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  1. I manage a couple of horses which were racing at the start of the month. One ran 2nd and the other was scratched. I have just received the statements for the month and NZTR have deducted the scratching fee and a start that was owing for the scratched horse from the stakemoney for the one that ran 2nd. They have completely different owners so how does that work?
  2. The open 1800 35k on the 9th Jan at Riccarton dropped with 6 noms. 22nd Feb 72 2000 at Riccarton dropped before noms out with 3. 6th March at Riccarton 2000. Dropped before noms out with 5 yet they held the 72 1200 open with 4 nominations. Who makes these decisions and surely at some stage they are obligated to hold one of these races. Pretty annoying to own a horse that doesn’t get to race unless you are prepared to go to Dunedin or further down South.
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