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  1. hesi


    Hi NM Sorry but. We put forward a proposal via a PM to effectively combine the 2 sites. Firstly, it was made public without permission Secondly, it was treated with contempt, by being described as 'demands' End of story really, would you or anyone do anything different. It or anything else won't be offered again. We had a really good day yesterday. You guys have some really good posters still on here, we also have some very good posters. A shame there cannot be synergy, but that is the way it is
  2. hesi


    A cheap shot, coming from the guy that supposedly holds privacy so highly, that he took it upon himself to publish a PM from me without permission
  3. hesi


    Lighten up Maxi, you'll still be welcome, Chris always puts up a good prize too. Besides, by one of the 'crew' dropping in every so often, that will give Doug the perfect reason to keep Thommo on hold, and keep quite a few of you happy. Not sure who the 'crew' is anyway, I know I'm definitely one
  4. hesi


    As I've said DB, small but quality steps, there are some excellent and passionate posters on TRP. Chris joined the other day, and I have already asked him(and he has agreed) if he will run his iconic MC comp. Would you back against us making a go of it, knowing some of the history of the last 12 months, and we are only 10 weeks old! Anyway DB, you have called it wrong before, and I'm not going to go into detail, or it could well compromise your privacy, which I have always respected.
  5. Actually, run my own business, and before that an industrial chemist with responsibility for 20 staff. But I do spend a lot of time whitebaiting according to Barry, who has actually turned out in the end to quite like me now, and I quite like him too. Puts his money where his mouth is, like me, unlike you
  6. Maxi, I honestly believe you are spending too much time underground. Have had some quite acerbic dialogue with 2 other people who thought like you. They eventually saw things in a different light and joined TRP, and I believe still contribute to BOAY. So that bit of time above ground may well do your thinking good, and even though you are doing your darndest to burn a few bridges, you will always be welcome to join TRP and contribute.......... and I promise I will guarantee not to alienate you
  7. Not sure of where it has got to with John and TC, whether you are continuing or not in the comp semis But regardless of what else has been said I believe it is owed to PJ out of respect, to finish off the current comp, then your obligations are over After all, none of this is of PJ'S. making
  8. For what you believe were good intentions and actions Doug, the inescapable fact is, you have managed to alienate a number of people who have made substantial contributions, other than just posting, to the site.
  9. Give it a rest will ya Maxi. I said probably my last post, but felt the need to support N1MUE and TC, seeing as I asked them to run comps on BOAY in the first place
  10. Touche And I did quite a bit of arm twisting to get PJ to bring his comps here, and John and TC to initially run comps on here(which they did admirably), and also a fair bit of vouching for John and TC's unquestioned integrity, such that they could run comps here, which meant Comp moderation rights. Anyone that knows John and TC through their dealings with them on these comps, knows that inferring in public their honesty and integrity was in anyway in question, was always going to bring the house tumbling down
  11. Back luck team, 5th again, still we go out with our scythes held up high. Second highest aggregate. Should have played that second joker as planned against GWC. Thanks for the game Rock Stars, and Ghosty. Even if I had beat you we would have missed out Impressive run to take the minor premiership ST's, good luck in the finals, and good luck to the other 3 teams Probably my last post on BOAY Thanks PJ again, better go and look after your expensive new baby
  12. 1. 4,8 2. 1,4 3. 4,12 4. 1, 2 bb 5. 2,8 6. 1,2 7. 2, 7 8. 10,15 9. 1,7 10. 1,10 bb Good luck Ghosty Last throw of the dice Reapers, need 5 points, so let's doosit Thanks as always PJ
  13. hesi


    Just to clarify All those proposals have been withdrawn, and were so, the moment you started playing your little games. Good luck with Thomass
  14. hesi


    Slipping in your principles with respect to privacy Doug, normally very good on that That was a private PM from me, and there is nowhere that I have agreed to it's publication
  15. Mmmmmmmmm 43 posts on Thomass 1 post on NZRB Half year This came out yesterday morning, but no one has posted it, all too busy 'debating' Thommo The Informant - Latest Update Yesterday, 07:21 AM The Informant's Future Dear subscriber, Early last week a difficult decision was made to cease publishing The Informant. This included both our print and digital editorial as well as our form guide content. As many of our subscribers would have read in our pages each week things need to change for our racing industry to survive as evidenced by the Messara report. Unfortunately, like for many others in the industry, that change isn’t coming fast enough. The response however to our decision has been nothing short of a groundswell with stakeholders at all levels offering their support and belief that we as a publisher still very much have a place in the industry. As such we are currently working through our options and are optimistic that an industry backed solution can be found. We ask our subscribers for their patience at this time and will communicate further changes in the short term. Regards, Matthew Francis Racing Media NZ
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