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  1. Well well we’ll, what an interesting week having the northerners down here (I will not name which ones), they had a fair bit to say, very displeased that Pete the cheat has stood again for Waikato Vice President after telling everyone he was standing down - I doubt anyone is shocked that his word is no good. Word is Thrilling Billy broke down in his last start (22nd August), retired immediately, was desexed that week and sent to Auckland for foster care while awaiting mayhounds intake - he hadn’t been in Ferguson’s kennel for months prior to the scratching incident. Pete the cheat apparently got a tip off the day before the stewards came for him and fabricated a great cover story to cover his butt! He really did make the stipes look stupid.
  2. Perhaps someone could clear it up by asking a Stipe next time they are at a race meeting, I will do so myself when next in attendance as I would like to know for sure but I seem to remember someone mentioning that the RIU were using the same guidelines as the other two codes as of 1st October? I’m not sure if it is “first offence” or “no offence within 120 days” you will receive a warning. I think it’s reasonable - everyone makes mistakes, everyone forgets to catch a dog or is a few minutes late to kennel once in a while. Clearly this is not for major infringements ie Field manipulation or blatant dishonesty - for that holidays should be handed out every time.
  3. Totally agree with Yankiwi on this one, Mike actually has integrity. As for the paragraph about further review, I think you’ll find that on the bottom of every report now and is nothing to do with Mike - hence why it is already up before he has even posted his report!
  4. I stand to be corrected guys but I’m pretty sure there was a change to the rule and the stipes can now issue warnings for first offences.
  5. Bettingman

    D J Lane??

    He is Ray Adocks understudy - Well done Ray putting this young mans name in lights and giving him a big kick start for his future career - I’m sure he will do you proud.
  6. Totally agree with you! Only one positive has come out of this and that is that he has shown himself to be the cheat that he is and put himself on everyone’s radar. (Although not sure sloppy is the right word - maybe just plan dumb!)
  7. Yankiwi he’s drawn to race tomorrow at Cambridge. Hope his foster parents have been keeping his fitness up!! To my knowledge it is up to the owner or trainer to deregister a dog with GRNZ when it is rehomed, failure to do this would mean the dog would remain in his/her name therefore they could continue to nominate. I don’t think you can blame a rehoming agency. Surely he stewards can check with the vet to see when he he desexed and that would give all the evidence needed.
  8. We can only hope this is not true, a club board member should surely have more scruples. If he has the ability to still nominate the dog once it is no longer in his care then aside from the obvious field manipulation he would also be subject to fine for not notifying the change of kennel?
  9. I imagine it is another health & safety initiative, we might not like them but unfortunately it’s the way of the future - might as well accept it and move on.
  10. Bettingman


    Is anyone going? Rumour is that the days of free tickets,flights accommodation for the awards winners are behind us - in fact I have spoken to a category winner that didn’t even receive a “Congratulations please come along and collect your award” let alone complimentary tickets! - Maybe they were lost in the mail? 🤔 Maybe they were all reserved for the GRNZ staff?
  11. Looking at the injury statistics for Auckland she would be doing well to stay away!!
  12. Clearly two different tracks from the inside to the outside - the outside dogs running in a sand dune! From what I’m told the Auckland “Powers that be” think the track is perfect and “No further correspondence will be entered into”
  13. Yeah...I was trying to be positive - sadly there is always someone that puts their pocket first - Just another thing to take note of for when I’m looking for a trainer next!
  14. It was good to see the trainers make the right decision scratching their dogs last night after the lure broke down in the c5 race at Cambridge, you just don’t know what injuries they could have picked up hitting the lure like that at full acceleration. Nice to see welfare ahead of greed ?
  15. I agree that a positive is a positive and the trainer ultimately takes responsibility regardless.... however I think the staff being blamed/tested is the same as if kibble is blamed it will be tested.... if canned fish is blamed it will be tested... if bread is blamed it will be tested.. The stewards are charged with the responsibility of trying to find the source and if the trainer points a finger at something then they will investigate it, it doesn’t make the trainer less responsible for the result.
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