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  1. he got away with it this time.. in essence, bounced off the other horse with no loss of momentum ...fraction of a second sooner or later and it could have been very ugly for horse(s) and rider(s) I was very surprised Harris did not get fined/suspended.
  2. a quick look at the sectionals and splits tells me Il Paradiso and Surprise Baby would have been 1,2 if Williams hadnt stolen a march on the other jocks in the first 800m ..is that a reasonable comment?
  3. well, aren't you a luvly surprise packet Curious...see this Mustelid doesnt know where to find all this stuff, so THANKS, MATE Put $1 each way on Amazing Peace in the Oaks ..not the worst wuffie ..by sire of the moment Declaration of War out of a Galileo mare. Should stay better than the mother-in-law
  4. I'm still shaking my head how easy it was for V&D to get to the fence off a muddling tempo, then button off in the perfect trail, and Williams knowing the true stayers would not be suited by the pace. I'd like to see sectionals for the last 600m.
  5. BIG RED FLAG for you here, Thomass. 1) You're supposed to tip the horse for Happy before the race. (Who knew?) 2) Frankie didn't need half blinds, he needed half a brain to be functioning, cos he went way too soon on MoR, didn't correct the horse soon enough when veering dramatically Stage Left, didn't change his whip hand to compensate for that, wanted to cry after the race (sookie-bubba - when it was his own fault, not the horse's) and admitted a charge of careless riding - in the MELBOURNE CUP!
  6. it always has been and always will be the best single guide to MC chances. Any horse running on well or winning strongly that goes on to the MC is a great ew chance in the Cup.
  7. absolutely agree. And not just 'world-class' but arguably world's best (19 Group wins this season???). Didn't Frankie stuff up on Max Dynamite in the Cup a few years ago as well?
  8. he's not saying "don't promote me". He's just saying MoR didn't stop me from getting ahead of him. MoR's problem (well, Dettori's, really) was that MoR could/should have been straightened before they bumped near the post, and wasn't. He came in 5 horse widths / 'lanes', in the hands of the world's premier jockey (bar none). Stewards were right to relegate them.
  9. Dettori to stewards: He said: "Master of Reality was looking for company and went left but I had both hands on my reins and corrected him. Perhaps I could have corrected him a stride earlier, but it was very minimal interference." Stewards to Dettori: Have a nine meeting holiday, young man!
  10. zacry, Kop. Your point (relevant to the horsey industry) was not lost on me, though it now appears that TommyTomTom has appointed himself Chief Deputy Stipe. Quite amusing when he is constantly under threat of a red flag hisself. LOL
  11. Akchilly, the phrase from Hamlet is hoist with his own petard. Peters loves this kind of scrap and will milk it for all it's worth (which is not much, esp when compared to being officially censured by Parliament).This is publicity for a Coalition partner struggling to stay relevant and with no clear succession plan or broad popular base for the future, so Winnie will howl to the moon for as long as the media show interest in the issue.
  12. Yep, our culture is on trial alright...not just PEACE SAFETY and inclusiveness but .. SPELLING oh well, at least the writer put the comma in the right place.
  13. Weasel


    always looking for longer...is of course, right on Thomass... so why arent they doing the sane and sensible thing ...ie avoiding the Spring 'Classics' and letting her GROW UP AND GROW STRONGER for the autumn middle-distance classics. IMO they are compromising a potentially very good galloper by being impatient and choosing the wrong races for her. Lord only knows what Chris Waller would achieve with this horse.
  14. Spot on, Mooncoin. OP didn't create the breaks, the others presented them for him by moving away from the rail, perhaps thinking the better ground was wide/r ..TAS likes the sting out of the ground so the inside wasn't a prob for him, but Lys Gracieux had the superior turn of foot and won easily. That was one helluva sprint from her to run down a classy colt with no weight on his back
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