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  1. The carnival this year threw up a couple of other very progressive looking horses in Callsign Mav and Germanicus...both ran all 3 days and performed very well. Callsign Mav will be heading to the 2000 Guineas no doubt, and if Catalyst turns up you'd think he'd win but the other horse may give him a fright for a while. Germanicus looks to have all the ability but still very green, if and when he is 100% right upstairs he could win a nice race.
  2. After Cape of Good Hope won yesterday the commentators/trainer were referring to the very successful cross of Galileo/Danehill. This was never more brilliantly displayed by the outstanding racehorse Frankel. I have a question for someone more qualified than me...does a cross like the one referred to above filter down to sons/daughters ? What I mean is, if a stallion by Galileo sires a foal out of a mare by Danehill or a Danehill stallion, what are the chances of the 'True Nick' referred to above being replicated?
  3. Billy I read recently that your namesake ( the real Billy Connolly ) is near death after suffering the effects of Parkinsons for many years......are you in a similar state? I say that as you seem to have missed the first part of that sentence of mine that you quoted.. " If the evidence does indeed support this then Weir and the rest of them can rot in hell...etc" If you are going to insult people and quote them, maybe try to do the job properly?😜
  4. It appears-and the evidence at trial may support this-that it was about pain association. So in training/on treadmill etc pain was inflicted on horses with prods and probably other means while they were wearing blinkers. When they wanted a top raceday effort from the horse, blinkers were applied and the horse, fearing pain, would respond accordingly. If the evidence does indeed support this, then Weir and the rest of them can rot in hell as far as I am concerned. And should never be permitted to be involved with any animals-ever.
  5. Think about how this would impact on society at large. Even though I believe the present Govt is a shocker, led by a photo opportunity lightweight, I still cannot believe legislation enabling an entity to take another entities property, sell it, and keep the proceeds, would ever succeed. Just not going to happen. And Peters may have Labour and Ardern bent over a barrel waiting to insert you know what but what is proposed is ridiculous.
  6. there is a precedent in New Zealand where land was 'taken'...its called the Treat of Waitangi.,and the Waitangi Tribunal. Look at where that has led, still not, and according to some participants, never will be settled. Racing authorities should be very careful about plans to 'take' land/and or assets that do not legally sit in their ownership.
  7. With Spark getting the Rugby World Cup, and now live cricket broadcasts where does this leave Trackside and Sky? You'd think that SKY would now be quite dependant on Trackside funds, and if Sky lose live golf as well they're in deep shit. Nows the time for RITA to get stuck into SKY and get a better deal. Clearly Free to Air would be much better for racing fans but I can't see that..?
  8. He must have scared the rest off😋
  9. Bit far for me to come and see the race ( I'll be at the 2000 Guineas for sure )...he put away a fair field last time at Ruakaka, nothing like he's going to have to beat on Saturday. I reckon if he draws inside 10 he'll be at $1.40
  10. He is certainly looking the 'real deal'..so far. If he lines up in a full field in the Hawkes Bay Guineas on Saturday we'll see just how good he is. I can't think of any other 3 yr old likely to run at Hastings who will threaten, however matters like the barrier draw, track ( should be good ) where he sits in the running and when likely to be challenging into the straight...these are factors which will determine if he is as good as the people offering megabucks think he is. Hope he does win, and win well.☺️
  11. Kopia


    Thanks for clarifying that....and she looks pretty smart after today.
  12. Kopia


    Race 2 at Ellerslie today. This filly has had one race, 3rd in a Listed 2 yr old, earned $5000. Went from a rating 45 to a rating 65 after that race...20 points.....can someone explain how this works ? And what if she'd won that race, what rating would she be on now?
  13. Check out what Mr Optimist had to say yesterday ( 26 September )....including the possibility that NZTR won't be able to pay owners their winning stakemoney..? Anybody waiting on prizemoney from Petone? Maybe thy've had a busy week with corporate 'shouts'..far more important😎
  14. I quite like his race calls. However I would rather he called from the front at the start of races..invariably he says ''so and so has gone back, this ones gone back, that ones gone back'...surely the horses that make good starts are more relevant?
  15. According to a very good source at Riccarton yesterday Allen is going to have to deliver a nasty going away present this week...turnover massively down in NZ. Don't lose any sleep john, just count your bucks mate!
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