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  1. this is great post the dicemans been just had to put it up again lol
  2. Blair Orange is just the best can drive even bad horses and make them look good that's why he is called the postman as he just keeps delivering
  3. small fields and small number of races is this going to be normal from now as so many horses being sold ????
  4. sounds like half Canterbury stablehands
  5. is it a stare??? was think it was a Blair glare
  6. winning blue chip was good winning derby
  7. Gregs tipping is not flash lol but is good at doing his trackside presenting
  8. Ian Cameron's horses look like they need good feed and a decent rug on them as six inches of hair on there coats lol
  9. dream testa anyone no about this horse trained in Canterbury has won a race have been told it is a good horse have seen it race and I think its not much of a horse so please help me by saying about it
  10. close call ranga what about sunny sunny day???
  11. old Tim just trying to get win number 2 in his career trained a winner 45 years ago
  12. she had to get out of racing I heard as newmarket had the hots for her and was after her lotto win
  13. do you think on how well it is breed in will win a race lol??? nooooo
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