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  1. Gesus b krist...you must have been gutted, 1-21........it's just so hard to get a good horse, to lose one to bleeding and to have that ability is so bloody sad.....dust is the biggest factor in my opinion, I had sand walk in walk outs when I had my best horses.....no dust, and very forgiving......straw is just so expensive over 25 bucks a bail if you can get it, and dusty.......I can't understand people with sawdust bedding not wetting down at least twice a day and cleaning it out totally once a month Chief, and yet the lazy buggers scratch their head when their horse bleeds.....go figure.
  2. May and suggest Thommo, the Aussies love using these euphemism's......they are totally ambiguous .........I've been in the industry since God played fullback and most of the vet's I've discussed bleeders with are same page......bad luck.......some bad management, galloping the shit out of a suspected bleeder comes to an ill end...but bugger me, some trainers do!
  3. Mate the Germans don't always get it right........WW1, WW2, ring a bell? Look, the Chief got to the point in an earlier post, bleeding is not genetic, it's not congenital, it's brought on by extreme exertion, eg......galloping........I bet Winx was on drugs......legal drugs to help her, increase her longevity, it worked, I hope to fuck it works on mine, I don't have Waller's resources Thommo, bloody good luck to him as without the best vet science we are going to run second to the bloke that has....that's life......
  4. No Thommo, I don't agree with LASIX Raceday, but hey, that's just me, other's do.........but hell's bell's it should be allowable as an aid to training, and it is. As I said, it's about longevity, and I'm yet to see a horse suffer adverse effects when it's used as it should be......most reputable vets agree,. Anyway, IMO and it's yours......let's find another issue to debate.
  5. Thommo there is no-one more serious than I when it comes to horse welfare, therefore I beg to differ with you on this. Most horses bleed after galloping, I'll rephrase.......at sometime in their career they will bleed. Some shallow and some deep, you gallop them in hot, humid weather, or smoke infused atmosphere such as we have over here at the moment and you increase the chances dramatically, as Taree was called off due to smoke..... Anything that increases a horses longevity is a good thing, keeps owners in the game longer and employment for everyone, and at risk of sounding boring...it keeps arsehole slaughter men at the horse knackers idle, and that has to be bloody wonderful...IMO.
  6. Thommo, it's legal mate, legal......you just can't have it in your horses system Raceday, and heaps of horses wouldn't be racing without it's assistance, in fact the poor buggers would probably be at the knackers yard without it......
  7. If that ''prominent' local trainer is who I think it is, his thought process is irrelevant ! Came into racing without one iota of racing knowledge and trains by attrition, say's it all......how many mistakes did he bury? if he thinks NZTR is doing a great job the dick should be 'outed' named and shamed, what a joke and how demoralising and insulting is that to all of us that have been maimed, financially and emotionally by NZTR/RB and now the joke that is RITA.
  8. I think in the short term, Victoria do have a potentially massive problem....the POC tax is too high (compared to NSW) and punters, professional and casual alike, are backing off and reverting to sports betting (I seem to think I've seen this somewhere before???) and the other fees & taxes are not providing punters with any value....also Racing Victoria has appeared to have ceased with "non TAB" meetings to ensure they capture every last dollar from the punter. This has a rather dramatic knock on effect for owners....in other words, if you have a BM60 or less, they are telling you to sell because they are not catering for this level of horse. So with all of this going on, and a reduced amount going through the till, YES, they do have a potential problem...but no one wants to address it... Expect the same to happen in QLD....the POC tax is way too high and with reduced amounts going through the TAB, it will not be too long before the prizemoney is cut... All in all, its just a sugar hit...which has to come to an end....but how can the racing industry now go back to their respective governments and admit they advised incorrectly on the POC tax and the level it should be applied at??? That's the dilemma... Where Australia is different from NZ, they have a gambling mentality....that's where Messara got it wrong....
  9. Joe Bloggs

    Nz Cup

    And to think they made a movie over here with a cheating bastard of a trainer having a starring role!!! The movie should be about this story, a real time story, bloody well done to the team.
  10. And what a croc of shit it all is. I thought the 2011 report was, but this usurps 2011. How no one go's to jail has me beat, That's why history repeats, because fiduciary duty laws are so lax in NZ you get behaviour such as this.
  11. Joe Bloggs

    Cup week

    A well respected local trainer told me the track was well watered, with due respect and I mean due respect I have my own views on that. They gave the track out as a D5 on Wed and irrigated, no water from then, a D4 on Fri, with a weather forecast of warm and strong winds for Sat......why on earth did they not irrigate on Fri then? We had the 2nd fav in his race, he raced well below expectations, he was a Northern visitor and along with most of the other northerners on Sat he finished down the track. Pulled up ok, never let go at all according to his jock who mentioned it felt more like a Fast1 than a G3! So, instead of this All Weather crap, the money should be spent on right proper irrigation, laying a Strathayr surface and doing the job so all horses race on a forgiving surface and increase the longevity of summer/good track horses....IMO of course, for what it's worth.
  12. Thanks Jess, it says it all really, our mare is safely in foal touch wood, but this news and NZ's worst kept secret re the strangles cover up a few months back typifies the industry.......
  13. Tod ya so.....yadda yadda....go Bokke
  14. And thanks for letting me know!
  15. Oh that's sad, he had a stroke a fair while back, poor bugger, hard worker, nice man......gone too soon, RIP Guisie.
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