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  1. Bit of tall poppy syndrome on here I fear. Chop him down before we really know how good he is instead of enjoying the interest he is creating for the industry.
  2. I think you are right galah. They don't want anything that looks like hitting the horse that will upset the "do gooders". Another case of the majority giving in to the minority, in this looney left liberal world we live in. No common sense whatsoever.
  3. Good to here as she was an excellent driver, and horses kept on running for her.
  4. For me it is David Clarkson who painted a picture with his calls and made every race exciting. Then it is hard to separate Peter Kelly, Reon Murtha, Tony Lee and Mark McNamara.
  5. Bit rough but 1/1 on Been To Jennys @ $19 and $5 for an interest in race 6.
  6. R7 Proactor R10 Pilch.
  7. Over the last few years I have not bet on the gallops because there didn't seem to be any rhyme nor reason as to why so many horses with good form etc didn't come in. False info on track conditions also didn't help. However recently I have been watching the win movers and particularly any change close to start time, and have had quite a good run of luck especially place betting wise. There is less chances in the harness but they are there just the same from time to time. It is still called gambling and losses will always appear. Thanks for your posts Joe Kidd, I enjoyed reading them.
  8. Just shows you what a huge effect Dexter Dunn had on the winners total for Cran.
  9. Agree with you Joe Kidd regarding stakes values missing, but you can get these values on the Harnessracing.co.nz web site. Only takes a minute or two to check them out.
  10. This starter is so bad that I I am beginning to think the frequent farcical starts are tote driven, by alias of course. If he is just plain inept then why don't they get rid of him?
  11. Furlong

    Reefton Tips.

    R5-7 Been To Jennys.
  12. One for odds, Star Paige in R6.
  13. R1-6 Feel The Money. R2-7 Agree with Unique Rose.
  14. Showing my age. Highland Fling, Gold Bar and Johnny Globe all household names of the past.
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