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  1. Do we go again on Givemewhatineed Joe? Sunday sesh anyone ...
  2. This passive aggressive stance is pretty tiresome Grego. The Dunns aren't afraid to have a go, most other stables have got the white flag out and you can't blame them.
  3. Marky Mark will always have a (blue) cloud over his training career. Can't be because they work harder than everyone else ............. can it?
  4. Whats happened here hunter? I saw him at a pub in Nelson seemed happy enough
  5. Question, why is Peter Lamb still starting. At least twice there were horses galloping prior to the start, didn't appear to affect any other horses, but no good no good. If this a reference to his own incompetence?
  6. You would have to have a few screws loose if you are going to bet with confidence in the lower south island from now to the end of August. Riverton how unforgiving is that??
  7. I'm loving the way Johnny is driving at the moment. I backed Franco Niven, yes didnt go that well but well driven and well trained. Good to see him lead virtually all the way on Spot On too, making a statement too if he rolls to the top the lead isn't necessarily there if Mark and Nat come looking
  8. I note they’ve got Freedman’s thing odds on against Felaar.....fook off......he’d beat that towing a fucking plough He got that a bit wrong lol
  9. nope im done, never drinking again
  10. I've been tough to Tim myself, but I think perhaps might be being a touch tough here. What I found incredible was Mark Purdon thinking the first starter will do well to run in 4. That said to me, GET ON. Thanks for the tip Mark, nursing a sore heard today
  11. All good, Brad will drive him a treat in the jewels
  12. Your not wrong. An egotistical maniac. If his staff are anything like him no wonder he has gone down the gurgler. Poisoned dwarf comes to mind
  13. Pretty harsh assessment there. Most people would be thrilled with the run last night. As an owner if you aren't happy with that maybe time to find a new pleasure?
  14. Not a bad drive from the goose there
  15. boobybec

    Boo Hoo

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