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  1. Agree Freda the participants were asleep at the wheel
  2. Nothing new here Kopia, just as scandalous Key and his lot did nothing and let the thieving fucken suits line their pockets and fuck the industry for good. Rita will be a waste of time and money I agree Good luck in Aussie a no brainer
  3. Pretty simple Doug - if you don't have the Thomas show the site is fcuked
  4. ???? Look like he has been sidelined again
  5. A huge turnout for the big man, it really was Canterbury Racing saying bye Paul, travel well but so hard to believe Paul's no longer with us Life's cruel such a huge loss - he taught us how to enjoy life and not get hung up on shyte What a bugger
  6. He is back after a weekend of care Just like Racechat, we will go on one morning and Doug will have pulled the pin Inevitableu Thanks Thomas, you have fucked another site you nutter
  7. Better than yours you nutter
  8. Anything carrying 65kg with blinkers on and tongue tie and cushion plates having it's 59th start with 2 placings on a heavy 12 And being ridden 3kg over weight by a rider who hasn't ridden a placing in his last 120 rides Get on Thomas
  9. Turny


    Punters Club gone Thomas just you and happy clapper Pam left and Doug of course to support you clowns
  10. Now at RP - interested then give it a go
  11. Turny


    Jason's Punters Club gone to RP so anothor 24 leave
  12. What do you expect for $40 mil - a very happy supplier with a fat bonus
  13. Was that the last Jewels Seems to have lost something and I don't think Addington is the right place I found it boring today
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