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  1. Was really commenting on first starters he had first 2 races. Both went well, just that driver gave little chance. UDR never lies, poor, very poor
  2. Yep, it happens all the time now.
  3. Wow, Geoff has some nice young horses coming through. But for gods sake, get rid of Gerard as your driver. Christ he costs you some wins, get John Morrison on them, he is driving well.
  4. Also, any one won bonus bets on this comp? Is it a single bet, or can you split it? Ta
  5. I take this drug when taking anti inflams, protects the gut. Doesnt make me run faster thou.
  6. Too true. Its a joke what some are doing. Worth noting, majority of Michael House horses, only race for a short time, show initial form, then crap out? Why??
  7. Gee, your Mrs was unlucky with that bet. Yes, I agree $200 good point, and agree $5000 is crazy amount for final.
  8. Anyone entered into this. I keep forgetting to do it by 2pm previous day, mind you it has saved me some money!! Heaps have entered this comp, but i have not really been excited by it. Far better odds of winning it previously, will be interesting to see how many enter final? 10 heats x First 10 finishing = 100 for final?? Cant see anywhere near that amount. So no room show day, everybody bets from home or wherever? Addington used to get good turnover this day, not this one. Hardly anyone will turn up.
  9. Ha Ha, dob him in, brilliant. Dont know house, but seems not the brightest. Westview, you gigling did you no good either.
  10. Quite true. Look at Purdons first runner for the season last night. Sat parked, gone a long way from home. It was paying $4-40, so everyone knew it was never going to win, why would it, just out for a run, Tim Williams driving. Now watch this horse, because soon it will be racing 3 wide the trip, driven by mark or nat, racing for big bucks and bolting in!! The name- FREDDIESAM.
  11. But at a time when harness racing is under the spotlight, is it a wise thing to say? So, he can give a horse no drugs before racing one week, next week give it heaps before it races, and of course with his vet contacts, it will be legal. And punters get pissed off with form reversals??? Just makes punters less likely to punt mickey mouse, you are not too bright.
  12. It is a facebook group, Harness Racing Enthusiast. Here is another one.
  13. I think it is a bloody stupid comment. Why say it?? Anyone know him, would love to know how he thinks these comments are good for the game.
  14. Is this good for racing?
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