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  1. Oh yeah ... whereas if we were really dealing with animal cruelty they would have been in the barn hung up with teh head collars eh Boulevard .... Oh and I love the victim (or in this case - witness) blaming from one of the posts above - it's now all the fault of the "nark" and we should turn on that person & leave Darren alone. Geez you guys can be special sometimes .... (and if it was all meant to be a joke and a play on words about the "PRICK" & the jigger - I just didn't find it all that funny).
  2. jess


    Punting is only part of it for me - I look at form and breeding. I just want to get the nzracing site on my mobile that I see on my desktop. No drama - I can live without it.
  3. jess


    Thanks Barry & co ... I tried that - uninstalled the mobile app, selected desktop version etc and still it reverts to its crappy format ...frustrating. Thanks anyway .
  4. jess


    Hi Huey - I have indeed! And it loads something that looks like that initially - but again - once a field is up - I'm back to the very limited info as above. It's as if it sends me round in a circle and I end up back in the same dysfunctional place.
  5. jess


    Thanks Freda. I can get fields up but can't click on a horse and get further info - only trainer, jockey and horse name shows on the screen. Not loving this part of racing .....
  6. jess


    What am I doing wrong plse folks? When I look at fields & results on my mobile - I can't seem to get the website format on my phone that I can access on my desktop. The desktop will tell me the breeding of each runner - my phone doesn't (even when I try to select the desktop format on my phone). Any ideas? Cheers, J
  7. I don't disagree with some of the observations here but I guess I don't find them bad enough to burst into print here and complain about the guy. I like the quality of his voice and most things about his calls. I am not a big fan though of the wee segment they seem to do now where he talks to the Trackside host as the horses parade pre-race and comments on each runner. It reminds me of the old txt msgs - maybe he only has 160 characters (or 15 seconds more like it) to comment. It's the format rather than Tony that is the issue but I find there's not usually anything very insightful beyond what you can observe for yourself. Maybe they should just let the guy use the time to prepare for the call & suck on a soothing lozenge (or should I say sneak another durrie if he hasn't given that up yet 😝). All the best to you T Lee - I haven't got anything racing just now but would be happy for you to call mine. Just make sure you do cover the back half of the field though - I live in hope but mine have been known in the past to occupy those positions in a number of races ...and if you don't call their name, I'll be worried sick that they've broken down at the 600. J.
  8. That's it in a nutshell I believe - and a bit of publicity drummed up to boot. They know precisely what they will have to pay out - so it's a calculated risk - and more calculated than risk. I wouldn't think they are talking a huge amount of money ...
  9. I like to hear about every horse. Because I listen to a lot of races on the radio while I am outside (sometimes with my own horses). I also like to hear about the breeding of the place-getters. But I do understand there are time constraints and in the rush to catch them jumping at the Dapto Dogs, Woolloomooroo trots or the Tullamarine Toad Jumping - there might not be time.
  10. I doubt the guy even liked or was interested in racing ... not a very good starting point really ....
  11. Rockit - a kindly word of advice given the contents of some of your posts and the fact you seem to be a new addition here with a recent flurry of posts on this subject.. From what I read - Mr Cole may already be facing some allegations in regard to interference with witnesses. If you are in fact Mr Cole - or acting (posting) at his behest - this may present some further difficulties for you/Mr Cole. Now I don't think it's the Chief's style to deliberately expose his members (unlike some people elsewhere ...) - but should the feds come a-knocking on his door with a search warrant he may have little option. Rgds, Jess
  12. Some insightful points made by Freda IMO. That is one of the big disappointments about the inept and self-serving "leadership" the industry has been subject to (victim of?). Many pockets have been well-lined courtesy of exorbitant salary packages -but they've done us no favors in projecting ourselves as anything worth supporting/saving/investing in.
  13. Ae, Freda. And he says it in that calm, wise, laconic way of his. No drama or histrionics - just the plain facts from someone well -placed to know them. Quite grim, really .... (and just makes me realise I'm almost certainly a mug to still be breeding to race ...)
  14. 4 kg and the blinkers off ... and around he goes again tomorrow . .
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