said this information could be helpful in managing horses with a tendency to have severe EIPH. So that's the Genetic evidence... And the PERFORMANCE ENHANCING peer reviewed evidence is EVERYWHERE As for training with it....just ask HK Punters about it...clearly if some are on it in training and others not it can't be tolerated... Its about INTEGRITY of the Punting Product...ok?
  11. Fair enough... But if the alternative to racing with LASIX is the German version of selecting Superior genetics...I.e. banning Bleeders from Breeding... ...that's the best solution isn't it? All it takes is a brave decision along the German lines of ferreting out inferior genes...certainly sounds macabre and they've tried that before with humans but failed miserably... Imagine the general publics horror though if it got out that Waller was using Drugs on WINX...to make her piss a days urine out in an hour...just so they could train her harder? But in the meantime before the ban on Bleeders breeding comes in...and LASIX remains the Drug of choice... The Feds need to let Punters know who's USING Drugs and who's NOT in training... Just like HK did...but then BANNED it... Its called INTEGRITY of the product isn't it?
  12. Exactly Fish.... Gras was born in a maze Methinks...and he still hasn't got out! In reality he's totes jealous that my Blue Print...aka as tipping winner after winner..at Value... Has tipped 2 Trifectas, a Quinella and a Winner...in the last 4 races I've spoken about...a TIPPING MASTERCLASS no less 9 selections...ALL coming in! Its about taking the bleedin' obvious...in short SUPERIOR FORM IN SUPERIOR Class races...back to inferior...mid weak type races... He calls it 'population' based analysis when in fact it takes into account the fact as a neddy proceeds through each level...times decrease Who knew that the HK based rating system we have here...produces improving times as the Grades or Benchmarks become stronger? He says he does 'fastest' times win...but then leaves out 'compensatory' considerations for time lost when 'unlucky' or 'without cover'... So a 3 time unlucky horse racing in superior class on unsuitable tracks is IGNORED... Fortunately in my BLUE PRINT it's not! Thats the nitty gritty...he's Blind as a Bat to CC's...a cartoon like Magoo prodigy... I wear Google like glasses with super hero X Ray vision... A very accurate analogy of the situation imho.. Btw...when I posted the 200 turned into 10k on a lazy Friday...he poo pooed moi taking some PLACE bets as part of some MULTIS! Who knew a $2 place bet in a multi...DOUBLES a return? Now he admits to place betting! Thats called HYPOCRITICAL isn't it?
  13. Don't worry about Grumpy old Chittick koppa...the last time he cracked a smirk was as a 5yo when his party's Clown let rip with one.... Winn's too smart to get caught... Polly Party funding is a veritable minefield of sloppy slushes going round and round like a Slush maker.... Remember the Righteous Right Knats trying to split 100k worth of Chinese ameliorating backhanders...or was it up'd to 200k to feed Gerry Fatguts before he boarded his Jumbo Jet? Rest easy with this...Your tits are already drooped without getting them more tangled...
  14. So you'd be in favour of race day LASIX as well no doubt Joe? Four hours before racing...no fluids allowed after that....racing dehydrated...otherwise it defeats the purpose...which is dangerous in itself If the 'new' reality is having a "Social License" to race...as Bernie states.... ...then the future is Drug free isn't it?
  15. That's right...but it's continued use only encourages Bleeders from Breeding and weakening the breed... Why Germany bans them from Breeding of course... Its time to get serious about animal welfare and using this drug is part and parcel of that consideration...
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