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  1. Does Brodster bet on the rugby?
  2. Yep got my money on the Irish, so no doubt the all blacks will win! The bloke the put 100k on the a.bs @ $1.18 should have waited, they have drifted to $1.21😀
  3. You see it all the time, it was snipers turn to win, and race tactics unfolded accordingly....it is a real turn off and I don't bother about these races, only looked at results last night and watched replays this morning. It's sad as I really used to enjoy the open class and age group races before they got overwhelmingly dominated..... they seem above the law when it comes to team driving
  4. At least trainer seems to care and has heart in the right place from what muzenza says..... good luck to the old boy in his retirement.
  5. Feel sorry for other trainers from now on, just impossible to compete tactically with 4 or 5 horses from one stable in those feature races..... like taking a pea shooter to a gun fight
  6. Not to mention all the lunches and booze ups they no doubt say no to so they can pump the money back into racing..... yeah right
  7. Ranga I know far too much / JJ is pretending to be Greg O'Connor ...... are you trying to be iraklis? Please aim higher and be the whale!!😁
  8. Went a nice trial recently as well, don't think he'll reach the heights of raphoe though
  9. Brodster stays true to himself.........he doesn't pretend he's Greg O'Connor vis a vis lol
  10. He trains a few now, I think....was a top junior in the 90's
  11. R5 never never land $8.5 I thought it would be a bit shorter R7 wolf west $12 and tri royal brigade for the quinella. .. quite a few journey man horses in the race that will make the $1.80 fav work hard
  12. Certainly been a fair few decent ones slip through the net over the years......
  13. I think he won an interdom junior driver comp in the 90's but Don't think he was top junior, lots more competition back then
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