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  1. globederby12


    If you care to read the Stipes report, it states they consulted with senior drivers and management and they were all unanimous in their decision not to carry on. Call it soft or whatever.
  2. C, mon Brods, a lot of people are investing in running Harness horses. Every horse you see running at every meeting has an owner/owners. Have they given up, or been talked out of it, God forbid they listen to you. I shall give you a rope to hang yourself with your outlook on the state of NZ harness. Bit hypocritical slagging ownership and then owning up to be an owner.?.
  3. Am I right Rangi ?. Busy day obviously. Me that is.
  4. Down South somewhere. Almost looks like Becks colours from the 1980,s. He had some good horses back then, will try one of his best. Josephine Brett.
  5. ????. C,mon Happy , put us out of our misery.
  6. I wild guess . Royden Glen. Either that or a Kiwi horse running in Canada somewhere.
  7. Watch this space. How many more decades have you got to live.?
  8. What crap. I will reiterate what was conveyed to me from a reliable source by chance. Thirty to thirty five % down turn since app was introduced. How that equates to monetary figures I dont know , but writing on the wall I would think.
  9. Have to say that Vintage Cheddar is putting in some great runs, for Allister. Very talented horse in the making. All around it last night,.couple of nice wins , a second and two running filthy fourths although Cullens Bet was a good run from out wide and comming from last. BB for me. With Winterfell winning things will be hot come Jewels day.
  10. After browsing the fields, my thoughts. R1 Cheerful. All Stars again. R2 Heisenberg. Should lead from that draw, but needs cosy trip in front. R3 Cullens Bet. Wide but 4 from 5 at this distance and on the up. R4 Springbank Lauchie. Should be ready to roll, and parochial Williamson fan. R6 Tailored Ellegance. Like what i have seen so far, should be close, and AS will have her in it. R8 Best Western . A very gritty horse this one, and has the draw to work with. My BB R10 Gran Chico. Beaten fav last start and sure to have support again. Should be a good night at the Met.
  11. As an aside, I cannot believe how many times the TAB have given me free money to bet with over the last 3 weeks, which I have told them to stick with numerous emails, with no reply as yet. Is it because I only have 60 cents in there?. In amongst that have been 100 dollar enticements in matching my input. If, as I was told that they are 30-35% down on turnover after the app debacle , then it really is the "dance of the desperates". Mind boggling ineptness.
  12. Sad. I didn't really expect you to know any different. Some light reading. Jeremiah 5:21 1 Corinthians 2:14 For the Christian, this life is the closest they will get to hell( I will explain Hell as being the complete absence of God, for your sake. Gods "general grace" given to all will be removed. Shouldn't worry you as you obviously have no faith. For the unbeliever this life is the closest they will get to Heaven. Of course as Israel pointed out , sadly only tacked on the end , to his detriment, is Gods love for all who embrace it, and a way of salvation if only one would grasp it. Christianity is about love and forgiveness, not condemnation. Unfortunately , in my own human condition I cannot convince you of the existence of God or his saving grace. You will personally find out( unless you change your mind) on your death bed, if indeed Christians were kidding or not . God bless Thomas
  13. Give the Metro club a ring ?.
  14. Why, is your Mum going to take you.
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