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  1. Been thru a few European countries and currently on a river cruise and currently in Bratislava. Great architecture in Europe and plenty of church’s and museums lol Great places to visit but apart from the NZ TAB and the current government we are very lucky to be living in NZ Not much chance of Ranga being under our bed as very low and rooms Aren’t overly large
  2. Had 3 days in Budapest, No TABS or Casinos! Not too sure what they do for entertainment?
  3. Maybe Tim Vince is a major money launderer? Maybe he needs to be followed? Seriously though, the TAB have been pathetically weak about this ! Anyone with half a clue realise that it is nothing to do with money laundering at all, and whoever the dickhead was that brought in the $1k limit should be kicked out as he has no idea about how to run a business successfully. Hopefully commonsense will prevail and it will be altered to what the AML act says and that is $10k. TAB is haemorraging big time but they don’t admit it.
  4. Saw the replay of Renezmee winning at Ashburton and I note that Reagan Todd is now training it for Jack Harrington. Major improvement on what she had shown in the last couple of months when Jack had it, as it was going like a dog! Clearly back to her very best again ! Must like The change of scenery PS. Jamie’s Bad Boy in the same category with Mark Jones. Didnt set the world on fire with Craig Buchan
  5. Don’t know and don’t care Greg! Truth is that the TAB treats punters totally unequal and that is my gripe! They are supposedly a betting agency that should be taking the good with the bad! The fact is that the TAB won’t let anyone win consistently and they just make things impossible so that it is not worth your while. They let some bet $10k and they advertise that they are concerned about losing punters. Winning punters are shut down! It is The Brodsters perogative to point out the injustices that prevail, and it doesn’t just stop at restrictions. Hopefully one day they will realise the error of their ways and allow law abiding punters to be treated fairly!
  6. Seriously we are meant to have close economic ties to Oz and yet we can’t bet on our nZ account for Oz unless it is on our phone. Another blatantly stupid thing that the powers at be in NZ TAB should be able To sort. They wonder why turnover isn’t growing, you are kidding aren’t you?
  7. Reduced turnover!!! If you are in Oz you can not bet on NZ racing from your IPad or computer. Currently in Budapest, Hungary and you can! Why on earth is this allowed to happen with our neighbour?????!
  8. Correct Chief. The 1k is just blatant BS, and just another way of selecting who the NZ TAB want wagering with them. There is no sense of fair play with them whatsoever, and the ones that are making the business decisions are out of their depth! It is all about yield for the bosses to the detriment of turnover. Reality is that they will get reduced turnover and reduced punters betting with them and with no new people coming on board and existing ones moving on, it isn’t going to be a positive result! $1k from a win is money laundering? Get real and come out and tell all the punters that it is just another way of having total control over everyone!!!! Does the Casino have a $1k limit? No!
  9. Brilliant, lower betting activity from some high value customers!! FFS, NZ TAB, who are your high value customers? Is it your bigger losing customers or your previous bigger winning punters? Are you really that stupid that you can not work out why the turnover has dropped? You are as honest as this current Government that we have!!!
  10. Only if they are losing punters Greg. Good punters are now restricted to amounts not worth the effort. New punters in their 20s are not being attracted to racing, they will be into the sports. TAB is killing off the racing punter, end of storey. Personally haven’t had a bet since the blatantly dishonest AML rule that the NZ TAB brought in,just not worth the effort for diddly squat. Overseas in Europe at the moment and enjoying the break. NZ has great living conditions in comparison apart from the NZ TAB!
  11. What did I miss last night at Addington? Not a lot by the look of it! Just got back from a long day and looked up the results from Addington last night. Yeah, the AllStars won 4 from 4 last night, and such massive divs once again. Great to see and surely a sign of things to come! Harness Racing is seriously in decline going forward! Yes I know, you have heard it all before, but if you don’t want to believe the truth then don’t bother reading. The Darkside has been commenting about the decline in betting turnover and very poor stakes! You can blame the NZ TAB for the declining turnover!!!!! So many now just can not be bothered having a go for measly returns and being treated like a criminal money launderer! TABs loss! They need a total overhaul to improve things.
  12. Go for it Happy, I am overseas at the moment so it is a free for all! She isn’t that hot anyway!
  13. Don’t care who wins the Cup as long as it is not Purdon/Rasmussen stable. Time they let some other stable win it as it is an absolute borefest listening to the dribble before and after the cup! Hope the supporting races aren’t won by them either
  14. The Courts were asked to change the name by HRNZ, however they wouldn’t which I agree with. Where do u draw the line
  15. Prob not Hunter, but if all are no. 8 box all the 8s and you get the trifecta
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