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  1. Newmarket


    Seemed strange. Strolling vagabond the same, she tucks it behind another runner, then comes home for 3rd? Should have easily got 2nd.
  2. Newmarket


    What do you reckon on ride of Allpress on Dez today? Nice quiet trial? Firmed late, mmmmm
  3. Anyone got any they like today across the ditch? I see Felaar out at Flemington, who knows, i have a feeling it could surprise. Maybe a place bet,
  4. Newmarket


    Amazing that they called off Addington tonight because of fog? Remember the old days, Reon calling a race from the mobile arm? Didnt seem too bad, getting soft i reckon.
  5. Thats a shitty track alright.
  6. So where is the draw on extended form?
  7. I suppose for me, this whole game used to be more about the battling trainer/ driver than the top stables winning the big races. Borana and Armalight at big odds winning the nz cup, both great stories. Pathfinder winning 4yo race, Frees best winning big fillies race, those horses that won, that nowadays would never be competitive? I am sure everyone on this site have their favs, the longshot that won that was given no chance, but everyone loved the story. Happy Asset winning Auck cup, had to be driven for sprint home, Ants did just that. Sadly, we rarely see the battlers winning any big races, well the odd time, but nothing like they used to.
  8. Whats happening with this site? Ads popping up all over the place, girls wanting me to talk to them with credit card details? FFS, dont they know this happens every day at home!! Hardly enticing
  9. Im thinking what a lot of others are thinking.
  10. They have pulled horses from Jewels. Stated that Sir Tiger was going as fast as he could, then Purdon runners found another gear? Mile rate 1.53? Its suspicious, that not just one of the stable in this race can go this time, but both 1st and second? 3rd and 4th went great time too! I know, rest of field average, but if you look at the night, stable put in some very huge runs?
  11. No, i think both addington and auckland have too many relations, mates, driving and training for it to be fair. Christ, team driving has been around a long time, just more obvious in the past few years. Just hope inca biff a few out for a few years, will tell others involved that the dodgy shit wont be tolerated.
  12. Regardless of the rights and wrong of this blood spinning caper, i think we can all agree, it is affecting punting turnover. I for one, no longer bet much on nz harness, and when i do, it is on the bigger meetings, when you know everyone is trying. Its hard enough to back a winner on a level field, but when you have horses running hot and cold, and drivers taking turns, and the ongoing Inca saga, no wonder the game is in the poo.
  13. Very unlucky cast no shadow last start. Tough field tonite, but one to watch
  14. You only have to see how the Purdon runners are dominating tonight once big money up. Princess Tiffany huge
  15. Somebody may be able to help. On the App, where does it show where a horse is drawn? Is it staring right at me?? I cant see it. Ta
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