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  1. With Ice at $81 first race. Galloped last couple when going well, back to big track, could surprise.
  2. Ha, feel a little sorry for horse. Been pumped up all its life, but just a horse. Surely for the horse to be a winning chance sat, you would like to see it running on, instead of peaking last start.
  3. Thats fine, as i say, i am not moaning, just saying that it is far slower than it used to be.
  4. Look, i am not moaning, but can anyone help. Boay used to load real quick on iphone, but last month it is real slow to load and navigate pages. All other sites work very quick, bo lag so hardly phone or internet issue. Have cleared safari cache, phone off, etc etc? Can anyone help? Ta
  5. Made up huge ground yesterday, better ride and it wins. Ouch
  6. Newmarket

    NZ Cup?

    Wow, what a bunch of donkeys this race has attracted last few years? Who wins it on Saturday, Felaar looked like a weak mule, losing ground on the first 3 last 50m, mind you mouthy owner will probably say it was unlucky? Dee and gee, went really well, but maybe fresh runners in saturdays race will be ones to back, but gee fields getting crap.
  7. Yeah, i reloaded app a couple of times, did work 2nd time. Thanks all
  8. My stats. I watch far more aus racing than nz racing, but the interference in nz racing is shocking. So many inexperienced jockeys, both from here and overseas, are doing the game no good.
  9. Wow, that jockey was lucky. Just watching another race in nz, rider clipped heels, lost irons?? Terrible look these average jockeys, in nz per race numbers starters compared to aus, we have far more jockeys and horses falling!! Come on , sort it out
  10. App been down the whole day???
  11. Those fields on Monday were the worst i have seen. Terrible
  12. For a world class jockey, Frankie has been very average in aussie. Gave the horse perfect run, but why did he not change whip when running in? Tell you what, if any top aus jock was on it, would have won the race, No worries.
  13. Yes, crazy. You can hardly see the field racing down the back on tv.
  14. Not sure why the driver of fanny hill didnt sit parked 700m? Instead she stayed 3 back, was always going to be unlucky. Take short odds next time once smarter driver on board. And Shadow Minister, the driver never gave horse a chance? It was terrible to watch, why did he wait so long in straight to pul out wider??? Crazy
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