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  1. 😀 Do you think they will give him back the $8 million in cash he had in his rather large wallet?
  2. https://www.smh.com.au/national/top-race-horse-owner-arrested-on-cocaine-import-charges-20190523-p51qc6.html
  3. Oh deary deary me. Innocent until proven guilty of course, but the rumours have been red hot on this bloke for yonks. Talk about being deflowered. Surely the stallion fee income was enough to live a very nice lifestyle. If proven guilty, he might make it out for the 2030 Golden Slipper. https://www.racenet.com.au/news/high-profile-owner-damion-flower-arrested-on-drug-offences-20190523
  4. He's as funny as ?.........nah, can't think of anything.
  5. Was he using a remote jigger? Just asking for a friend.
  6. And ............oxygen........
  7. Translation ... I am a dope but I want to be a somebody and I love the All Stars and nobody is allowed to make any comment because we are lucky to have them and they could go to Australia where they would be worshipped like I do.......and.....the owners who pay the bills and who get all the rich rewards will still get the information that the trainers choose to give to them, but fuck the rest of you nobody's because you are worthless and my blood is spinning as I write this.......
  8. No matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd.
  9. No surprises there mate.....There are a ton of skeletons in that dog cave.
  10. I have to take issue with the statement he has ridden the best. It is an absolute fact that he has dated some of the ugliest women that God ever created, and sullied many a woman's cubicle, no matter what hour of the day.
  11. I'm his attitude adjustment counsellor. Do you need my services?
  12. I saw this sign in Molloy's office at HQ
  13. How many times do you want me to watch the farking replay Wally? Must be a full moon.
  14. Poor woman. You are joking. She is a shit stirring left wing snowflake who deserves to be on the next plane out of here. A few fucking pieces of confetti in the harbour ..... Have you forgotten how many times you have pissed in it.........and not once did you think of the fish who were sitting on a plate the next day. Why did she go running to the media over a perfectly responded to complaint. Poor bloody thing had her feelings hurt. She will be on ACC before you know it. It wouldn't matter if it was Molloy's restaurant or anyone else's and that point has been made repeatedly. This just happens to be a clash between two attention seeking ego maniacs, and in this case the snowflake is shown up for what she is. We all know what Molloy is and that won't change......ever.
  15. The first time I had the misfortune to watch that crap, I turned up the brightness control on my TV but it didn’t work. The show got even dumber
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