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  1. Unfortunately john you are a sad man and you know what , you can bleat as much as you want to but you are now a failure that can make no difference, only bleating on this site to put the sport down that bought you so much success , you are the loser as you once had credibility now you have nothing .
  2. Think it was a great idea , but 96 dogs , i hear all riu policies were thrown out the door , no supervision of dogs from the enclosure as stipulated in the rules , trainers left to wonder back with no care in the world , the use of plastic bowls that were handled by all sundrie and left just sitting on your kennels with a bottle of water handled by who knows, not stainless steel bowls as stipulated in the rules and dogs were not put in swab kennels as stipulated by the rules , again if you are going to do anything do it right.my trainer said it was mayhem in the kennel block .
  3. Wow, what a low life reply , sad person mehe , or are you pete the cheat?
  4. Sad really , is it not true your head stipe is a trotting man ? Should be relieved of his position.
  5. Not looking for thanks , but appreciate honest people , im a bit like your own great valerie adams whe she was beaten by a cheat at the olympics , her statement was she used to be my friend but not now i don't have cheats as friends .
  6. Lol , no more comment from me but you are hilarious that it had not come into effect before thrilling billy had been there , and you are not part of mayhounds , how long has he been there and how do you know????????
  7. And may i say when my trainer has sent dogs to gap before i have had to sign a form to release the dog to them , which means they can not be nominated so why not mayhounds ?
  8. Wrong again , after talking to grnz today it is clear you are funded by them , in actual fact you are a rehoming agency and should not be taking dogs directly of trainers but rehoming dogs from gap
  9. Wrong again , over here a rehoming agency takes racing cards as i believe gap does in nz and ownership changes to gap , so why is it different with mayhounds?..
  10. Thats great , not over here until noms reopen , again by allowing that it still allows trainers to throw dogs in to make fields , something i don't agree is right
  11. The big worry for me is if the dog was nominated after the reopening of noms , it is more criminal because the trainer would have known there was not enough noms for a race so to use a dog that was never going to race was deliberate manipulation.
  12. Common, when a dog goes to a rehoming agent it is no longer a registered race dog , are you telling me the rehoming agency did not know the trainer had nominated the dog the first week , second week no excuse , i believe mayhounds director is actively involved in the greyhound racing industry , true or false ? So how could she not know the dog was being used to make fields up .
  13. Sorry if the dog is in there care there is no way it should be nominated so it is there problem , only way that could happen is coherence, that is the point , one week maybe excusable , two weeks in a row is criminal, i don't understand how this dog has been used twice to make fields up for his x trainer ,over here when a dog goes to a rehoming organization then thats it its registration to race is canceled , as i said this is fraud.
  14. I just found it because one of my dogs had been at rehomed , i am not friends with mayhounds and from now on will never be and instruct my trainer not to use them , cheating at its best
  15. It is true alright , you would also have to ask the credibility of mayhounds , a charitable organisation to be involved in this ?
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