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  1. Most people are spelling at the moment. Having some time in the paddock before coming back in for Spring racing.
  2. Brodie, those eight sentences in your post hit the nail on the head, and what the NZ TAB are doing (or not doing) is just putting another nail into the coffin. There could not possibly be a NZ punter that would disagree with anything you said.
  3. Race 2; Huckabee currently at $18's final field and the money back offer (up to $30), if 2nd, 3rd or 4th, can be taken advantage of here.
  4. Was it Imola that buggered the chances of Dream About Me in the Cup?
  5. Believe it or not, I even said in my post that he was currently rated 70. And later added if Imola can make a cup field just about anything can if they want.
  6. Not quite correct. But almost. The NZ TAB are pussies and just to add to your post, here is a bit of a background story... I mainly invest with Ladbrokes, so in early April I asked them to add UMC to the NZ Cup market. They offered $34s but through their "Boost" function, $51's was available. I took the $51's. And I think it was $12's for the place. I then telephoned the NZ TAB on 8th April and asked for a quote for UMC for the Cup. They only offered $21's and entered him into the market. It was me (the clue is in my name) that originally posted on the Boys Get Paid facebook page soon after UMC's third start. I advised Ladbrokes were offering $51's (boosted) for UMC and the NZ TAB were only offering $21's (original, or opening odds). Said at $51's it was worth a throw at the stumps. But better qualified judges than me within the BGP group have said that he has no chance of even making the cup field, and it is all just a great story. Someone else asked (in April) if I meant it to be $50 just for UMC to make the field. Clearly I don't know "value" or a good horse when I see one. Makes ya laugh when people start throwing shade on one's selections but won't actually offer something (in a public forum, before the event) themselves. Will take a hell of an effort to beat a Purdon horse in the Cup, but UMC could possibly be the one to give them a fright. A very big fright.
  7. Or the sport could get a following similar to that of kabaddi. With sweet FA interest.
  8. Harry Cheadle. Race caller. Born in South Africa, but has worked in Sweden doing the trots there. Now this guy calls a spade a spade. Not afraid to voice his opinion during a race. And one time (at least) referred to a jockey during the race as "a bloody idiot" as he disagreed with the tactics employed. The bloody idiot jockey obviously knew what he was doing, as he ended up winning the race. Still, for his passion, you can't go past Harry.
  9. UMC currently $7's (SEVENS) with the NZ TAB. 26's with Ladbrokes. 21's with Neds. 17's with Sportsbet.
  10. Brodie (and anybody else); A lot can happen between now and November, but what odds do you think would be fair for UMC in the Cup at this stage?
  11. UMC now the third fave with the NZ TAB to win the Cup, at $7.50. Admittedly this is after the defection of Turn It Up. Looking forward to seeing him go around again Friday night. It would be great to see his unbeaten record remain intact. It should do, but it won't be the end of the world if he does get beaten. Just hoping that he puts in a good run and remains sound and ready for the big dance in November.
  12. Rusty

    NZ Met Friday

    Very open race for mine. Here you go Dougie, current odds from the NZ TAB....
  13. Greg Miles has to rate a mention here. However there is no need to mention any "Magnolian" Caulfield Cup winner (I'm sure we are all thinking it), but everyone makes mistakes and everyone can have an off day. For overall consistency, accuracy, tone and ability to paint a picture with words, he has to rate as one of the best to call a race.
  14. Rusty

    NZ Met Friday

    Final field odds currently $34s and $6.00 with the NZ TAB. C Ferg has a good record with the horse having a win and a second in April.
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