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  1. Thanks to Aussie Aussie Aussie. Otherwise would of gone un noticed
  2. Let's guess. Dog injured itself and is now retired
  3. Is this not a straight forward example of "race fixing". Common most weeks in the CD by some trainers with the distance races. Didn't some one even nominate a dead dog once for same reasons
  4. I would of thought riu be on May hound and Ferguson door step 8 am today
  5. Is this a grnz initiative that is going to be at every track. Wanganui and palmy employ security gaurds. Can they not control the unruly handlers and trainers that run all over the track. Ridiculous
  6. gambler


    I think they should have a award titled. Which big trainer can destroy the little trainer the fastest. Just a thought
  7. OMG I googled her. Is she Jenny Shipley's twin sister
  8. 28 days. Complete a successful trial. Then race 10 races without turning your head
  9. Love the yellow chain at wanganui
  10. Well watching wanganui . Revolting. Big arses in tight pants backing up to the camera. Time for dress code review.
  11. Fantastic. So they are avoiding mc Donald's. A win for us of the healthy brigade. It had to happen
  12. gambler


    Joe brown. Please keep confidential
  13. gambler


    Why the hell would I put my name forward and be accused of a liar. I saw this happen. Believe me or not. I really don't careful
  14. gambler


    Under previous management Mr trass was observed to take a handful of free trial tickets from his wife. For Mr Cole of course. Gota stop
  15. gambler


    He's going to have to show his true colors and stand up to the trass team.
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