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  1. Laughed myself silly with this one. Hey Brodie how long have you been with Isis.
  2. Money launderers just do not operate that way. As I have alluded to, you do not want to draw attention to yourself , but retain possession of the kitty by the means stated above and normally we are talking huge amounts here. Its a complete smokescreen.
  3. Totally agree. Here is the definition of Money laundering. It is the illegal process of concealing the origins of money (usually huge amounts ) obtained illegally by passing it through a complex sequence of banking transfers or commercial transactions ( TAB ???? f--k off). The overall scheme of this process" returns "( the operative word here) the money to the launderer in an obscure and indirect way. If i had made obscene amounts of money through drug deals or the like, would I then pass it through a TAB which is hardly a complex masking agent for laundered money. It would take a complete moron to think it was an obscure and indirect way of obtaining the money back, coupled with the fact of potentially losing it. In the real world it doesn't happen. The TAB,s decision makers should be lined up against a wall and shot, if they think joe public are that thick.
  4. Personally I think Ashley Locaz is going to have a huge 5yr old season. Has been knocking for a while and built up a good record againsted top opposition. So AS or not will be following intently .
  5. Chancing my arm here, but at 11,s ff and 19 on the tote worth some dosh. Love the Hopes horses. Race 5 Krystal Delight No5
  6. First up that was contemptuous. Heading for the top this guy, another to swell the open class ranks.
  7. So do we hope it continues to gallop, no offence to the horse and connections. Now if Oscar gallops as well we are home and dried.
  8. Well ring him up and give him the sack then Weasel, but have plan B ready. One can still strike a straight blow with a crooked stick. Good onya George.
  9. Correct. I live in the Nth and my horses run in the South, so hang on every word from the commentator as I can not cannot get to meetings. As for Booby Becs , George " I love my self "Simon. Ever met the guy Bob. He is the loveliest bloke and the most hospitable and funny guy one could meet. Cant wait to hear one of your Racecalls, Bob
  10. I tell you what , that Matua Tana ,s run was huge at the Mot. Five lengths last at one stage ,still last on the turn and powered home for 4th running greenly. Big lump of a horse but boy can he run, smoked past Winterfell in the straight. I always maintained Winterfell had found his mark some time ago. We are confident MM will have a very good season .
  11. Not sure where he will resume as yet. That decision is still to be made. He is trialing at Ashburton tomorrow.
  12. Monty is not starting , going to Northern Southland meeting. I hope they give Oscar a start, will be interesting as he will give them something to chase and he can run some fast sectionals. Frankly if he starts ,its a two horse race.
  13. Happy, my son in law would laugh his pants off and call you stark raving nuts if you thought you could train a horse ( and well) from a book or Google. You can have all the knowledge in the world from your perspective but you will only have a basic start point. Remember we are talking horses here that , as I have pointed out, have personalitys, idiosyncrasies, take different work loads etc, etc.
  14. Happy to say you can learn from the best in a matter of moments in regard to training horses is somewhat naive and a gross exaggeration. Every horse is different in makeup , personality , etc. It takes years to build up knowledge on what to look for and apply certain methods to each individual horse, including nutrition, vet care , and so on.. Now because I have a son in law that trains horses I have first hand experience of the process and compared to the big stables (130 horses or so)where one size fits all because of staff/ time restraints , his horses are probably better looked after over all. An example of this is testing ph levels in the dung, which he does for gut health. Big stables dont have the time, that I know of, therefore take a one size fits all approach when making up feed. Only when the horse presents with a sluggish disposition do they then pick up on it, and adjust accordingly with additives in the feed. But once again it takes experience to recognise in a horse when something isn't right, and a lot of that comes back(hopefully) from the track riders.
  15. Well after talking to Nicky and seeing how hard she works , thanks to my granddaughter driving trackwork for her for a while , it is hard graft. She is one hell of a worker. Getting well heeled owners on board gives access to better quality horses but you need a reputation first and that takes time and some breaks. So I confer with Pasketti in that it is rough work competing with the big stables. But !!!!!, without the small trainer I think Harness would die a natural death ,
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