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  1. if someone follows me around putting laugh emojis on my comments then yes. I left Racecafe because of Mr T
  2. Unfortunately I can still see his responses when he is quoted. I still see other's responses. He also stalks by adding a laugh emoji to my posts. I have tried to ignore
  3. Unfortunately the threads have become tainted and no longer a pleasure to add to.
  4. unfortunately you are right
  5. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/96829953/betting-on-nz-tab-is-outlawed-in-australia
  6. you could be right mate
  7. I downloaded an app called Windscribe on to my ipad. I just use an address from outside of NZ, currently using Germany and I can access the NZ TAB. Only use it for checking results/times etc. Works a treat.
  8. I'm lucky, living in Australia means I am banned from betting with the NZ TAB. No stress.... there is always a positive somewhere 😀
  9. "I have a gambling problem" "How so?" "I can't use the NZ TAB site"
  10. I finally managed to get on with a VPN after days of trying. It is rather slow to load pages on my ipad. Tried holding the charger cord above my head but it wouldn't come down any faster.
  11. FeelTheFear


    I've made plenty of mistakes along my journey to find 'The Holy Grail'. 'The Holy Fail' is a much easier path. Anyway, I prefer to call them learning edges. There is learning in a failure as there is in a success, sometimes more so.
  12. Last but only 5 lengths and was there until the turn. Happy with the run.
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