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  1. Shenshational alright....2x 10k bets on the Shark.... Only prob is the fierce rail bias...where the rain's predicted to arrive later now...so the fence should be on all day... ..and The Shark doesn't like sand kicked in his face...who does?
  2. Reefer!! Ive been relly relly worried about you... ..and your inability to gather da white gold' inda future...if yous knows what I meanz?? Look don't blame da Greens... Ive heard the kindly people at Fishngame arksed yous fellas on a one to one basis about numbers... ...then yous fellas lied because you didn't want to give away the idea you had bollocks loads in da larder... ...so they thought da white gold was az scarce az a sober Coaster... ...looks like yous fellas may have shat in your own nest then? Hope you've got a whole freezer full...because there AINT NO MORE!
  3. TOTAL LEGEND Jummy!! ...and you're retiring already? Bugger I ain't heard a sermon like that since A Jehova Witness Jehoved moi up against the steel mesh door of the out house... ...you could have been a clinical psychotherapissed with stuff like that going around in da noggin though...wasted talent... One thing though however...I may write young and immature beyond moi's years...but I'm a real old f'er with hair growing out of the ears and nostrils...and growing wild and uncultivated around other nether regions... As for hobbies??...a Princess is my hobby...she keeps me on moi toes 24/7 that I can't even think straight let alone lie in bed upright.... Anyways all da best and pm moi sometime for a knees up in the country...ok?
  4. Hey Bazz....No. 8! Donald Trump on the punt By James Lamb 29 minutes ago Trump booting one home at a price Donald Trump's love of the punt hasn't been widely-documented but the following photo gallery shows that the American president is a bit of a fiend for 'The Great Game'. 1. Trump after being Willowed ... again! "Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrk!!!" 2. Trump big-noting after finding the $1.80 favourite in the first "What did I tell you? Like taking wheat off a blind chook." 3. Putin feigning interest in Trump's multi hard-luck story "I nailed the first three legs and had the option of a cash-out but thought to myself, 'this thing's been backed from $2.40 into $1.80'..." 4. Trump pretending to be happy after tipping a winner to a mate but not backing it himself "This prick better buy me a beer." 5. Trump raging about the Hawkesbury camera angle "I thought I was a length in front with about 50m to go - how the f**k have I missed a place." 6. Trump going the early crow at the furlong marker "Here that boys? That's the sound of a cash register opening." 7. Trump watching the horse he's just crowed get nabbed metres from the post "What I have done." 8. Trump edging away from the resident TAB pest "Shit, 'Barry The Bum' has just wandered in." 9. Trump watching the odds-on favourite he's just truckloaded bomb the start by 5L 'The Great Game'. 10. Trump booting one home at double-figure odds "Kick you magnificent beast!" 11. Trump trying to get on at Flemington while some peanut places a 7-leg EPL multi "The first game is in eight hours you numpty." 12. Kim Jong Un and Trump watching the thing they've taken one-out in the quaddie get swamped with 100m to go "You declared this horse a deadset morale, Kim. It's not even going to f****** place!" 13. Trump showing his appreciation for Hugh Bowman's winning ride in the eighth at Rosehill She's apples. 14. Trump watching the horse he's backed end up four-wide without cover from barrier three "... apprentices, fair dinkum." 15. Trump describing what could have been after another quaddie ends with three legs and a close second "Beaten a head in the last leg. If it gets out earlier it just wins." 16. Trump being consoled after receiving an invitation to a destination wedding on Derby Day #BanSpringWeddings 17. Trump watching his horse being passed fit to race after playing up behind the stalls Vet curse. 18. Trump going through his Sportsbet transaction history at the end of a grim day, counting up the number of deposits
  5. Soz Bazz...missed you hiding away there... Great to have you back from your solace... And let's face it....you must be bored shirtless having to massage egos...and backs sacks and cracks where you hide? Its tiring being someone you're not isn't it? Come back and let's have a mass debate on something worthwhile...it'll release the stress hormone you must undoubtedly be feeling... you first
  6. Oh and of course McIllroy was part owner of this "Bludger" with her training partner... Therefore she probably thought she was even more entitled to teach the BLUDGER a lesson... ...now "sacked" So before she left the sacked racing world...she got what a "BLUDGER" deserved... 15 damn good strikes while out of contention "That'll taught her"
  7. You're brill at FAT ELEPHANT avoidance mate... What about the Mammouth contention of you two Sultans? That 30% of ALL races are won by < 0.3L?...which is plain shit stats right there...anyway if it was Being an EXACTING form analyst...including 'wide without cover' and my time allowance for variables such as that...which incidentally is @ 0.35 SECS...depending on the length of time without cover.. And of course which you and your fellow Sultans simply ignore... ...then I'd take 30% change ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!! A third of the time the previous winner is going to get beat because my analysis says it'll be reversed after your weight difference is applied... ...which is 1kg = 0.1L... and I've got Ashvin claiming 3 kgs this time...after being unlucky the time before without him This news is f in GOLD!!
