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  1. Congratulations TF2G all the best in the final you guys deserve to be there Thanks to my teammates went down to the last Finally many thanks for your tireless work and hours you have put into these comps PJ they are truly legendary good to see you in the final all the best in your personal matchup VC.....over and definitely OUT!
  2. For the All Rock Stars Obviously today is a GOOD day to be posting selections so here they are for the final bound Rock Stars 👌(apples) R1 01-02 R2 03-10 R3 01-08*BB R4 01-11 R5 10-14 R6 01-19 R7 01-09 R8 02-03*BB R9 02-04 R10 08-16 Firstly Congratulations to Too Fast Again a superbly run outfit, led from the front by their Captain who is held in high regard and always performs with distinction What i’m trying to say have a great off season fellas. Rock Stars no mercy let’s tuck this one under the rock we’ve got a super tough match next week against The Whackey Racers Phew lucky John and TC won’t be responding Thanks to the Master PJ as always have a good call champ
  3. . Oh deary deary me!!!!!!!!!
  4. Well said Weasel hopefully next time there is a draft TC and your good self can become team mates😍
  5. Because he is Very Clever that’s what VC stands for
  6. TAB punter eyeing life changing win Morgan Payne 1 day ago A punter with the TAB punter could pocket $856,800 if Brooks Koepka is able to win the 2019 Masters at Augusta National, which tees off on Thursday 10:30pm AEST after three racing legs of his multi have all won. On October 22 the TAB customer in question placed three $125 multi bets totalling $375 at the odds of $2,284.80 on: Winx (2018 Cox Plate at $1.20) Cross Counter (2018 Melbourne Cup at $17) Aristia (2018 VRC Oaks at $8) Brooks Koepka (2019 Masters winner at $14) “It has been a long five months for this TAB punter to wait for the first golf major of 2019, but they will be hoping that Brooks Koepka is wearing the green jacket on Monday morning Australian time,” TAB’s Trent Langskaill said.
  7. R1-05-06 R2-03-04 R3-02-03*BB R4-01-02 R5-05-08 R6-02-03 R7-07-09 R8-02-11*BB R9-01-16 R10-05-11 Thanks PJ little bit of luck Rob good punting Rock Stars
  8. The owner of this ticket was offered the cash out option before the start off the Masters and refused
  9. Has raced over 2500 in the VRC Oaks and finished 7th to Aristia who is in the race beaten over 6 lengths Speaking of Aristia Winx etc A TAB punter last year took a 4 leg multi for $375 Leg1 Winx 2018 Cox Plate ✔️ Leg 2 Cross Counter Melbourne Cup ✔️ Leg 3 Aristia VRC Oaks ✔️ Would you believe leg 4 is this weekend drum roll Leg 4 Brooks Koepka to win the US Masters I think they said should Koepka win the Masters the collect was somewhere in the vicinity of $875k
  10. M11 Randwick R6 Verry Elleegant Thanks TC Was unplaced in the VRC Oaks on a good track, has had 4 starts on a good track and never won I could well be eliminated this week but it’s been fun
  11. Currently we sit at a soft 5 for Randwick Saturday with drying weather we will no doubt be racing on a good 4 come Saturday Bookmakers have Verry Elleegant at $1-60 to win the Oaks Has raced on Heavy twice for 2 wins soft track 4 starts 3 wins and a second is facing a good track on Saturday for which she has raced on 4 times for Zero wins and is $1-60
  12. Yes congratulations to all associated with Winx But I have to admit I have struggled with Debbie Kepitis
  13. Some run from Bass in the straight Seriously that was some turn of foot in the right camp one to keep an eye on Well done MM one hundred thousand congrats
  14. On the GC I better study hard for the nine races PJ is about to put up
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