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  1. LOL. In reply to that, I am extremely grateful that the male equivalent of camel toe is not a thing on race day. I personally am not a fan of either gender version.
  2. Thank you Sir. I have learned much in the last two days and had a laugh during the process. You probably weren't around in the 60's and 70's to remember the stovepipes and bellbottom/flares. We had it all going on back then. That is when the "wedgy", the "camel-toe", the muffin-top, and the "bulge" were invented. Polyester was also a thing, not a good thing. To put on a pair of pants required lying on a bed and wriggling into them. Removing them required help from the local firebrigade or you risked concussion as you fell about the room wrestling with your pants. As a young male back then I foolishly followed the fashion of the day. These pants should have been called "Guantanamo's' due to there torturous nature. There was no room in these pants for male genitalia, none. You spent your entire day shifting your bits to achieve some sort of respite. If you were a testosterone filled male, any involuntary excitement in public could be extemely embarrassing and painful. It astounds me that any male of that era managed to father children due to circulatory issues and the fact it took so long to get your pants off. Fastforward fifty years and we have the "skinny" pants, bellbottoms without the bell. Due to modern day stretch fabric this revamped version is not devoid of issues. They like their predessor leave little room for imagination hence the revival of the camel-toe etc. Unfortunately, the stretch also exaggerates that which should probably remain hidden. Like the bellbottom these pants were designed to fit a boyish figure devoid of curve. Well suited or not, we are prone to follow the fashion of the day. I will leave the sock enhancement thing for another day. The photo below illustrates my post. The band is "Cream", featuring Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and recently deceased Ginger Baker (RIP).
  3. Funny. Even funnier is this ad that appeared below for Knobbies, new post coming maybe? Grin. Seems google is also following this thread😜
  4. Quite possibly, but not today. I am perplexed, you like comments about masturbation, had no issue with accusations of infidelity, didn't blink an eye when anothers reputation was attacked, but talk about camel toe and you feel compelled to comment. I will not lose any sleep over your indignation. Most will see the humour and that is what was intended.
  5. As it's the school holidays and I have some spare time I thought I might continue on with yesterday's informative post on "camel toe". I went back to everyones friend Mr Goggle and found a wealth of information on the subject. My wife still laughing has encouraged me to share. Camel toe affects all women, fat, thin, short, tall, young or old. While there are women who see this phenomenon as an asset there are equally those who see it as a curse and embarrassment. Many men also find the look distasteful, one particular quote made me giggle, "Nothing worse than seeing a random woman flashing a second pair of lips, hideous!" Yesterday I brought you the labia enhancer so it's only fair that today's lesson should be about elimination, concealment. There are a mindboggling array of camel toe concealers on the market. Even the Kardashians have a product called the "Cuchini", a very clever name. Grin. Rachel Ray featured a concealer called the "Braza' on day time TV, and as SICK OF IT vertually accused members of harming her daughter's well being I think this video is an appropriate share. Camel toe can be concealed or enhanced depending on your point of view, the choice is yours. Happy lip syncing all.
  6. Maybe greyhound racing should look to eliminate people like yourself from the sport, that would definitely improve the image we see. Your posts and that of your alter-ego are trash.
  7. Neither did I. I had to google my wife's information because I actually thought she was having me on. But no, it's a thing.
  8. My wife thought your comment was hilarious and this is why. Camel toe or cameltoe by definition is, "an effect created by a pair of trousers or shorts that fit very tightly around a woman's groin, so drawing attention to the shape of the external genitals." The appearance of camel toe has very little to do with the amount of fat a woman carries or body shape, it is all to do with garment tighness and the stretch of the fabric. Either the woman is wearing ill fitting clothing or she is deliberately drawing attention to her genitals. My wife tells me that the later is a thing as some women believe camel toe makes them more attractive to the opposite sex. She also told me women buy undies with accentuated labia to complement their existing genitals. She is still laughing by the way. I have no idea who you people are talking about, but I will say this, if she is seeking attention, she got it. If not, maybe wear a size up or change the style of trousers. As for your children, if you are letting them read this forum, then they should be removed from your care.
  9. The recent governance review would probably support Four Shaw's point of view. The purchase of buckets so that "he who is warned off" can pick up after his dogs on roadside is a good example of going that extra mile don't you think? Hopefully with the right guidance the situation can be remedied. The deeply divided membership would appreciate the help.
  10. Great post Courtney. Firstly I would like to say Paul and his team have down a fantastic job at the Palmy club and my trainer has nothing but praise for the work they have put in, and the benefits returned to their members. For the membership fee you get free no hassle trials, free lunch once a month, a team that works hard to promote greyhound racing both locally and nationally. A team that acts quickly to remedy issues as they arise. Governance that listens to member concerns, makes changes when necessary and possible, then reports back. A team that keeps members informed on all fronts, holds meetings on race days to get member feedback and approval for nearly all new proposals. No issues with transparency. A team that manage staff well. On the flipside, Wanganui's recent report card was scathing. A governance review order, hahaha, nothing to be proud of there. The list of complaints flowed faster than Huka Falls. Any change has to be better than the litigation prone, one-eyed cowboys presently running the show. Today's fiasco just one of a sad series, every episode avoidable. Paul and Angela work as a team sharing the load. That's what partners do. To insinuate she is a pseudo trainer is a joke especially given Wanganui's alignment with a trainer who truly is. Good luck to you Paul, if you are working with the existing board you will need it. Might also need a sharp pair of scissors to cut the puppets strings in order to move forward in a timely manner. And best wishes to you Courtney, your post was well written and thought through.
  11. Excuse me, I suggested nothing. I asked a legitimate question. There are many reasons why a supposedly healthy human may suffer a heart attack, fatal or not. The causes and contributing factors are many. Health professionals endeavour to ascertain the exact cause if possible. Only then can they format a plan to reduce risk and incidence. I doubt they ever just shrug their collective shoulders and utter the word buggar. Why is that attitude acceptable here? Could this death have been prevented? Employ some commonsense of your own. Deaths need to be investigated fully, other lives could be saved.
  12. Can someone knowledgeable on this subject please explain why a fit, young, healthy dog would suffer a heart attack at the lure? Some documented referencing would be helpful so that a layperson can fully understand this anomoly. Can someone knowledgeable please also explain why the cause of the heart attack was not included in the report? Thank you.
  13. Cockyaleg

    import fee

    Totally agree with the limited licence model although I would set that max of 40. Also agree, most support Australian based sires which is hypocritical from those who wish to see imported race dogs banned.
  14. You sir/madam are without doubt mentally challenged. There will be no world record, it has been done before. There will be no world record because the kennel will likely be shut down after December. There is no prestige while racing under a live baiting cloud, only shame. There is absolutely no benefit to the industry in achieving that goal.
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