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  1. Not a really top class field, with some better rated horses running in other races on the same night. But one can only win ,so great to see.
  2. A wee way back on the dams side Save Fuel pops up.The incomparable Meadow Skipper and also Bret Hanover feature prominently on the Sires side and the Direct Scooter line through In The Pocket . Speed and guts .
  3. By Tintin In America a real speed horse but struggling to leave anything great (till now). Brilliant time done on her ear. Boring though, eh Brodie !!
  4. I will stick my head on the block here Happy. R3 Absolut Russian R4 Minnelli Smile. (tipped it out 3 starts ago, will break maidens very soon, gritty horse) Cheers
  5. There was a black booker come out of that race for you Happy, to follow next. Homebush Lad. Was one of those that got skittled ,but made up huge amounts of ground to finish only 6 lengths off them. Did my money on it but will get it back next start for sure.
  6. Liberty Strides run reminded me of Dark Horses run in her early days. Lost 80 tagged on then blouses them. Effortless action and very impressive. Dark Horse due back on the track after recovering from injury in Sept we hope. Watch this Space.
  7. globederby12


    Nah, they have stopped giving me free money, loveless bunch. Have no idea why
  8. globederby12


    He has a lisp. he means Deep Heat
  9. Now TWO hurdle wins, 3100 and 3500m. Gobstopper now going for Grand National in two weeks. Watch this space.
  10. Hence the nickname. Birdshit Bronson. Wasn't a bad driver when he got it right to be fair to him.
  11. Here's a first. This hasn't happened before . The Tab gave me a free 10 bucks to use before Sunday. Stuck it on a horse at Forbury paying $2.30 place and it comes in. I only get $13 bucks as they take their 10 bucks back. Lol
  12. This subject about access to NZ TAB has come up before on here.My son in Melbourne showed me how to trick the site into thinking you were somewhere else and access was simple. That was from a computer or laptop/ tablet.. Not sure about a cellphone though. But here is great story. "A leading Australian bookmaker is refunding punters who backed NZ to win the cricket World Cup final. Sportsbet says it has refunded over 11000 people nearly $450,000 describing the method used to determine England as winners , the countback on boundaries an "absolute disgrace. Touched to that. Someone get in touch with our guys here at the TAB and see if they can reciprocate for the embattled NZ punter. Ppphhhhh.
  13. Race 5 no2 Team Kiwi. Finally gets a decent draw and over the mile. Her mum Kiwi Ingenuity was a top horse and could tramp. Her full brother runs in race 6 and he has fashioned a good record so far. Bit short on FF at 3.80 but my bet of the day.
  14. One of the reasons I decided to evacuate this site for all but minor cameo,s.
  15. Terrific run. Has her dads guts by the look of it. Will be sticking to this one in the future like a mad woman's shit to a blanket. Great place money.
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