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  1. wally

    import fee

    whats everyones thoughts
  2. optioms dont look good
  3. jay pee bee ex kiwi running at murtoa vic race 3 had 2 runs down south last one at riccas a top run will win races currently 12/s
  4. ok team what have we for tomorrow
  5. bring him back hes fun
  6. sorry boys and girls been away travelling any tips for today
  7. gee tommy dont get upset just because you were on the lookout for a new blow up and the princes found out and left doesnt mean you can take your anger out on others
  8. wally

    tony pike

    has few runners in brissy today any thoughts on them
  9. geez everyone taking things to heart i remember years ago you would try anything to put your opponent off i even remember telling the telling the bloke i was playing on that i slept with his mother the night before it was all a bit of banter
  10. any tips for today lads im heading to timaru
  11. all good chances at odds ill throw the ten in the last race into multi best of luck
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