  8. It doesn't appear so Weas... The Amatuer's whip violations are running at 85%... to a normal race 5%... Clearly they're out of control...because they've got white line fever and they're desperate to receive the Duke's Trophy for leading Amatuer... ...at any cost... Luke Myers had 3 whip violations... almost in a row...and got 2 days...after the 2 fines... Wet. Wrist. Slap.
  9. Yes I'm afraid you're right on this one koppa... The AMS have had their fun' n' spankin time...go ride at the trials if they want some limelight as you say Of course the JCA ignored Justice in this case...they had the opportunity to upgrade the fine but decided to lump "BLUDGING" Whip thrashing on a non contender...with Wenn's slightly over the limit on a contender... Good that they're going to get rid of the JCA then... ..but Oathey will need to finally cop the f on as well...
  10. Arrrrrrh Jummy...ya old wee Scottish bugger...wearing a skirt...love to have a jar with yee Jummy.... As for yee AM's Jummy.... ...there's no such thing as 'Amatuer' now...if we want a Professional Industry to thrive... we as a brotherhood have to show said stuff 24/7... ...no thrashing bludgers allowed...or wacking Barney over the Alps either.. ...which appears to be your de riguer... best Jummy...pm me
  11. I never took you for a misogynist, anti immigration, White Supremacist gun totin' Trump lurvin mofo Flaggy?? The real history of Donkey's Rightous Right economic plan was to flood the country with supposedly high class educated immigrants, with money, so they could stimulate the Housing market and leave Donkeys older voters... ...stinking filthy rich...while developing Housing as our major economic driver...what a f up that was... The highly educated immigrants then became taxis drivers, migrated to Uber and further on to Uber Eats...great career development right there... If you're talking about Refugees?? We're well under the World quota in OECD countries... ..but what's interesting is our massive success rate with these fantastic human beings...you see...give someone an xtra chance at life and they pay the country back in spades... As for the most stupid Human Being on the planet...Brit PM Cameron...giving the anti's a chance on a 50/50 Referendum with all that fake news entailed...and 'winning' by SFA % to consign Britain to a nightmare Armageddon economic crisis...he should be strung up Hope all of this helps make you feel better about yourself today flaggy... best
  12. Finally a veddy good point your've raised shrew....and I'd like to put you to bed..with your dummy of course I feel the bro love between ATA and myself so much..that I'm sure we're from the same split egg...and/or Siamese twins maybe....probably separated at separation then... ...But Da Chef will confirm this...the ISP numbers are totes not da same... ...hope that doesn't f ya theory up too much?
  13. I'm relly relly worried about you koppa.... ...first of all you obviously haven't taken my advice about a trip the old Yogi's Yoga ashram temple in Amritsar... to chill.. ...it's more like you took a p pill...and it just keeps leaking out... How did we know you'd be a Trump devotee though... ..at least you've admitted it and its the first step towards recovery... ...Im worried about the first 24 hour Walmart opening here for you however.. ...all yous fellas congregate there...on your mobility scooters...talking smack and eating shit...or is it talking shit and eating smack? Whatever you're on...I don't want any...ok?
  14. Oh wow....so now the EXPERTS with GRAVITAS are... ....CORRUPT?? I've heard about 'intellectual' jealousy but I've never seen this in action before in the Thoroughbred Industry... You should email Phil at BHA and tell him about your findings...Im sure PHIL and the rest of his fellow Europeans will be super impressed and rush off to alter all of their findings... yea na Oh and you still haven't addressed the ELEPHANT in the tea room... You and your fellow Sultan of Sophistry's advice to NZTR to reduce the Fillies allowance by 0.5kg...which in your world is 0.05L Oh dear No wonder they dismissed you and yours OUTRIGHT...when you surely told them what effect it would have? Clearly the treadmill research is the ultimate scientific tool to remove ALL variables... And what about the confirmation that extra weight carried around the pins...produces even more of an oxygen debt.. ...which directly correlates with my research re weight...especially App allowances on H 11 tracks in NZ
  15. The boys at HQ, you know, Craig I won't take responsibility for the Derby f up Baker.... ...and CEO Paula, I love holidaying in Hawaii with Davo Ellis, Wilcox...Willie to his mates...and those on Twitter...unless you get BLOCKED... Are SOOOOOOO bored having not raced for 3 lonnnnnggggg months...... ...they've started the rumour that cutesy French Bulldog racing will start down the Birdcage long drop... Talk about desperate to generate something to do... ...all they needed to do to avoid such a shocking waste of not only the BEST STEEPLE COURSE in the Worrrld..but the Queen's City's most beautiful real estate... was to insert an AW STRATHYR...but the Committee failed MISERABLY Read and weep about their sad boring Corporate lives...cute Doggy though We are delighted to announce the launch of New Zealand French Bulldog Racing. CEO @RPWillie says he's barking excited about taking the lead of this exciting new venture for the Club which, despite its 140yr+ history, is an old dog that looks forward to learning some new tricks
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