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  1. Any money back is a bonus Al, good stuff.
  2. I swear blue It used to be in the extended form bit just above the watch and bet and will pays bit, but having clicked on it now I see it's not there anymore...or I've gone mad! I only use the app to check results now, I go to an agency to place bets....geez they really have dumbed this tab website down.
  3. Wondered who that jockey was in the white robes and pillow case on his head!! Completely different scenarios Thomo, reading into what falou posted was not hate against a race of people or religious hate, he is into saving people's souls so he's just repeating an age old adage, Christian's as far as I'm aware are into saving people for the afterlife.... like weasel I'm looking at best being a bit of charcoal in the after life, but I use my intelligence and I know those words can't hurt me or anyway affect me as a human
  4. Quite right Weasley guy, It just comes down to common sense and sticking to one's own beliefs, what ever they may be.
  5. Totally agree Newmarket, it's like a bunch of small dairys trying to compete with a major supermarket, the dairys one by one get squeezed out of business. I used to really love the age group races, but apart from the trotters it's now sadly a bit of a bore fest.
  6. He copy and pasted a piece from the Bible FFS .....it's totally blown out of proportion to a ridiculous level....why does no one condemn Sonny Bill for his belief, if he is a true Muslim, his prescribed punishment for homosexuals and drunkards don't end well! We are quite happy in the west to accept other faiths and religion's, and encourage people to come here and practice them no matter how violent and destructive they are, but when it comes to the one our civilization was originally based on we are in self destruct mode! ...I'm on Israel's list (I love a beer), but I'm clever enough to understand that it's a Facebook post so it doesn't affect me and really can't understand how thick and thin skinned people are!
  7. There are a few exceptions in sports,.... Michael Jones may have been another........
  8. Really, what chance do small owners/stables have when they have this domination.....looks like the trotters racing at the jewels will be where the competition is!
  9. The difference I think is obvious, Folau had a strong Christian belief that he is entitled to.......the others are over paid animals, what parent in their right mind would suggest to their kids to look up to a rugby or league player? Falou on the other hand apart from his recent Facebook post is a pretty wholesome Christian chap that's been stitched up by left and the media!
  10. You took the word's out of my mouth Brodie, every Saturday race in Sydney and Melbourne on a Saturday is worth $100,000 plus plenty of good value races to keep all trainers/owners happy
  11. Yes I'm ready to hit the scratcher come on happy I won't sleep
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