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  1. happy this post should win best post of all time
  2. hey Taku its good on ya cross dresser
  3. don't think Nicky boy likes working on Friday nights
  4. last years jewels drama about stable hands and p so when are they going to test for epo??
  5. sir Lincoln nothing wrong with him as a stallion and we all no rays horses are not juiced up like your silver star stable
  6. like to no is the lab in yaldhurst legal and wonder mpi are not investigating this lab
  7. hey Bec give us a winner for your nelson meeting???
  8. should it be positive??? what do everyone think as 36 is the cut off
  9. horse count landeck returns a reading of 36 in my book that is a positive but Riu have it as a negative so what's going on???
  10. jewels day has become more of a joke day feel sorry for all honest owners and trainers putting up with all bullsit no wonder all the withdrawals in some of the races
  11. no money to be made in syndicate horses to many owners
  12. more and more horses going to be sold about time HRNZ wakeup and do something were is Kenny
  13. having a tango with victor ranga
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