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  1. I'd be reluctant to back Felaar if track is seriously rain-affected. Apparently Ok at present but may be heavy by end of afternoon if predicted rain arrives. Felaar has handled Slow tracks in NZ ok, but I'd be waiting til later to make call on backing him ...he may drift from current 46-1 odds anyway as race nears
  2. I think you have made your point, Thomass, and it's a good point...Now, be nice to all the other BOAYERS, please, and refrain from constantly repeating yourself repeating yourself
  3. hmm that's 80,000 x $100 bills ...is there anything bigger in Oz? If there is I ain't seen it. That's a stack 29ft (?) high of $100 bills ...big wallet...
  4. he may have been sniffed out, but not snuffed out until proven guilty
  5. Pukekohe today Race 7 #9 Lowprofile Tavistock mare, fresh up from a decent spell. Broke maidens at just her 4th start (Ruakaka, early Jan) then spelled after a 7th of 7 at Avondale 18 days later. Won a 935m Open trial narrowly in early May (finishing just ahead of Cyber Attack) ... Has a 3kg claim today from Ashvin Goindasamy, who rode her in the trial. FF $9 and $3 ..each way for me ...could win, but may get the stitch in the last 50m or so...certainly one to follow over the next few months, as she strikes me as a progressive mare with a 'turn of foot'
  6. Weasel


    yep..where is she now?
  7. Thomass ..if it was totally avoidable - and demonstrably so - why have you not raised the subject with the SPCA?
  8. i am on several of Israel's lists but I'm clever enough to ignore all zealots, who think they've got all the answers ..and that includes most political leaders from Trump to Taxinda.
  9. excellent acronym for: Did No Flockin'good
  10. Far too many words, Thomass,...seven will suffice. Expensive show pony, heading for knackers yard.
  11. Wasnt Mr Higgins the one who copped a big holiday last winter for overuse of the whip? Grand National?
  12. Just had another look at Tai Ho's win in the Steeplechase yesterday...he gave that horse about 10 decent hits with the whip between the 800 and 200 (having taken the lead prior to the 800m mark)...and a few more after the last when the race was not quite his ... am I wrong in thinking he lost his irons upon landing after the fence before the final straight? He is certainly kicking for all he's worth and his feet are all over the place! Great horsemanship?
  13. not sure what your gripe with TT is motivated by, Billy, but her career will only b e 'over' when she decides...there wouldn't be many jocks - maybe none - older than her who have got a Group 1 victory on their CV this year.
  14. According to our $50M+ TAB website, there are three results from Singapore Races last night...the ones that started before Friday night (our time) turned into Saturday morning! Were the rest abandoned? No information to say so...Are the results showing on Saturday's Results page? No (unless I am a blind Mustelid). Did the races happen? Yes, but you need to go to Singapore Turf Club website to see the details. NICE ONE, TAB ....
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