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  1. Oh yes...didn't Davo Ellis take him to the cleaners that day? Its what's missing here for sure...the BGP's ..and odd Girl...would love them... Betting is what makes this Industry tick obviously...with the suits ignoring that fact... ...they clearly know sfa... Handicaps are where it's at...and why they need to reintroduce MAIDEN HANDICAPS for example... ..for betting purposes If only it were LA MER at 200/1
  2. You'll note how the Chuff has changed the header...as he did moi's... ..I kind of like my name in lights!
  3. As predicted here....the Victorian bearded one Handicapper doyen Carpenter....has had a think... ...and given them a kilo more...oh and "we reserve the right to give them more than that as well" Yep...that's what handicapping is... https://mobile.twitter.com/Racing/status/1143813652413341697
  4. Don't know Freddie...you'd have to give Andy Greirson a tingle... ...have you cornered the market for a potential go fast in Mutts? Suffice to say the reason Popeye eats Spinach rather than silver beet is pretty obvious when you look at his forearms....and Olive Oil may testify to that....so I'd be planting that... ...or have you been watching too much CNN? What you should also ask Andy when you ring... "Andy old sausage...how much out of competition testing is done on NZ Thoroughbred Racing..considering first world jurisdictions have a 10/20% range for said testing" ...and then we can all get some sleep
  5. And without Australian Punters it'd be really dire.... Many patho Punters over there...why else would anyone bet in NZ without Australian quality punting info...change of tactics etc. ...owners like Brian Collins unable to get a simple 200ew on his neddy here.. At least Oz have minimum bet rules Whats your opinion on on course bookies here Fred.. any form of competition...
  6. Cmon gays...I knew yous were butter than this...it's wunter butt that's know eggscuse for been duckwards... Dak Pursden..ok...even a munted noes it
  7. Talk about useless info from Rotsman today How Heavy 11...bottomless, close to H 10...loose or holding... ...rails H11...or coming down the outside on a S9?? NZTR promised us they'd notified the Club Managers to enable a standard comparison In reality they all ran back to their ferrel holes and did their own thing...entirely predictable... Absolutely useless
  8. What if you got double back...on the back of Owners bad investments and choices then Fred... ...wouldn't you enjoy a good old tete eh tete down by the rails with a bookie... ...than being restricted by a monopoly TAB without genuine competition?
  9. Did you see the EXPERTS like Dettori Freda? Some were complaining their 7 Max is not enough ... when PARKES is doing 33...or was it 35 the other day And what do NZTR say? "oh yes, we're keeping a very close eye on this" ffs
  10. Yep...can't wait! Spill em da beans!
  11. How good is this neddy? By Sebring...a Half to Sydney G 2 winner Classique Legend....Purdon has big wraps on it https://mobile.twitter.com/HongKong_Racing/status/1143550826457251840
  12. https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=387623
  13. Tesio would be all over that combo ATA! Here's what some smart ass said today... I Am Invincible is that scrawny little kid at school who no one noticed, but ended up rich & with the hottest girl in town. A squib who couldn't win past 1100m, no black type wins at 2 or 3 & whose best win was a G3 in Adelaide is now charging $250k a service & banging Winx
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