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  1. Rusty

    Cup day value

    There were some pretty arsenary performances on Cup day.
  2. Rusty

    Cup day value

    Cup eve and some are looking up the reserve bank inflation calculator hahaha jesus they must be poor fields....
  3. Rusty

    Cup day value

    Good point Dougie, you're on to it mate. Back in '99 the first 3 races (after the first 2 races on another meeting code, (don't ask)) were all $15k with the winner receiving $9,065 and a dress rug. But back in '94... The first three races were worth $10,500-$11,000. And an advert in the racebook has 21 inch Philips TVs (with built in teletext and remote control) going for an amazing price of only $999 at Smiths City. Winning owners back in '94 could have bought 6, possibly 7 of those tvs. Win a race tomorrow and the winning owners could buy way more tvs, that are way bigger and better (admittedly without free to air trackside shown for all races and no teletext). So that has left me wondering.... is stake money better now than '94 ?!?!?
  4. Rusty

    Cup day value

    Like this bet. Especially with the favourite being over-rated in my book. Biggest threat will again be the moose. May even be worth a gold coin on the nose final field with the promo on offer for this race.
  5. Correct, 1980 was the last time 9 races were held. Interesting enough the C2 race was called the "Riccarton Handicap". Punters would be forgiven for thinking they were at Riccarton and not Addington.
  6. Please do not remind me. I was going to collect the equivalent of a small country's GDP next Tuesday, having invested some coin on him after his third race day start, to win the Cup (after ringing up Ladbrokes and getting him added to the market). The pain of it all. Time does not heal.
  7. I keep coming back to my point that I go on about all the time.... If this race was worth $200k less, the same horses would be there.
  8. It has that possibility written all over it, unless something really spectacular occured.
  9. Nah the weather during the running of the Cup will be fine. The only thing surer than that is Lamb buggering up the start.
  10. Every chance of that mate. I just can't seem to get too excited about this years cup field for some reason, and that's despite a family member being in the Chase Auckland syndicate. Good luck to all runners. By God they will need it with starter Lamb still having a job there.
  11. Thanks for posting this Happy. What are people's first thoughts on seeing this list?
  12. The vet read this thread. Specifically Hunter's post.
  13. Rusty

    Ben Hope

    For what it is worth, I've never met him, but I don't mind B Hope, I think he goes alright and on the whole a pretty good driver. Just like every other driver they can go through ups and downs. Happy - that J Morrison stat surprised me.
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