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  1. Interesting that N Williamson and K Barclay haven't had a runner in the 3 heats, the 2 biggest stables in Southland so you'd think they'd have the cattle but nothing. I know winter is a quiet time but also interesting is Phil Williamson no trotting runners in the last 2 weeks and at Oamaru this Sunday not 1 nomination, you'd think he'd have at least a maiden in training and fit to go, stable virus maybe or starting to prep them all for a central assault at xmas.
  2. R1 - Crusher C, way better than this lot on ability, hope she's in a good mood and mobile a huge help. R2 - Key Reactor, an outside chance first up in poor field. R4 - One Night Out, comes in well as 5 win horse with so so form, driver stats a worry but anything can happen over 2000m. R7 - Paul's Verdict, he loves it when the girls are driving him, terrible draw but terrible field and very unlucky thursday and must be the only time in the last year or so he's started at a meeting when his racing buddy and stablemate Cliften Clowers who broke down thursday Isn't participating -
  3. Tim and Ant's are ball breakers over here if you're a punter, you get the odd value runner but mostly fav's which get rolled, have been burned too often so stay away unless it's a new arrival from NZ I'm familiar with - tonight had 3 short price fav's with excellent prize money on offer and couldn't run a place. Lilley must have a huge client base, has dozens of runners every week with good returns, good old Father Christmas still running around picking up $$ and closing in on 100 starts. I remember him when I lived in CHCH and he trained from North Canterbury from memory , had a few runners but not many for a full time trainer then moves to Aussie and within a few years had plenty of horses.
  4. What sort of sale price would she go for ?.... you'd think at least 200K.
  5. I admit to knowing nothing about the handicapping system but Ivan's horse Majestic Sunset won a weak maiden trot at Timaru and has a rating of 55, he's racing Friday and Jerry Garcia is in the field with a rating of 52, Jerry is a decent lower grade trotter who is always there or thereabouts at Addington finishing in the top four in 7 of his last 10 starts, one of those races was a $20k race finishing 4th but running 8 seconds faster than what Majestic Sunset ran in winning his maiden. How has he have a rating of 52 when claiming a cheque in 12 of his 15 starts since January?
  6. Good to see Ivan Schwamm notch one up today, would he be 86 years old maybe, horse has an unusual trotting gait but seems to have a motor in there so maybe can win more than one. Someone will know if anyone older has trained a winner before or his exact age.
  7. Dougie

    NZ Met Friday

    Thanks for that Rusty, place price is very appealing and I assume 11,12, 13 will be the hardest to beat.
  8. Doing some form for Friday night and Neverneverland in R9 is a nice trotter I've followed but as most of us do we over think things but i can't work out why Craig Ferguson is driving. Wyndham based trainer/driver and been on the horse before but to trek up for 1 drive and to be honest just an average driver in my opinion..... what's the association here as Oamaru Trainer Robertson normally uses Craig Thornley or Colin D, ( has a drive in the race) or the Williamson boys. Can't access the NZ tab from here in Aussie can anyone inform me of the fixed odds on offer. Cheers
  9. Yes wow indeed, don't know Glenn but has always had a horse or 2 over the 20 odd years I've followed harness racing but after that debut it's going to de extremely hard to turn down 6 figure offers.
  10. I was tempted but maiden gallopers ( Trotters) no my go unless it's a Williamson runner.
  11. R4 - Onspeed R6 - Taumalolo R9 - Pine Cone R10 - Flyingmasterwilliams
  12. A few early thoughts. R1 - One Apollo R4 -Globe Trekker R8 - Kendra R9 - Winterfell/ Didjabringthebeers Exacta R10 - Global Domination R11 - Baltimore Jack
  13. Dougie

    Majestic Man

    As Globe mentioned on the other post an ordinary drive from Brad. Last week drawn 2 on the second row ended up on the fence most of the race and for me after drawing barrier 1 today wasn't a $4 shot as I felt Brad wouldn't be positive enough. Im a huge Phil Williamson fan but an article on HRNZ quoted him saying luck is needed to win the Rowe cup and he'd be happy to be 3 or 4 back the fence and one last run at them......... WTF Looks a strong powerfull horse who personally I think would suit Matty's style of driving more than his brothers.
  14. First run against the big boys tonight at Alexandra Park, 11-1 on fixed odds here in Aussie what are peoples thoughts on his chances from 2 on the 2nd row. I'm very tempted but have my doubts Brad will take them on and sit parked and just might sit at the back and can't imagine him running over the top of some of these. Him and Monty Python more suited to the longer distance next week maybe.
  15. R3 -Just Ben R6 - Aveross Don R7 - Machsgain R9 - Jonty James
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