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  1. This of course is completely useless information and the writer obviously failed research methods 101 and more probably like you is still tring to get through primary school maths. It's laughable that some people believe this garbage.
  2. Don't let the facts get in the way of a good quiz ATA.
  3. I also don't think betting turnover equates to sales. Sales are the gross punter losses.
  4. No. I am not confusing them. If my bread shop sells a loaf of bread for $2, then my gross income from that sale is $2 isn't it? If for my VIP customers I sell the loaf for $2 but give them a $1 rebate, then is my gross income $2 or $1? I would consider that the gross income of the TAB is the sum that they take in after the running of each event which for a standard race might be around 20% of betting turnover. The betting turnover maybe $2 billion but the gross income is $400,000 as Centaur says and I think it's verging on fraudulent to promote the TAB as a 2 billion dollar business.
  5. No idea why they haven't done that here and years ago. No brainer.
  6. Dean has already announced this. While the full year results for RITA will be outlined at the AGM in November (and featured in the pending Statement of Intent), the unaudited net profit for the 2018/19 financial year at $137 million was significantly below last year’s result of $145.9 million and well below the budgeted $173.5 million. In spite of this, distributions to the Codes for both the 2018/19 and 2019/20 season have been held at the current level of $151.6 million.
  7. Yes, they can probably do that if a club has a betting licence, but if a club's race dates are taken away, surely they can bugger off and do what they like within the limitations of their constitution which can be altered by members at any general meeting?
  8. If that's the "mantra", I disagree with it, if you can disagree with a mantra. Any funds that have gone into clubs building assets were earned by the clubs as recompense for providing a venue and a product in the form of racedays FOR the industry. That's leaving aside the fact that some of the funds earned by some clubs went to subsidise the earnings of others. Such an argument frankly sucks and is untenable.
  9. Isn't it kind of that bad and desperate already? Otherwise why would this even be on the agenda?
  10. I thought the intent was that ALL club assets would somehow be vested in NZTR or Rita or some other body's hands?
  11. If a club no longer has a licence, they will no longer be a member of NZTR, nor come under the legislative powers of the Act (as it stands) will they?
  12. Can anyone really see the likes of the ARC let alone Reefton signing over there assets to NZTR without a fight?
  13. Yep. https://app.businessregisters.govt.nz/sber-businesses/viewInstance/view.html?id=229a78e05307b6d8bf1b29667f00cb1765d96e860579051d&_timestamp=2447896640324261
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