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  1. R4 - Onspeed R6 - Taumalolo R9 - Pine Cone R10 - Flyingmasterwilliams
  2. A few early thoughts. R1 - One Apollo R4 -Globe Trekker R8 - Kendra R9 - Winterfell/ Didjabringthebeers Exacta R10 - Global Domination R11 - Baltimore Jack
  3. Dougie

    Majestic Man

    As Globe mentioned on the other post an ordinary drive from Brad. Last week drawn 2 on the second row ended up on the fence most of the race and for me after drawing barrier 1 today wasn't a $4 shot as I felt Brad wouldn't be positive enough. Im a huge Phil Williamson fan but an article on HRNZ quoted him saying luck is needed to win the Rowe cup and he'd be happy to be 3 or 4 back the fence and one last run at them......... WTF Looks a strong powerfull horse who personally I think would suit Matty's style of driving more than his brothers.
  4. First run against the big boys tonight at Alexandra Park, 11-1 on fixed odds here in Aussie what are peoples thoughts on his chances from 2 on the 2nd row. I'm very tempted but have my doubts Brad will take them on and sit parked and just might sit at the back and can't imagine him running over the top of some of these. Him and Monty Python more suited to the longer distance next week maybe.
  5. R3 -Just Ben R6 - Aveross Don R7 - Machsgain R9 - Jonty James
  6. R2 - A Cacker Knight R5 - Unloaded R8 - Benio Ben R10 - Franco Riot
  7. Story of my betting life sadly...... I'm in Sydney so long wait today to see the fixed odds and was pleasantly suprised at all 3. Had 5 a win on them all so made a nice profit but really thought the trotter was the best due to the poor oppostion and couldn't believe the odds so had $20 place all up on the 3 horses @ $47.40 so to run 1st, 1st and 4th I'm gutted.
  8. Jack's N Jazz Pat the Monkey Classier Margaret
  9. Mr Midnight Sea Rover Wolf West
  10. A few long priced chances for tomorrow with most having grass track positives. R4 - Tres Magnifique R5 - Blazing Impact R6 - Soney Beatt R8 - Canardly Remember R12 - Glengarry Knight
  11. R4 Jack's Shadow R8 Spicy Girl Becqui R10 One Apollo
  12. R5 -Foreigner - think shorter distance will help as will grass. R6- The go to man- nice run Friday in slow time wouldn't have taken much out of him, can grind. R9 - Jack's shadow- very even field and top driver back on.
  13. Spash Cola by far the best. Anyone know why Charlotte Purvis has stopped driving? Was going great guns this time last year, a little litewieght who was a good judge of pace with Phil's trotters.
  14. R3 Larch R4 Sharnae R7 Queen of the Nite R9 Allaboutdreams R11 Spash Cola
  15. R3 Flying Monkey R5 Larch R7 Zsa Zoe R11 Canardly Remember
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