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  1. P4P gone a bit quiet on other site. Seems micky mouse has him stumped!! Think p4p now knows that a few people are going to be honest, and actually tell the truth!! He didnt expect that, thought they would all cover for each other, like they have in the past!!!
  2. 20 minute interval, meetings over in 3 hours??? Hardly going to work, inquiries in nz take far longer than 20mins, dodgy tab down plenty. But racing clubs make their money off eating & drinking packages? Will want punters to stay far longer than 3 hrs, want them drinking and betting off course longer.
  3. Which drivers, horses do you seem to always get on the wrong side with?? John Dunn seems to kill me, wins when i am betting against, loses when i am on, regardless if fav or not. Spheedy, christ how can you back this pig. Won 2 starts back, knocked me off, yesterday back to its pig antics. I would like to see any horse that gallops in 4 straight races, have to have 1 month break, then have to trial 4 times in a row without galloping
  4. Game bid winning inters probably put lilley on the map in aus.
  5. Maybe he got confused, he did have an each way bet, maybe he was thinking of that
  6. I remember previous years in aussie big harness races. Was a big deal to see one or two from nz, or horses that used to race in nz. Nowadays, watching harness last night from aus, more nz horses than they have at rangiora today??
  7. Amazing really, every horse in that race has raced in nz??
  8. Ha Ha. She was pretty open about winning that mill around 15 years ago. Think i would have kept it quiet
  9. Is that right? I thought they were not terminating.
  10. I heard her interview, she said she didnt want to leave driving when she did?? So what was her reason for leaving?
  11. Maybe trebles need to be terminated too
  12. Good on her. Had a few feelings for her when she was younger, thought she was cute, more so when she won lotto! She had a great run with the B Kerr stable. When does she start driving?
  13. But why on earth would they stop nzers punting overseas??? If they took that stand, surely they must stop taking punters money from overseas punters??? They would lose in that deal, as most of their elite punters are from overseas? What am i missing? Do they expect all the punters that they lost, closed accounts, no free trackside, closed tabs, site and app issues, you name it, do they expect all of these punters to come back?? FFS. Just looking at my punting last week, 40% beteasy, 40% betfair, 20% nz tab, only because i have been betting on some of their promotions and nz quads. Just take my 20% tab, if you try to stop me punting overseas, i think my support of nz racing will dwindle more, less than 20% i would say
  14. Yes, i know oz you cant use nz tab account. But other countries allow punters to bet on nz tab, which they allow. So will this stop? How can they stop me betting on aussie races with an aussie operator?
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