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  1. Second to last week and hope Al has got gas in his beach buggy to get to TAB $400 to spend good luck
  2. TOTAL AFTER WEEK 18 $8437.45 ( $421 PER SHARE) Well not our week this week with all the roughies but hey we still got $161.70 for our efforts. So onto the second to last week and Al Foxton Beach to get those wheels into overdrive and get that beach buggy full speed to the closest TAB. Please find enclosed below receipts for the agreed $20 per week going to Ronald McDonald House and then decision needs to be made re the next donation whether it will be a set amount from the prize pool (eg 5 or10%) or if up to the individual to advise me how much they want taken out of their personal share? Then I was thinking we keep the wheels spinning and start the new club maybe after a 2 week break(quick freshen up, allow for new members if any are keen and back into it). Also if any one has a charity they would love to support for the next club I am open to ideas as I love the idea of giving back and I am pretty sure no one is missing the extra $1 they put in each week. If no one has any that are close to their heart I would love to put forward Heart Kids Otago as they really looked after Sarah & the kids at this end while Connor and I were in Starship. Sorry for the big write up have an awesome week all RMHC.docx
  3. It seemed one of those days with roughies popping up when we didnt have them. Still got a collect which is better than $0
  4. South oz quaddie gone. Just Flemington to go
  5. The site owner and i did not agree on a said issue and i decided to move away from the toxic site so no i won't send you a message as i deactivated my login And who the hell are you to think you know my family and they have told you i bully them? Do you wish to put your name to that allegation? $1.01 favourite your just another keyboard warrior who will never name themselves
  6. I didnt get booted off any site it was my choice not to post on other sites. I am not ashamed to report what i feel is content that oversteps the mark and if site owner didnt agree post would remain in place and life goes on. I don't think unfounded tales of adultery or accusations of people sleeping with bosses to get jobs have a place on an forum hence why i report things. I never said im a saint but the sexist comments on here against young women cross the line and from gutless pricks who wont grow a pair and name themselves is even worse. Pink shirt day was yesterday to make awareness of bullying and the people on here who weight shame and degrade woman need to take a hard look at themselves
  7. Do you sit with your hand on it you knob jockey ? And everytime i post hand comes out of your pants and your sweaty hands dredging up the past non event? I will challenge you to post a court report or anything passed the said article that shows any truth to the "alleged" incident as you wont find my name anywhere. Must of been a slow reporting day for the reporter and i guess "old man takes swing at patron misses and ends up in a garden" wouldnt sell newspapers. Agree with Gambler lets talk about current affairs!!!!!!
  8. Bugger awapuni was looking good second and third in third leg🙄
  9. Maybe get facts right the girl you are accusing doesnt even in the area anymore
  10. $126.10 off multi another week off the mark
  11. Always welcome in next one. This one has 3 weeks to go then a quick break and go again so come aboard if you are keen
  12. Well done tigertiger the jagar is on you tonight. Run them off their feet!!!!. Even better put my bonus bet on the nose yay
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