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  1. Totally agree. Only thing I'll add is obviously most, if not all of these horses will not be screwed down 100%. And to be fair, UMC is still learning the game. I just hope he gets away well on Sunday, goes a good race and comes through it ok. Would almost be inclined to keep a bit up the sleeve and just run him in behind and act as a glorified trial. Step it up a notch at Ashburton in the Flying Stakes, then let rip in the Cup. Just a pity he doesn't have a couple of stablemates to assist with some team driving!
  2. Nah Ashvegas is way closer. Plus the bonus of an all weather track lol
  3. And if some dumbarse starter's assistant is hanging on to the bridle at the start tell them to .... off!
  4. I hope Kirstin sees this.
  5. Was the irrigation left on overnight or something? If it was indeed less than an inch of rain, something doesn't seem right.
  6. 3.39pm Sunday. Should be a good race, especially if they all step cleanly. Pity UMC drew barrier one. It can sometimes be a disadvantage for the "standing" start.
  7. Kincsem Park is the racecourse in Budapest. Very good establishment and facilities. Run dogs, trots and gallops all at the same venue.
  8. Looks like someone may have a sore arse.
  9. I hope Monbet gets back into the winner's circle again sometime. To think of the coin that they turned down for him, and compare it to what he has won stakes wise since, man.
  10. How stupid is the NZ TAB website? Admittedly I'm viewing it on my cell phone, so it may be different on a PC or laptop... Checking out the fields for Addington and wanting to see the horse's stats.... Christ it's great to know the grass track record of these horses for when they race at Addington tomorrow night. That'll be real handy. Retards!! Ya buggered though if you wanted to know the stats for fresh up, or 2nd up however. Pathetic. Once again, how can the Aussie betting agencies do this (for Addington, show the fresh up stats etc) yet the NZ TAB can't? Useless.
  11. Thanks Brodie for the background info. But why would HRNZ bother to ask about a name change, if they were only ever going to rubber stamp it anyway? Don't ask. Just get on with it and make the decision to either approve or decline the name. Jesus there is too much faffing about sometimes by the powers that be.
  12. Can it be dunn? I don't know, but it would be bloody well deserved if a battler like Geoff Dunn could take out the cup week double.
  13. Nah you wouldn't need to box them. Play it smart and take a straight $1 first four. 8 - 8 - 8 - 8 !
  14. Upon hearing the result of that category, I immediately thought of a different word, but also beginning with the letter B.
  15. Except for Isola Racing Stables beating Boys Get Paid in their respective category. How that happened God only knows.... should have been a stewards enquiry into that result, but good on them.
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