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  1. Not sure how to fix the problem, but thought I would point you to this below. /www.hrnz.co.nz/news/hrnz-website/ Cheers. Robert.
  2. There are not many single owners out there these days. One second in a rating 40 race at Alexandra Park for example, will pay your monthly training bill. I met a well known N.Z. Thoroughbred owner not so long ago, and has 30 horses in work around the world, and lost half a million dollars last year, but it is his choose to do that. Wishing you continuing good results with your horse. Cheers. Robert.
  3. Hi Brodie, It is not about the money for most, it their interest. We all have our opinions, and no one is making us taking shares in horses, and you are obviously not losing money through ownership, so will use your discretionary dollar more productively for your benefit. Cheers. Robert.
  4. Hi Brodie, It is not uncommon for Chris Waller to win all the group races on a programme. As I have stated previously, I choose to spend my leisure dollars on owning horses, and over 47 years would be way down on what I have spent, but it is my interest, and for many others, and the thrill of winning a race anywhere is indescribable, Palmerston North, Forbury or Addington. I will continue to support my sport to ensure it lives on long after I have gone. Cheers. Robert.
  5. Hi Brodie, As I have said in another thread, new owners are still coming in. Yes the Allstars are dominating the big races, but this season there are 240 harness meetings, and by the end of the season, the Allstars will win the equivalent of 13 full meetings. Of course, their stake money won will be very healthy, as they target the big races with multiple horses. Most of us realistic owners know we are probably not going to get a horse to compete at the highest levels, so there is going to be over 2000 other races over the season, where we are going to be competitive, to generate our thrills and enjoyment for the sport. Who knows one day our dreams might come true, and we will get a good horse. Cheers. Robert.
  6. Blood Spinning. The red blood cells are disposed of.
  7. The horse may not need anymore, but they have up to 40 available for each horse, just in case.
  8. I have just watched the second part of the box seats item on blood spinning, and was interesting. The cost is $850 plus gst, but that covers up to 40 treatments over a year if necessary. Cheers. Robert.
  9. I would not be too harsh on the drive. It was not as though he gave the lead up to just an average horse in Marcoola. If he had sat without cover, he would have got left there, because every horse that came around, went to the lead. Be patient Rees, your turn will come. Look, if you can have no luck and go that well, it is all bodes well when the horse gets a cosy run. Cheers. Robert.
  10. I will put the link up if you want it.
  11. Hi Jonny, I just stumbled across it when I was on line. Cheers. Robert.
  12. I have just watched tonights Box Seat, and next week there is going to be an item on it regarding Blood Spinning, presented by Greg O'Connor. It might give us an insight on what this involves. Cheers. Robert.
  13. Hi Flaggie, Yes, correct. Cheers. Robert.
  14. Hi Brodie, Having hosted the owners event at the Hall of Fame last Friday night, I can report there were lots of new owners in attendance. Most had horses racing, and had come from throughout New Zealand. The first people to arrive were from Oamaru followed closely by Ashburton. Of course, it is hard to get a good horse to compete with the top stables, who win most of the good races, but as an owner, winning any race is a thrill. Most people are in ownership in the hope and dream they might get a good horse, but knowing, it will probably not happen. I have always treated my horse ownership as my interest, and support that with my leisure/discretionary dollar. "You pay your money, you take your chances" It is not all doom and gloom, but we need to keep pushing our sport, and not rest on our laurels. Cheers. Robert.
  15. Not a betting person, but do like to point others in a genuine way,where possible. Black Art in race 5 at Cambridge is worth a look. Cheers. Robert.
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