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  1. Your quite right galah, I too would rather that than a one stable dominated meeting,. ...!
  2. A cosy dinner for 2 with Mick at the top of the park restaurant? It's all they deserve
  3. Unlucky..... pretty substandard fields apart from race 2 and the results show.....well done to anyone that made money.
  4. I'm slowly being put off it, was leaving my bet till the last minute.... might leave it all together!!
  5. Any one have any bully for adders tonight? I fancy Hayden's meddle, but hoping the bookies will release the purse strings and make him a sporting bet at least...at $5 FF at the moment but should be $6 or $7!
  6. It was a bit strange, westarsam Sam just seemed to move out wide without going forward, the other Dickson horse right behind it didn't immediately take up that position and twofiftyeight was given a free ride off the inside..... twofiftyeight the horse the stable punted??
  7. Are you talking about where westarsam seemingly comes out 3 wide to let twofifty eight off the rails?
  8. I must say when the whip eventually disappears not many big punters will have much confidence in betting on the horses, not that I think it's a good thing for the horses, but a few wake up calls does help.....it will get to the point where horses will just switch off and punters will leave in droves because form won't Matter.
  9. Winston related to racing!!! But no one seems to read the sections other than trotting, greys and thoroughbred plus it will get a rise from thommo!! And yes a rant ...ahhhhh feel better .. thanks Tonka
  10. Good on Alan Jones for telling it like it is, Jackie the thick bint is just following whatever the globalist tossers tell her in regards to climate change......just like the global compact agreement her and turncoat Winston signed (where was the referendum?) that will soon flood NZ with 3rd world economic migrants , that the hard working people of n z and the western world have to support...... fortunately populism is taking over from globalism across the world now as people are getting sick of p.c,... lgbtqxyz..... and being brainwashed and told what to think......Macron will be gone next election in France, Trudeau will be gone next election from Canada. The European union is starting to crumble as people want to preserve their culture and traditions and are sick of the economic migrants murdering raping and pillaging their countries.......
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