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  1. tv in cotton wool until mark and nat and team all stars re appear tomorrow night ooh god go the mighty all stars go you good things
  2. Rangatira

    Ben Hope

    i am all good when caught out you choose to get nasty rather than debate Col. Jessup: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
  3. Rangatira

    Ben Hope

    colonel nathan r jessup right on the money re you
  4. Rangatira

    Ben Hope

    brodie will sometimes invent his own facts to support the point he is attempting to make
  5. Rangatira

    Ben Hope

    just trying to get to the bottom of the brodsters lies here
  6. Rangatira

    Ben Hope

    can you please define "lost to the industry"
  7. Rangatira

    Ben Hope

    1991 series held in gods own i think he was representing the mainlaind pretty sure he did it without winning a heat
  8. Rangatira

    Ben Hope

    I ran this past dk and he said
  9. Rangatira

    Ben Hope

    what year was graeme ward the top junior driver ?
  10. trainers are also taking advantage of the better stakes on offer, robert dunn and michael house are a couple that spring to mind all stars will join them shortly
  11. Rangatira

    Ben Hope

    surely you are just taking the piss with this nonsense yes it fits the tale you are trying to tell lol
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