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  1. I am sure that the Auckland Racing Club thinks NZTR are doing a great job Freda as they propped up the Magic Millions by the tune of $500k
  2. Neither did Glenda Hughes who appointed him and same with Nathan Clown who appointed Hughes.
  3. A National Party hack who was appointed as Chair of The Racing Board by that fool Nathan Guy. She stood for Parliament and thankfully was soundly defeated.
  4. The CD trainers that have moved up north in recent years have not performed anywhere as well as they did in the CD. Andrew Campbell was amazingly succcessful out of Masterton although he has had problems with a virus affecting his stable a couple of years ago just after moving to Cambridge. Karen Zimmerman who is a very hard worker has never really got to first base since movig north. I see that she has teamed uo with Nigel Tiley so maybe her fortunes will change.
  5. Its mad, I went to The bank today to purchase a couple of hundred in Thai Bart for when we stop over in Bangkok on the way to Europe. The bank wanted identification in case I was money laundering.
  6. Its tied into anti money laundering legislation which has been in force for many years. It covers the TAB, Banks and other entities that deal with large sums of cash. However when you consider the vast sums that have remmitted into the country to purchase property etc. it hard to believe that the majority of this is not money laundering.
  7. I agree, if it is not broken don't fix it, leave Cup Week alone. Look what happened to the Auckland Cup when that "Flash Harry", Weaver, managed to screw it up.
  8. Barry you wil be pleased to know that Tauherenikau has been upgrading its buildings in recent years as it has turned around financially from significant deficits to large surpluses. Tauherenikau's New Year's meeting on 2 January attracted a crowd of 12k. In my biased opinion it is the most beautiful course in the country.
  9. In fact when Cullen left office as Minister Of Finance the country had stuff all debt and $20Billion in the Cullen fund. English sold assets so as to return a budget suplus which of course is like selling the crown jewels to pay for the groceries.
  10. He did well in the first 3 years adopting a pratical approach to the GFC. Someone like Ruth Richardson would have sent the economy spiralling with her slash and burn tactics. However, Key did what a lot of you Tories blame Labour for and that was borrowing lots of coin. In his second term he became the village clown going on chat shows talking crap and pulling girls' hair. Then he lost what was going to be his legacy, the Flag debacle and was a poor loser, so resigned. Now he has been shown to be a fool over the David Hisco affair by not providing full disclosure of what Hisco was up to. Funny that two of his useless cronies in the photo are Nathan Clown and Hekia
  11. So did Peter Vela put pressure on NZTR to the fund $500k for The Magic Millions or was it other members of The Auckland Racing club who are on the NZTR Board? Or is it a requirement for those NZTR Board Members to declare a conflict in interest and stand down from discussion and voting on matters relating to the Magic Millions funding?
  12. I see that she is now up to 85 rides without a win
  13. Gee that dress! It's right up there with Naomi Lange's cardigan
  14. Wasn't Falau in his younger days a piss head and rooter? So now he has found god everything is fine but should some others be rooters and piss heads they are off to hell. Makes sense.
  15. Really? She has had 57 rides since her last win.
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