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  1. So did Peter Vela put pressure on NZTR to the fund $500k for The Magic Millions or was it other members of The Auckland Racing club who are on the NZTR Board? Or is it a requirement for those NZTR Board Members to declare a conflict in interest and stand down from discussion and voting on matters relating to the Magic Millions funding?
  2. I see that she is now up to 85 rides without a win
  3. Gee that dress! It's right up there with Naomi Lange's cardigan
  4. Wasn't Falau in his younger days a piss head and rooter? So now he has found god everything is fine but should some others be rooters and piss heads they are off to hell. Makes sense.
  5. Really? She has had 57 rides since her last win.
  6. Almost all of the 7pm shows going way back to Holmes have been fronted by wankers and sure its PC crap. Problem for Leo is that there are current and prospective customers watching the show who would consider him to be stupid so he has probably lost these as customers.
  7. Let's not forget the objective was to close tracks, sell them and pocket the cash to fund the big "Bludging Clubs" .
  8. Ok I will accept your word. Good to see that you love all races.
  9. OK Water Boy, declare that you are not anti Muslim and you do not share the views of the alt right?
  10. He is anti Muslim. I fiind his comments on this forum disgraceful.
  11. We have just had 50 killed by someone who shares your views Water Boy.
  12. No chance of it being run at Avondale, Auckland has taken their races ie. The Avondale Cup and Concorde etc. The Board of NZTR are mugs for handing out $500k to a race that pulls horses away from group races.
  13. That is fine so why do they need the $500k for the Magic Millions?
  14. On Waitangi Day Tauherenikau did not have the large crowd it would normally expect due to poor weather. They also only had a 7 race card but their on course turnover was only slightly less than Waikato's Group One Day which had 8 races So who are the "bludgers"?
  15. Agreed re the bludging bigger clubs Reefton. We have a large club Auckland which has a war chest of funds due to selling property but yet NZ Racing provides them with $500k to be wasted on two races which are basically sweep stakes. The night in question appears to be one where everyone goes to get pissed so why not NZ Racing chuck them $50k instead, save $450k then allow everyone on the night to have a decent piss up.😛
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