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  1. We are all satisfied with everything to do with harness racing at the moment!
  2. Never shown enough to win a race and walked them and still not good enough! Some are alllwed to put plenty on and others nothing! Come on TAB give everyone a fair go!!!!!
  3. How could someone put 1600 to win on Lilac Change. Hasnt been going well enough! might have been a jacked up race lol
  4. Serious?.. The way they treat certain punters, you believe that I should have sympathy for them??? Hope they get taken for plenty!!!!
  5. Hopefully plenty have Ranga! TAB have totally lost it and if you knew the pathetic amounts being offered you could only shake your head! Totally pathetic. When you can only get less than $100 on every single bet it is just crazy, and not worth your time'!!!
  6. Ranga, The TAB have adopted a $150 restriction on some punters accounts!!!!!!!!
  7. What is a lie? $150 limit? Brodie doesn’t tell porkies Ranga!, Read above what Garrick Knight tweeted!!!
  8. Hilarious. As you are well aware Ranga, Brodie stands for fairness and common sense. The NZ TAB is not standing for this with their pathetic punter restrictions, and as I have stated previously, it affects them a helluva lot more financially than it does to me. They have seriously lost the plot, and are going to lose more than just the punters! Ranga, do you believe that punters should be restricted to being only able to net $150 on their account????
  9. The NZ TAB never ceases to amaze in how they want to harm the industry big time! If they don’t want people punting on Fixed Odds Harness then just wipe them. How on earth are they allowed to be this prejudicial against some and not others? Racing is stuffed as there are people in executive positions making decisions that Are plainly stupid and unfair!
  10. Thaddeus Taylor, what a blatantly stupid comment from him! So Mr Taylor thinks that $150 max net collect is fair and reasonable nowadays and is a surefire way of retaining the punters?? Total waste of time even bothering betting on accounts with the NZ TAB if that is what they are now offering up!! The NZ TAB is going from bad to worse and needs a total makeover if the decisions are being made from the top! You can hardly blame punters from trying to bet overseas and If this is what we are going to get going forward, from these so-called Bookmakers, then good luck to them improving the sport! As I have said previously, they do not give a damn about racing in NZ, all they want is sports betting and naive punters wagering on pathetic races from overseas! Seriously they need to change their name to something other than BOOKMAKERS, as they are nothing like Bookmakers nowadays! The thing is in Australia as far as I am aware, there was a policy that punters are able to net a minimum of $1000 per bet, but this lot in NZ are going to kill the racing industry'!!!!!!!!
  11. Good initiative the TAB offering the money back when you back a horse to win and it runs a place!!! Yes I am sure it suits many but the maximum amount is only $30!!!!! I appreciate it is to attract people to keep punting and they know that what is returned to the punter will be offloaded again anyway! They are doing this to keep punters and to try and keep turnover up HOWEVER this generosity is not always being shown!!!!!! I am not sure how many this affects at the moment but I do know from someone else as well the NZ TAB has now reduced the net amounts being able To be won to certain punters to pathetic amounts on their accounts, that makes it not worth the effort!!! Limits of $150 and $300 are now being applied and even if the offers that the TAB give are not accepted by the punters, they slash the dividend of the horse anyway!!! Racing in NZ is totally stuffed if this is the way that the NZ TAB thinks is the way to increase turnover on racing!!! Have other contributors been subjected to this from the TAB or heard of the same thing? $150 in this day and age is utter BS!!!!
  12. Personally don’t believe Winston is that concerned with racing at all! you barely hear from him on anything nowadays, just goes to parliament to act swarmy and stir during debating time! In his total time in Parliament being a career politician, what has he actually achieved?? The GOLD CARD, whipty doo! If Racing is relying on him to improve racing, then I believe we will be sadly disappointed.
  13. Never heard of Mr Barsi, but then again do not follow the greyhounds. I am agree that it is going to be almost impossible to resurrect the Auckland clubs financial position. If they sell the $20m building then that is going to reduce income from the rental income and then with interest and principal payment on another $20 million is going to be marginal at best. The only way out of it is if the Government bails them out but I would not think that was too likely. Hopefully they can sort things out for the better ast it couldn’t get much worse unless there are buyers who pull out of the sales of the apartments due to the time delay! Have they still got the finance to finish the apartments as the financiers must be more than a bit worried!
  14. Wouldn’t think JJ is Greg! Why would he sign his name Greg, as Wouldn’t that be a silly thing to do? Personally think Greg is a knowledgeable and good presenter for harness racing! He will be hamstrung by both HRNZ and the TAB as to what he is able to say!
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