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  1. what was this 'specific purpose'? Earl Hagaman donated 100k to the Natz because he...'liked them'...believe it...or not!
  2. yes Thomas ,try and ignore any past indescretions that are unfavourable to Natz supporters. The Natz catchphrase of 'Labour did it...too' is not in vogue now. As Ardern has said the proper process is being followed and it is not her job to make judgement on how other parties conduct their affairs. She had to remind oilslick Soimen that she refrained from comment on JLR's allegations.
  3. Taking a line through Felaars form in Oz would have to agree.
  4. Troy is a handy hoop.Even as an apprentice he showed some X factor.
  5. well the story as it stands ,doesn't mention the pride they must have in having the fastest cows in Matamata...either.ðŸĪŠ
  6. Almost a fairytale...without a wicked...witch or demons.
  7. former top Sydney jockey Kevin Langby on riding winners...'put your horse in the first 1/2 dozen,angle for a clear run in the straight and go for your life.'
  8. be afraid..very ..afraid..
  9. just imagine Thomas if he took his tongue tie...off!😉
  10. yes the CC was a good guide this year!ðŸĪŠ
  11. If Surprise Baby won it would be a 'shocking'...result.🏇
  12. Once upon a time the CC was a good guide to the MC..I am going back to that formula with no.2 Mer De G and redhot jock Damian Lane..all the best.😎
  13. Looking at stallions at stud ,I guess Rich Hill is encouraging ,standing staying types with European/Jap credentials. Seems an awful lot of B Grade aussie sprinters at stud here.
  14. Are people ,NZ'ers losing interest in the Melbourne Cup? With the Everest,The Golden Mile ,the Cox plate glamour and the fact that the Cup seems a gift for the overseas brigade these days,has the average fan gone off it as the big event that stops a nation? NZ had a heritage of producing great stayers to excel at the Derby and Cup distances.Yes the Aussies can breed great sprinters but you could look across the Tasman for a decent stayer. Those days are...gone...will they ever..return?Rugby-X,Racing-X,and beer (Lion Red/DB)X!! The Fosters Melbourne Cup now the Emirates Melbourne Cup....who's flying?
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